Listen Now: New Roger Track 'Sunny Day' Played on Radio 2!

This morning, Roger's 'Sunny Day', taken from his forthcoming new album 'Fun On Earth', was played for the first time ever, exclusively on the Chris Evans Breakfast show! 

If you missed it be sure to check it out now on the BBC iPlayer on the link below! Starts from 1hour 07mins.

'Sunny Day' on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03b2vrf

A 'Sunny Day' indeed! What a way to start the weekend!

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Listen Now: New Roger Track 'Sunny Day' Played on Radio 2!


Great Track!
When can I buy it??


looking forward to the whole lp ! x

Tony Parker

Loving chance to hear my legend that is Mr T:-)))))

martyn powell

brilliant, says something about the song when radio 2 play it twice, one straight after the other, cant stop playing it, had the privilege of meeting roger at the radio ga ga filming nicest guy you will ever meet, keep rocking roger.


Great track Roger! I hear a little bit of "woman you're so beautiful" in it - but love it and hope it gets airplay. Can't wait for album and "the Lot"!

Hope for USA release!

mark brydon

better then the arty version women you're so beautiful. respect too roger taylor ! my hero!

New Musical Express

Even by Rod Stewart's standards this is a weak one. The backing vocals are shocking - just dreadful. Melody is a bit basic but pleasant enough. Drums are too pedestrian for Roger. Refrain about cars crashing is embarrassingly bad. Should have offered this one to Rodders, it's more his style of cheese. Hope the rest of Fun on Earth is a bit better, but if this is the lead single I wouldn't be too hopeful... Must try harder - 1/5


Love it!


Love it!


Superb. Cannot wait for the album, and to see Roger live ASAP.

Mark (mit k!)

Hi there! Nice Job, Mr. Taylor! :-) So good to hear something new from you! Your voice is still so strong as in the 70th! Thanks for a sunny day...Mark


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