Limited Edition Barcelona Box Set

This exclusive set is only available through the official Freddie Mercury online store and is limited to only 200 numbered boxes along with only an additional 10 artist proofs produced.
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Each box set contains the following items:
 - Bespoke longer length crew neck T-shirt featuring full colour Barcelona front print and Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe Barcelona text Sleeve print. This garment is composed of 100% combed organic cotton and is certified through Fairwear and Control Union and uses Water based Inks that conform to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). Complete with numbered swing tag.
 - Full colour Barcelona cover art Giclee print on 305 x 305 Hanhnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm - each print is numbered and signed by the artist Matilda Beach.
 - Black and white Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe Giclee print on 305 x 305 Hanhnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm - each print is numbered and embossed with Freddie Mercury signature logo.
 - 7inch Limited Edition red vinyl of Exercises In Free Love. The reverse of the cover is numbered
B Side: Exercises In Free Love (Original Freddie Version)
BB Side: Exercises In Free Love (Montserrat Version)
 - Barcelona Special Edition Vinyl. Produced by Kris Fredriksson and Stuart Morley
Side 1: 1. Barcelona 2. La Japonaise 3. The Fallen Priest 4. Ensueno
Side 2: 1. The Golden Boy 2. Guide Me Home 3. How Can I Go On 4. Exercises In Free Love 5. Overture Piccante
 - Certificate Of Authenticity on 300gsm Sirio Pearl Polar Dawn paper. Each COA is numbered
Presented within a gift box which is also numbered.
This Limited Edition set will be sent out in an additional postage box to ensure that it is received in pristine condition.

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Limited Edition Barcelona Box Set


Just got mine. Its worth the money for the 7 inch red vinyl. Chuffed to bits as mine is number 2!!

saj ditta

simply cant afford it.its ok for some who have been milking us dry@buying super speedboats?the other thing is the QUUEN FANCLUB is running dry of funds why havent bri@rog forget sneakydeacy havent they given any monies to help jackie whos fearing shes prob gunna hava real job for once in life.the fanclub is in desperate need of the monies why aint prequeen@mr beach donating some cash there?makes me sick its@joke the whole new 2011 island records change was supposed to be some major releases@we get the same ol crap over@over again.i aint buying until i hear something new but i doubt the jokers are listening?


Total rip off by the Queen management, there was a time when I bought just about everything then I woke up! Nothing new here, BORING BORING BORING! Instead of milking this like you did the wembley saga how about releasing Rio' 85, what about Hyde Park etc. We want official long awaited pure Queen not repackaged remastered re-stuffed down our throat boring same releases AGAIN! Get the message Queen management!


I can understand the frustration from fans as Queen fans are often short changed with releases. I have ordred mine, and just hope that the quality is better than the Absolute Greatest Deluxe box/ Wembley Box which i thought were both badly put together and look somewhat tacky.
However , the red 7 inch looks very exciting, but being a record collector i just love such items.
PLEASE a box set of live DVDs!! PLEASE!!!!

david taylor

yes,well,remember the other box for queen Absolute greatest...100 pounds for the box limited to 100 copies now going for £300....collectors will buy and thats me....dont want it but will buy it anyway....always a market!!!



That's the way how Queen Productions make money from the nothing...nothing new...nothing that really worth for fans whon collect Queen stuff.

£200.00 is a joke, isn't?


I hate the way Queen management is selling Freddie / Queen products. Bring some new demo's , new songs or some great multitracks. A long long way to go....I think

Black Queen from

Why sell a boxset months after the album was realised... All collectors already bought the LP ! It's a way to make us spend money with nothing new...


Milk it to the last drop - this is really taking the Mick now!

Alan Murray

I still fail to see the point of redoing Barcelona. It was fine the way it was, and it was the work of a genius working with one of the world's greatest Opera singers. The new version is purely unnecessary. I mean that's like someone painting extra pieces on the Mona Lisa or some other famous work of art. When will all this remixing, remastering and repackaging stop? The original Barcelona was good enough for Freddie Mercury or it wouldn't have even see the light of day!


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