SET LIST: Roger & Marc Martel Perform Live With The SAS Band

Set List from last night at the Concert At The Kings - "Rock Against Cancer" Show.

Born to Run 

Higher Ground 

Lady Marmalade 


Fox on The Run 

Ballroom Blitz 


When I'm Dead

Don't Go Breakin' 



28 Riffs

A Kind of Magic (Roger on Vocals) 

Roger introduces Marc Martel

Don't Stop Me Now  (Marc on Vocals) 

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Marc)

The Show Must Go On (Marc)

Under Pressure (Roger and Marc on Vocals)

Roger introduces Jeff Beck

Say It's Not True (Roger on Vocals with Jeff Beck) 

Little Wing 

Even Odds 

Peter Gunn (Roger on drums)

New Orleans

Higher and Higher

***Update*** Roger has now confirmed he will also be joining the SAS band this weekend!

The Queen Extravaganza's Marc Martel is coming over to the UK to join Spike Edney and his SAS Band for the Concert At The Kings - "Rock Against Cancer" Show on Saturday May 25th 2013.

For full details and tickets head to www.concertatthekings.co.uk

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SET LIST: Roger & Marc Martel Perform Live With The SAS Band

andy bell

Marc Mattel amazing,rog please tell Bri this is the guy to seriously front queen, look no further !

Dr. Hans Gruber

To anyone below who took a shot a Roger for playing this gig instead of working on his new album - think on you mugs! Roger is a rock God, nay a rock king! He was a tenement funster before you chumps knew how to lace your shoes and he had a way with the girls on his block too. Still does I'd wager.

I thank the rock gods (Hendrix, Morrison etc) for Roger every day. He's given me so many years of happiness listening to his awesome songs (and laughing at Fun It). He's a British institution and a living legend. Your inane drivel will will turn to tried flem quickly but Roger will always be beyond reproach and unquestionably awesome. You guys need to get that into your thick loaves, have some respect. Don't shun it...

Hansjuerg Lattmann

Think better a while before you post such negative comments about Roger and the rest of Queen. I'm 50 years old and they gave me so many wonderful moments in my life. Be grateful for their wonderful work every day.
Your stupid comments will disappear very quick but the work of these 4 people will stay for many generations!!!

Dr. HJ. Lattmann


@ Roman Kosiuk

thank you. guess what: I posted about the same comment on his facebookpage and they removed it within half an hour. not so polite to fuck the fans that got you where you are mr. Taylor, now is it???


rhiannon you are right !!!!!!! how long to us to wait for the promised album? 10 years? One incessant lie!


get your lazy balls into a studio and finish that fucking cd of yours mr.taylor, instead of insulting your fans with lego-puppets on your fake facebookpage.


i love your music... and I really missed you... because I have not listened you are for over a month ... and I just miss the quality what you do... and again, thank you that you are!

Deacon John

In a perfect world the surviving members of Queen would focus on enhancing the legacy of the band instead of tainting it with low-rent, embarrassing collaborations. Who will they get in on vocals next, Bonnie Tyler?


*In a perfect world, Marc, Brian, Roger and John would tour. *

In a perfect world Freddie would live forever!


It was a joke!


John Deacon is confirmed to play at this. He will do a signing afterwards also.


Has an amazing talent.
UK get ready for the real deal.

In a perfect world, Marc, Brian, Roger and John would tour.

Maybe someday.


Peru Queen

Queen so super, I miss Queen so awesome. Queen Forever!!!!!! Always of love with Freddy, Jon, Brain and Rodger :))))) Love Queen eternal from Peru!!!

Flavio Bernardes

Leiam isso:



Bill Cosby

Libe? I'm not familiar with that song! I am so funny it's hard to believe!


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