IMPORTANT: Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour Update

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IMPORTANT: Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour Update


We can only attend a concert if you come to Seattle WA or Portland OR ---- PLEASE!!


More Queenbert dates in Europe & South America

Glenda Brown

I am so glad to see musical history being made. Please consider coming to Seattle! Lots of Queen and Adam fans here.

J.K. Wilson-Synar

I'm a 70 y.o. grandmother living in the Okla. wilderness. I've got my ticket/hotel @Dallas July 10. When I first saw Adam on AI, I yelled HE CAN SING THE SONGS...I HOPE BRI & ROGER ARE WATCHING THIS. And they were; so was Freddie. Thx Q & Freddie for making this happen.


What about the Deep South, guys? There IS intelligent life here.....Atlanta would be good!!


Tony, I saw Paul Rogers + Queen with you and our boys when the tour came to our town. I have no desire to see Lambert and company. Maybe John Deacon has the right idea.


I really hope this exciting new is that John Deacon will be joining them. I can hope :) He wrote some of my favorite Queen songs.


Yes, I would LOVE for Queen to have a show in the Southeast. I live in Nashville, TN... but I've love the band so much for so long that I'm taking off work and driving to the Chicago show. I've started bringing my lunch to work to make up for what I paid for 2 great tickets. But it's a ONCE IN A LIFETIME thing, guys. There is no way I'm missing out on this. Even if I have to drive 7 hours. If I drove 4 to see QE (which was awesome!), I'm surely doing this. My only regret is that I wish I could afford to go to more than one show.

Illena Hernandez

Isn't it 20 dates now. I thought they added a New Jersey stop too?

Haruhiko Konno

Looking forward to seeing them in USA!!


I do not see a link on the site and would like to sign up for the e-mail list. =D

Blah Blah, Does it Matter?

Ya, we have a huge venue in Omaha, NE - and if you all don't think it'll sell out, think again. You have not been to Omaha since 80/81 (one of those), and if you cared about something more than money, you might consider coming back with your HUGE fan base here. I know you all are worried about making money... and that's about it, but my fiance and I who are getting married in May rescheduled our honeymoon around your Vegas shows. Now money constrained as we are, we now cannot make it. We couldn't even afford the tix because of travel expenses and we're both disabled. I think it's a crock that you won't come here again, but then... oh what the hell can I say. It's not like you really read these comments anyway. It's not like you give a shit.

Karen Drennen

I know it is too much to hope for that Queen and Adam would schedule a concert in Charleston, West Virginia, but maybe somewhere close, like Columbus, Ohio or Louisville, Kentucky!!!!!! We are being left out in the southeast altogether. We adore Queen+Adam Lambert just as much as the northeast and the west coast do. More concerts in the southeast PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope I get tickets


This is so exciting and so sad at the same time. I can't go coz it's too expensive to fly to the US but I'm thrilled for all the fans who can see these concerts & will be following all the news & updates & (hopefully) videos as it happens. Maybe one day this awesome tour will come to Australia. *feeble hope* :)

Heather Sayre

Please keep me updated. Can't wait to hear Adam sing live. It would be awesome if you came to Ohio.

David Rosberg

Please keep me updated!

John T Killen

I was 12 years old in 1974 when I discovered Queen , they have been my favorite for 40 years, til the end of time...

Francisco Arellano

What about Mexico City there are lots of fans here!!!


Keeping fingers crossed that more concerts will be added in the South of US, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Charlotte, NC. So far going to Chicago and DC, but hopefully 2 more if Florida and NC can be added! Brian May and Roger Taylor are at the top of their game and Adam Lambert brings excitement and passion to their timeless music. I love the rapport and obvious "like" between them. I can't stop smiling and anticipate seeing them mesmerise countless new and old fans. They are the real deal! So happy!!!


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