Message From Roger - The Lot



I am aware of the issues affecting some of your boxsets. I am deeply upset by this. I have been working with my team to rectify the problems and feel that they are on top of things. You should continue to email the address given on my Facebook page if you have any queries.

I'm so sorry for any distress and disappointment that this has caused. We really wanted the boxset to be as complete an experience as possible. 

Rest assured we won't be happy until we know you are!


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Message From Roger - The Lot

andres perez ulloa

he visto tu mensaje miguel, soy de cuenca, yo consegui este lunes tambien la caja y tampoco me aparecen esos dos temas, estoy de muy mala ostia por que me he gastado una pasta para nada pues al igual que tu ya tenia casi todos los albumnes y los singles, esto ha sido una putada del 15, en youtube aparece dear mr murdoch nude mix pero esa es la version single de 2011 encima de cachondeo, yo quiero conseguir esos dos putos temas y no se como, que me devuelvan la pasta. que encima que estamos jodidos de dinero se nos putea asi sin mas.


I echo the sentiments entirely of the well made posts below of David and Claudio. We are great fans of your work Roger. I am not a rich guy but over the years I have spent on concerts in 3 countries, vinyl, cds, dvds, blu ray, vhs, picture discs, limited numbered editions, fan club membership, t-shirts, mugs, belt buckles, t-towels, posters, books. It sounds like I am made of money, I'm not! amounts to 1000's over a 28 year period - But I love Queen and they have given me much happiness? (get it?!) over the years but I too am tired of the recent milking of fans with substandard releases - poor quality Queen & Paul Roger concert T-shirts ...bootleg quality and now the prospect of forking out for a boxset (most of which I already have purchased over the years) riddled with mistakes. Please can you or your record company guarantee that there will be a reprint of the set correcting all errors both written and audio before I (and others) make this purchase. Failing that - I will just be buying the new CD and watching the promo videos on you-tube. Best wishes and thanking you for the music. Graham (Ireland)

miguel angel

i buy the lot box collection the last week but the cd -fun on earth exclusive edition not including the songs "-dear mr murdoch nude mix &-whole house rocking" im very sad because i buy this collection for this songs (and... of course the songs (turn on tv wanna testify) because i had this 1977 songs from vinyl) another question is a song called the shores of formentera is a song of roger??? is not include in the information i dont know. i see this remix in youtube. thank u. and sorry by my english translation. :-(

nadine ramos

visiblement il y a pas que moi qui se fait prendre la tete

moi aussi la totale .

show must go on roger

nadine ramos


I agree with David. Thank you Roger for the apology... I keep believe it's not your the sense that you cannot have everything under control...but I'm still appaled. You are a business's weird that a poor guy like me suggests you how to make business...but I tell you time you have to chose better the people you work with.

At this point think with a queen fan's brain..

People angry with you because of the issues in this box set

People angry because of the ''definitive'' Freddie mercury tribute (with missing parts, audio and video stupid mistakes etc'')

People angry with you because it's CLEAR you guys are just milking us with stuf like ''queen Idol'' or other collections like this last 6 Discs Box Set

People angry because you spend your time in solo projects or in in the ''6 disk box set'' but you don't have time to work on the 70's concerts.

People angry because this site has become a big showcase that sells Queen extravaganza, WWRY musical, kerry ellis, lamberth other terms....sells EVERYTHING but original queen stuff

People angry with you because EVERY YEARY you or brian come up with an interview where you say you could use old demos with freddie's voice.. (like those with M J ) to make a new album.... but you never do it.

People angry because you start a super cool Freddie Mercury biopic project and then you leave it.

Too many lies, too many mistakes, I'm sorry I know these things are not related to ''the lot '' issues....but too much is too much.
Queen fans are like a husband that is still in love with his bilionaire cheating wife.
You take profit of this keep on cheating and cheating and cheathing... and somethimes you come back home, you say you love us and then you ask for more money. You are cheating all queen fans around the world. But it's remembered me that IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY in this world and there's no place for old schools fans


Thanks for the apology.

However, saying "issues affecting SOME of your box sets" is inaccurate. The myriad typos and the problems with some of the tracks obviously affect ALL the box sets (unless you produced two versions which I very much doubt).

It's true that SOME people have duplicate or missing discs which is obviously a fulfilment issue at the manufacturing plant.

However, the issues with typos, bad grammar, slowed down songs, stop starts etc are not.

These issues can only be addresses by a reprint and repressing of the corrected items.

It would be nice to have this acknowledged rather than continuing to ignore.


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