Michael Jackson - Brian May

Hard to know what to say - what to feel. I find myself wondering what might have happened on his tour ... the number of dates in the UK that he had committed to was insane ... I did have a feeling it was impossible ... but I was so shocked to hear that he went so suddenly. Very sad. Of course I still think of him as a boy ... he used to come and see us (Queen) play when we were on tour in the States, and he and Freddie became close friends ... close enough to record a couple of tracks together at Michael's house ... tracks which have never seen the light of day. Michael was the boy star of the Jackson Five, and always the most screamed at. I remember in their show, they tried very hard to make all the brothers equal in the presentation, but it was abundantly obvious that all most of the girl fans really wanted to see was little Michael. It was Michael who heard our track "Another One Bites the Dust" when he came to see us on "The Game" tour ... and told us we were mad if we didn't release it as a single. Of course this was way before Michael's monster solo career began ... but he was already in search of that fusion between Funk and Rock, Black and White, and the Thriller album was the consummation of that quest. There are many similarities between it and our "Hot Space" album ... but our timing was out, really. Michael got it right in every respect ... including timing ... the world was just ready for it ... and of course he was in a sense seeking the same ground, but coming from the opposite direction. Amusingly, after Freddie and Michael has spent some time together recording, Freddie came back and played us the work in progress, and he remarked that Michael had come up with a great album title ... BAD. A little later, Freddie smiled his wicked little conspiratorial smile, and said ... "I have a perfect idea for our album title - you may love it or hate it ... but think about it .... we can call it ..... wait for it .... GOOD"!!!

I think the world is a more colourful place thanks to Michael's work ... he was a truly wonderful performer at his peak - and had a great team around him, including, of course, genius Quincy Jones. I think he qualifies as a great artist; he devoted his whole body and soul to his art. It's as if, with all the changes he introduced to his body, his art actually became his body and his persona. Yes, I only hope he passed away in happiness, in great hopes and anticipation of his glorious comeback tour. RIP Michael.

Reproduced from Brian's Soapbox

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Michael Jackson - Brian May


Gary, you don't know what you are talking about. Why don't you listen to the very kids who actually knew him and spent years with him?

Like Frank Cascio:

" The bottom line: Michael’s interest in young boys had absolutely nothing to do with sex. I say this with the unassailable confidence of firsthand experience, the confidence of a young boy who slept in the same room as Michael hundreds of times, and with the absolute conviction of a man who saw Michael interact with thousands of kids. In all the years that I was close to him, I saw nothing that raised any red flags, not as a child and not as an adult. Michael may have been eccentric, but that didn’t make him criminal. "


Or Sean Lennon:

"It's funny people who think Michael's a diddler
always assume that he bought off the families of the kids he molested.
You hear it all the time. They say he must have just written a millions dollar check to all the kids who threatened to come forward. But look at me. Iwas one of those kids that he befriended at a young age. Imay have spent more time with hm than almost anyone else.
I've seen all kinds of people publicly speculate that he abused me. But I think my family is actually richer than he is, so it would be quite the trick to buy me and my mother off. It's ridiculous. No way is Mike a child abuser. Take it from me.
I knew the kids he knew. I would have known if anything funny was going on. It wasn't jsut boys, you know. There were girls around too, and not just the sisters.

Or Omer Batthi:

"as of a great artist he was the most amazing artist ever the greatest I would say he was even greater as a person as a human being"

and all these other kids who hang out with him and never said a bad word about him, quite to the contrary:

Brett Barnes, Mark Ronson, Kelly Parker, Corey Feldman, Michael Jacobshagen, Derek Emerson, Ryan Folsey, Bobby Newt, Mac Culkin, Kirean Culkin, Dakota Culkin, Quinn Culkin, Bryton McClure, Dave Dave, Emmanuel Lewis, Alexandra Martin, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis, Billy Ramirez, Karlee Barnes, Simone Jackson, Rashida Jones, Kidada Jones, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ahmad Etabad, Perly and Morly Qi Zhen, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Marie Tourelle, Tracy Dyer, Harriet Lester, Amy Agajanian, David Agajanian, JC Agajanian, Sage Galesi, Lala Romero, Nisha Kataria, Roman Barett, Natalia Barrett, Brock Goldstein, Rhonda Ross, Chudney Ross, Nicole Grierson, Damon Stein, Megan Stein, Amanda Porter, Richard Matsura, Soleil Moon Frye , Ryan White, Austin Brown, Anthony Jackson, Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson, Donte Jackson, Randy Jackson Jr, Mason van Valin, Bianca van Valin, Brian Romero, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Andrea White, Mallory Cyr, Deja Riley, Malika Chopra, Stephen Gibb, Andrea Patel, Brandon Adams, Andrea Patel,Arri Shelton-Edwards , Tamil and Lana Ramirez, Sky Ferreira, Evan Ross, Laura Chaplin, Shane Brando, Franco Brando, Nelson Brando, Faustif Brando, Pudence Brando, Lucy Lester, Jo Jo Elatab, Rodney Allen Rippy, Bob Good, Dewayne Turrentine, Spence Malik, Eddie Cascio, Marie Nicole Cascio, Aldo Cascio, Dominique Cascio

You really think you know it better who MJ was than they do?

His accusers were liars from corrupt families who used Michael's kindness and childlike nature against him. They wanted to make millions
and that's what those case were all about: money.

If Michael had paid Chandler when he first demanded 20 million in Aug 1993 they wouldn't have accused him and then you wouldn't be here now trashing him.

If you don't believe me believe the Chandlers themselves who admitted this in their book in 2005:

“Had Michael paid the twenty million dollars demanded of him in August, rather than the following January, he might have spent the next ten years as the world’s most famous entertainer, instead of the world’s most infamous child molester.”
[Ray Chandler All that Glitters; page 128]

What else do you need to see what the whole thing was all about?



He was not a pedophile and instead of harming MANY young boys DOZENS of young boys and girls who knew him DEFENDED him.

The only ones who accused him had crooked, even mentally ill parents who plotted against him to win millions.

He never had a single credible accuser.
It's a tragedy that the media and American police enabled and supported such obvious liars who while claiming they saw Michael naked they couldn't even describe his body.

If you want to know what really happened you should learn ALL the facts about the Chandlers, Arvizo and Francias and about all the kids and their parents who were around Michael and never said a bad word about him.

You can start here:


Too bad he was a pedophile and harmed many young boys :-(


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