Live At Wembley 25th Anniversary Edition DVD Released in US and Canada Today!


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NEW YORK, NY – On March 12, 2013, Eagle Rock Entertainment will issue the 2DVD and Digital Video release of Queen Live at Wembley Stadium. A new edition of the 25th Anniversary DVD of Queen’s legendary 1986 concerts, the 2 disc set comes with previously unreleased footage and brand new bonus features.

Over one remarkable summer weekend, on Friday, July 11th and Saturday, July 12th 1986, Queen performed two sell-out shows at Wembley, concerts which have been widely acknowledged as two of the most incredible rock events ever staged.

Now, both the Friday and Saturday night concerts can be seen in their entirety on the Anniversary edition DVD, highlighting that no two Queen shows were ever the same. The driving rain of the Friday night show presented its own challenges but failed to dampen the mood or the music, presenting Freddie Mercury with some perfect opportunities to amuse the crowd. The sun shone on Saturday, making it a magical summer’s evening, as the band showcased everything that made Queen brilliant live. 

The DVD footage has been restored for the Anniversary edition and the sound has also been remastered with a brand new stereo mix and 5.1 sound.  

Extras on the DVD include ‘The Magic Tour’, a short feature containing brand new interviews with Brian May and Roger Taylor filmed in 2011.  They reflect back on what was to be their final tour with their familiar intelligence, honesty and brilliant wit and humor. They explain in depth how they would approach planning their concerts and they also reflect on the poignancy of the shows which were to become among the last few performances with Freddie.

“The Wembley concerts in 1986 were the pinnacle for us” says Brian May. “We were at our height band-wise, and Freddie had developed this phenomenal way of dealing with stadium audiences. Being back home in London playing two sell-out nights was such a big, big occasion for us. None of us realized that this would be almost the last time we played together…”

Queen’s 1986 Magic Tour had been their most successful to date. Regenerated and reinvigorated by their triumph at Live Aid almost exactly a year earlier, the band were on a 26-date tour of the UK and Europe and after a month out of the country returned home to London to play two defining concerts at the ‘place of champions’, Wembley Stadium.  

These were to be Queen’s biggest stage, their biggest lighting rig, the biggest screen that not only Queen had performed with, but also that Wembley Stadium had ever seen. For director Gavin Taylor, filming it involved the unprecedented use of no less than 15 cameras and a helicopter to capture the aerial shots.

For Freddie it was the start of one very long party. Friends were flown in from New York and ferried from his London home to Wembley in special coaches. It was one of the proudest days of his life.

The Saturday show saw a previous wet day turn into one of the sunniest of the year. “It was a perfect day,” says director Taylor. And the Wembley roar went up as Brian, Roger, John and Freddie arrived on stage to the synthesized opening chords on One Vision. 

For the next 110 minutes Queen played what was undoubtedly one of their most potent concert performances. The two Wembley concerts, along with a hastily added final date at Stevenage’s Knebworth Park a month later, were among Queen's finest moments.  

“Wembley Stadium was such a special place,” says Roger. “Having played it as part of Live Aid and to come back and play it again was such a blast.”

It’s perhaps no surprise that Queen’s hit musical, We Will Rock You, sees the show’s heroes end up at Wembley Stadium, ‘the place of living rock’ for the storming finale where the roots of rock are rediscovered and the rebellious bohemians find their way to recreating the music of the Mighty Queen. 

Towards the end of Queen’s performance on the DVD, Freddie Mercury addresses the audience: “There’ve been some rumors we’re splitting. They’re talking through their *****,” Freddie says. “We’ll be together forever.”

“And in a way,” says Brian, “I guess we were. We might not have been a touring band much longer, but we were together as a band right until the end.”

“I don’t think anyone expected the Magic tour to be the band’s last dates; things had gone so well and we were already planning the next one,” says Gerry Stickells, Queen’s tour manager. “There was no sense of anything coming to an end”.

But as things turned out, Queen only ever played 2 further UK concerts, in Manchester on July 16 and that final concert at Knebworth on August 9.

But if ever a reminder was needed of why Queen earned themselves the mantle of best stadium rock group in history, then you only have to turn to this DVD to see Queen live, uncut, and at their ferocious, majestic, best.



Live At Wembley Stadium Saturday 12-07-1986

One Vision / Tie Your Mother Down / In The Lap Of The Gods ... Revisited / Seven Seas Of Rhye / Tear It Up / A Kind Of Magic / Under Pressure / Another One Bites The Dust / Who Wants To Live Forever / I Want To Break Free / Impromptu / Brighton Rock Solo / Now I’m Here / Love Of My Life / Is This The World We Created / (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care / Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) / Tutti Frutti / Gimme Some Lovin’ * / Bohemian Rhapsody / Hammer To Fall / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Big Spender * / Radio Ga Ga / We Will Rock You / Friends Will Be Friends / We Are The Champions / God Save The Queen

* Saturday 12 July 1986 concert only


Live At Wembley Stadium Friday 11-07-1986

Bonus Features: 

The Magic Tour - approx 12min feature containing new interview filmed with Brian and Roger in 2011.

The Wembley Weekend - approx 25min feature where Brian and Roger describe what went into these legendary concerts filmed in 2003

Rehearsal - Secretly filmed footage from the bands rehearsal for the Magic Tour.

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Live At Wembley 25th Anniversary Edition DVD Released in US and Canada Today!

Billie Hayter

I help run a community cinema and we would like to show the Queen Live At Wembley '86 dvd on Fri 10th June. Do you know who I contact to organise a single screening license? Contact telephone and email would be really good and an idea of price.
Many thanks for your help in advance.
Billie Hayter


Queen is Perfect


Rainbow 1974?
Hammersmith 1975?
Houston 1977?
Brasil 1981?
and more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BLURAY PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No Blu-ray? Or will that be part of another re-release in 5 years?


I would like them to release somethin from the 70-era! I don't know, but some live fotages in HD? Or a dvd with their "official" misic-videos. And Not just the most famous clips like "I want to break free". How about "Liar" or something like that!!!

ps, they were(and are) the best band in history-according to me!!ds.


Even this complaint is a re-release!! Give us something we don't already own please. Somebody I see made the good point that you-tube has better rare stuff on it than what we are being given. We would rather warts and all rarities than polished re-packaging.

Your fan base are dying too you know - its not just Freddie who will be among the stars you know. We are here but for just a short spell

Donovan Falcón (fredmerbul)

Re Re Re Re released
Re Re Re Re mastered
Re Re Re Re...come on, guys!
All fans think that we deserve new material!
How much time do we have to wait to get different stuff(70´s & early 80´s)???


Great More re-re-released material. This has seen day of light in 2011 already.
what happened to the Knebworth 86' project queen had last year??
I think the excuse is that their show at knebworth with Adam Lame-bert was cancelled and therefore is not worth releasing.
Well, something good was last year's release hungarian rhapsody, i cant complain, well i can, what a pity the video is incomplete because it looks and sounds fantastic.

Why no news on the Rainbow project, or houston 77' or maybe, hammersmith 79'. You have lot of good stuff to release like japan 82, argentina 81 and yet you still releasing things that have benn released on dvd. Please release something new guys!!!


ça, c'est le pompom mes petits choux
je le veux
merde je les déja il est super

saj ditta

same ol stuff again?dont you guys think you,v robbed your fans enuff?over 20years @before fredds passing its 86868686 robbing fans with new s/surround sounds etc.this new deal with island has been@joke,awfull deluxe bonus tracks do i say more?youtube has better music/footage than prequeen productions.they have been milking fredds/queen lapping it all up kerching to the bank,ol rich .arts thats it keep robbing its still b,urning.


Pls release the blu-ray version soon...we have the Blu-ray of Hungurian Raphosdy , and Queen - Live In Montreal ...why not Live in Wembley -eagle rock please release it on Blu-ray.....


Isn't there anybody out there that has (understood) got it yet. The problem with the 70's films are the synch between the original films and the audio. Old technology takes time to do the right way. The Hammersmith show 1975 are lacking some technical problems that has to be solved. And the Rainbow show from 1974 are being worked at and remastered at this very moment. It will probably be released this year. And Earls Court has even bigger problems with some deleted vocals on the audio that is impossible to solve without Freddie.

Live at Wembley need a release in America. Because the old one is deleted.


I Want "Knebworth 86" and "Earls Court"!!!!!

Juan Machuca

Again ???

clerto queen

Where's the blu-ray format?????
and ALL VIDEOS (I said ALL) in blu-ray?
and RAINBOW???


please! we dont want more wembley remastered edition! we want hyde park, earl court, houston etc edition. please stop re-re-re-remastered old stuff!!!

Jack Weber

Queen sempre trazendo conteudo novo para os fans!


Where is Live at The Rainbow 1974??????????????????????????????


What about VHS release ?!? Canada & USA doesn't have DVD yet !!!


How about a Blu-ray edition?

And while you're at it, why not remaster the entire Queen catalog in 5.1 audio?

What can I say? I want it all and I want it now!!!


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