Live At The Rainbow '74 - Super Deluxe Boxset Unboxing Clip

Explore Queen's forthcoming Live At The Rainbow '74 Super Deluxe Boxset! 

Order now @ http://smarturl.it/QueenLATR_BoxSet

Limited edition Super Deluxe lidded boxed set package contains:

Two CDs, one CD featuring the March show and the second CD featuring the November show

DVD and SD Blu-Ray of the November show with four bonus tracks from March

60 page hardback book containing lots of previously unseen photographs, and (among other items), reproductions of two reviews, one from The Times and one from Disc and Music Echo. A series of four articles from the latter publication is also included

Reproductions of two tickets from the March concert (those actually used by Brian’s parents)

Reproduction of the tour itinerary folder for the March concert from promoter Mel Bush, including a letter instructing the band not to trash the hotel room or there will be dire consequences!

Reproduction of the 8 page show souvenir brochure

Two button badges – reproductions of items available at the concert

Reproduction of the purple and gold March concert poster

Reproduction of a fashion shoot in The Telegraph Magazine, featuring the band with fashion models

Reproduction of the sticker stage pass from the March concert

Live At The Rainbow '74 is also released on the following formats:

- 1CD: http://smarturl.it/QueenLATR_1CD

- 2CD: http://smarturl.it/QueenLATR_2CD

- 2LP: http://smarturl.it/QueenLATR_2LP

- 4LP: http://smarturl.it/QueenLATR_4LP

- DVD: http://smarturl.it/QueenLATR_DVD

- Blu-ray: http://smarturl.it/QueenLATR_Bluray

- iTunes: http://smarturl.it/QueenLATR_iTunes

- iTunes Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/QueenLATR_iTunesDLX

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