MPT and Hard Rock Cafe Venues Announced!

The Mercury Phoenix Trust is teaming up with Hard Rock Cafe across Europe to help celebrate Freddie For A Day, which is held each year on September 5 to mark Freddie's birthday.

Hard Rock Cafe in cities throughout Europe, plus Buenos Aires in Argentina, will open up their restaurants on September 5th to help raise funds and awareness for Freddie For A Day. There will be prizes for the best dressed Freddie's as well as entertainment throughout the day.

Below are the countries and cities where the Hard Rock Cafe are rocking it for the MPT! Make sure you keep September 5th clear and rock on down to your nearest restaurant for a damn good night of fun, food, drink and entertainment Freddie style! More details to come as we get them!

Thanks for all your ongoing support!

Read the full press release here.

HOLLAND - Amsterdam

SPAIN - Barcelona & Madrid

BELGIUM - Brussels

DENMARK - Copenhagen

GERMANY - Cologne, Berlin & Munich

SCOTLAND - Edinburgh

ITALY - Florence, Venice & Rome

UNITED KINGDOM - London & Manchester


FRANCE - Paris

IRELAND - Dublin

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires

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MPT and Hard Rock Cafe Venues Announced!


Could they not get McDonald's to team up for FFAD? Would have been better with McDonald's.


Farr to harsh chaps!!!!

"Go hang yourself" Come on get real.
Long live Queen.

A one off reunion someday please


I'm ready !!!! No shortage grow a mustache. London wait for me.... Oh Yeahhhhhhhhh... Freddieeeeeeeeeeeee

ex loyal fan

ah ah ah ah the sad thing is that this is the only original and new idea this year. Unfortunately is only business. Business...this is the only thing you can think about. You don't give a shit about AIDS victims. This is business. Rhiannon is right. Respect for Freddie and John, that's it. I sware, anytime that I'll have a minute in my day, I'm going to use it to get on this site just to insult you until you will produce something original and you'll stop milking/make fun of your fans.


Freddie is a champion, John is a champion, the other two are pathetic puppets. And hey Jim? Again: go hang yourself, you swine!


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