Michael Brenner


BB Promotion Mourns The Passing of Michael Brenner - Producer of We Will Rock You Germany. 

Michael Brenner, producer and impresario, founder and managing partner of the Mannheim based BB Promotion GmbH, died in the early hours of Saturday 21st May 2011 at the age of 59.

He and his much-loved wife were on a bicycle tour when he was hit by a motorbike. He never recovered from his injuries.

We are stunned and deeply shocked by this sudden and tragic loss. It is difficult to believe that the man whose unique spirit infused the entire organisation with a sense of vibrant creativity is no longer with us. His life’s work, and the focus of his unfailing attention and inexhaustible energy, was the promotion of international live entertainment on the very highest level. His passion for, and whole- hearted commitment to, true artistry is evident from the caption which he added to BB’s name many years ago: ‘the art of entertainment’. At the same time, his deepest love and devotion was to his family.

As captain of a ship which braved many rough seas, navigating in a perilous industry with great sensitivity, Michael Brenner led a devoted team of people. His most important collaborator for more than four decades was his wife and partner, Roswitha Brenner, later joined by their children Antonia and Marius, and his close personal friends.

Roswitha Brenner and her children will now take the helm at BB Promotion, and, together with all the members of the BB team, would continue Michael Brenner’s life work.

All shows and performances will go ahead as planned.

In grief, The management and teams of BB Group GmbH, BB Promotion GmbH, Creative Partners GmbH, ESMS GmbH, Fandango Musical GmbH, blond GmbH, and partners outside eye GmbH and System Provider GmbH

The funeral service will take place at 2pm on Friday 27th May 2011, in the Christuskirche in Mannheim. In place of any intended flowers or wreaths we would ask for a donation to Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (donations account 97 0 97, reference Michael Brenner, Bank für Sozialwirtschaft BLZ 370 205 00)


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