IMPORTANT: Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour Update

Attention all Queen + Adam Lambert fans who are signed up to the e-mail list! 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to check your inbox from 7am EDT / 11am GMT on Monday 24th March for exciting news about the North American Tour!

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IMPORTANT: Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour Update


Please come to St. Louis!

Lisa M

Please send into update.
Atlanta would LOVE to rock with you!!


when south america?


yes!! more shows!! more venues!! more queen!! more!

Marla James

Please send info

lisa hanlon

More shows please! Boston!

Chris y

Please add more shows conn show no tickets available sold out way to fast

Pam R

Please add more Midwest shows! I live in Chicago but am out of town the week you are there. How about another Chicago show or Grand Rapids, MI show?

Lucy Arroyo

I'll be in Houston from Mexico!!!


I'll be with Queen in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Detroit and New York! I'm from Russia

Audrey Seven

My sister r huge Queen fans and would like to know if you are signing anything at shows , We have tickets for San Jose Ca show . Thanks Audrey

Lauren Knight

I hope they are adding dates! Come to Salt Lake City!

5. March of the Black Queen
4. It's a Hard Life
3. It's Late
2. '39
1. In the Lap of the Gods...Revisited!!!!!!!!

I would love to hear Teo Torriate, but I suppose they reserve that one strictly for Japan :) Or Dreamer's Ball, or Bijou, or.... :)

Vicente Tintori

Please send me info about the north american Tour

Thanks Dudes!!!

Tony Newman

WAYNE!!! What happened to us? Jon! Where are you??? Listen, this is a Queen promotion! We have to get behind it so lets do it! Sure we're true old Queen fans who are angry about them holding back all that great 70's DVD concert material but hey... what else is there? IF they came close to my town with Mr. Lambert I would go if the playlist included, other than the standard hits, this list of 5 or so... C'mon people! Give me your Top 5 Queen tunes that you'd like to hear Lambert sing?... Here's mine...

5. The Night Comes Down
4. White Queen
3. It's Late
2. Flick of the Wrist
1. The Millionaire Waltz

Cmon Jon, Wayne, Alser... BRING IT!

Daniel Romero

I will be in MSG...from Argentina!

Vicky aka VickStiX

Hoping you add another Bay Area or LA show. PLEASE!!!!

Kathrin Patzke

I am a true fan and Queens could see Live Never since I was only recovered in 1983 but my parents had brought me up with the music and was just what the Magic Tour was noticed. And from my best friend's mother is still cried eiger Queens fan and told me very much of the band and would like it sooo happy with your together can enjoy and would be a dream come true :)
a wonderful greeting from Germany and a nice evening :)

Lynn LaRochelle

Would love to see this show!! Please pick my ..


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