Live At The Rainbow - Full Length Promo Clip

Click here to pre-order Live At The Rainbow in the Offcial Queen Online Store now!

Available on The formats available are: 1CD*, 2CD, 2LP, 4LP Box Set*, Super Deluxe 2CD/DVD/Blu-ray and Super Deluxe 2CD/DVD/Blu-ray + T-shirt Bundle.

*these products will not be released in North America.

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Live At The Rainbow - Full Length Promo Clip


So then... is it just the 1cd and the 4lp collections that won't be available in the U.S.... or is it all of it? If it was all of it, I would be pretty fucking pissed and it would show just how much these guys don't give a shit anymore. I mean the Q+AL shows are awesome, but it's a short fucking U.S. tour and all they hit are big cities - I live in the fucking Midwest and we won't see shit. You think I can afford Las Vegas or whatever prices?

David Lorryman

We asked for this and now we are getting it. Please just appreciate the wait is nearly over AND STOP MOANING! I am going to buy the double CD and the Blu-ray - I will be happy!


why does the set contain Bluray + DVD ?


0:56 In IV years time I'll go with you to SEVEN SEAS OF RHYE - IF YOU'LL WANT.


A. Murray

At last the people get what they want, but at a high price. I collect Queen LPs and at €99 the 4LP set is a rip off especially when it's archive material. I bought Led Zeppelin Mothership 4LP set for €40 and The Song Remains the Same for €50, both brand new. This is a scandal as €50 is enough for this item, but the Queen pension fund demands double! It's good to see some Queen product that has nothing to do with some azzole teenybopper for a change!

Leigh Hollingworth

Hayley the dvd is available seperately on order from amazon


Any particular reason that the DVD isn't being sold by itself? To inconvenience people who have been waiting for this concert on DVD for a very long time? If so then that goal has been reached. This entire thing is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. I don't understand why everyone keeps applauding this mess.


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