Introducing...The Queen Extravaganza! New Performance Footage and Interviews

Introducing...The Queen Extravaganza!

Meet the Queen Extravaganza! Marc, Brandon, Jennifer, Tyler, Brian and Francois - Olivier discuss the formation of the band, their relationships within the group, fan reaction and, of course, playing Queen's music in the official tribute band.

The Queen Extravaganza hit the UK later this month!


OCT 25 Southampton, UK The Brook

OCT 27 Birmingham, UK O2 Academy

OCT 28 Oxford, UK O2 Academy

OCT 29 Bournemouth, UK O2 Academy

OCT 30 Liverpool, UK O2 Academy

NOV 01 Sheffield, UK O2 Academy

NOV 02 Leicester, UK O2 Academy

NOV 03 Newcastle, UK O2 Academy

NOV 04 Glasgow, UK O2 ABC

NOV 06 London, UK O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

NOV 07 Reading, UK Sub 89

NOV 08 Worthing, UK Assembly Hall

NOV 10 Bath, UK Komedia

NOV 11 Manchester, UK Gorilla

NOV 12 Bristol, UK The Fleece

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Introducing...The Queen Extravaganza! New Performance Footage and Interviews

peter may

Seen a clip of the band cant wait to see them at Newcastle I hope they don't just play the hits and play sum album stuff to.

Julie Hlupar

Wow, I can't believe how much Marc sounds like Freddie! I've only just discovered the group on Youtube. If you can go to the US then please perform for Australia soon, it would be amazing. I'm sure there are lots of Queen fans here and would be a sellout - I think I'd come to every gig!!!


Wow! Holy shit! The clip is working now! I finally got to see some good clips of them performing live! Why...they are better than Queen themselves!!!!! Oh shit!


Fans who saw queen back in the day have come up to us and said your just as good!

Yeah of course they have. . . . .

Richard Curry

Folks I'm disappointed that there are no dates for either Belfast or Dublin. Even at this late hour can either or both be fitted in?


Ooops! Miscommunication on my part! Sorry about that! I meant that the video clip says that it can not play for those of us in the U.S. of A. The one above in the article called "Introducing Queen Extravaganza"...sorry. I hope that I will be able to see the clip...and this group...both live and on c.d. and d.v.d. in concert and on c.d. with cover versions and then who knows what?


alexKx, it DID play in the United States in 2012, as well as some shows on the East Coast just a few months ago. QE played to PACKED venues across the country and hopefully they will be back in the US in 2014! I saw their performance in Los Angeles in July 2012 at Club Nokia and it was the most spectacular Queen tribute I've ever seen. And I've seen MANY Queen tribute shows in the past 20+ years.


Can't see this here in the U.S. of A.


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