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MPT Focus Charity 2017: Medical Action Myanmar

In 2016 Claudia Walker, head of the The Mercury Phoenix Trust, visited Myanmar during a trip to South East Asia. During her time in the country she met with two inspirational people - Dr. Ni Ni Tun and Dr. Frank Smithius. who together set up Medical Action Myanmar (MAM) to provide much needed medical services in remote rural areas in the country.

The Mercury Phoenix Trust has in the past donated to projects in Burma/Myanmar, but now wants to do more - MAM are to be the Mercury Phoenix Trust ‘Focus Charity’ for 2017. This means that a portion of all money raised within 2017 will go directly to MAM projects and their efforts in combating HIV / AIDS. We are, of course, still giving to other projects across the globe, that never stops, but we will be hearing from MAM team, posting their updates and highlighting their story throughout 2017.

Please join us and follow their progress!

Watch the clip below to find out more.

Team MPT

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