New Brian and Kerry Live Album OUT NOW!


Acoustic By Candlelight - Live In The UK is now available to buy on iTunes (except North America) and on CD and vinyl in the new Brian May and Kerry Ellis online store!


1 Born Free

2 I Loved A Butterfly

3 I Who Have Nothing

4 Dust In The Wind

5 The Kissing Me Song

6 Nothing Really Has Changed

7 Life Is Real

8 The Way We Were

9 Something

10 Love Of My Life

11 I'm Not That Girl

12 I Can't Be Your Friend

13 In The Bleak Midwinter

14 Crazy Little Thing Called Love

15 No One But You (Only The Good Die Young

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New Brian and Kerry Live Album OUT NOW!

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I have been a fan of wueen since i was 10 years old. i am no 37.
Queen has been an inspiration for me on learning the piano and guitar i am now teaching kids. How i wish i could see them live here in Manila, I speak in behalf of thousands of Queen fans here.

Michael Donnelly

MOST dissapoimted that Brian and Kerry missed out Scotland on this tour.

ex loyal fan

Scambott you probably don't understand my point. No problems with Kerry Ellis or Brian's solo projects...but this is the queen website. Kerry Ellis is not a queen member. Brian May has his own website where he can advertise his solo projects. ...I'm happy for Brian because he still wants to the queen web site ;) .

The point is that If the remaining members of Queen had given us some surprises, some NEW original work, no one would have complained about the advertising on other projects. But one thing is to publicize queen projects along with solo projects, another thing is to advertise ONLY events outside the queen world ..which means to forget loyal fans


If any of you bothered to go and see the Born Free shows you would find out that their are quite a lot of Queen fans who are enjoying what Brian and Kerry are doing. And in fact it's a side to Brian's playing which is great to see and hear live. No they aren't playing many Queen songs, and the ones they are playing have been reworked as have the many covers they play too.

It's the narrow mined Queen fans who can't stand anything that deviates from the usual who always complain. Brian is a musician who is enjoying what he is doing, and giving anyone with an open mind something new to listen too.

ex loyal fan

I' m with you Paul... after all these re re re releases of old stuf...the kerry ellis news sounds like '' add insult to injury''

Regards, Claudio.

earlier it was Queens Website

I agree with each your word Paul! This nonsense will suffice stop this absurdity !


Dear Queen Productions,

As a loyal Queen fan for more than 30 years, I am getting fed up of looking at this website to hear about the latest exploits of Kerry Ellis. Yes, she is championed by Brian for whatever reason, but her career is of no interest to Queen fans.

Please don't try to disguise it by announcing it as 'Brian and Kerry' when the album and that awful Kissing Me cover art both clearly have Kerry's name first.

Paul (hopefully speaking for the vast majority of readers of this website?)

ex loyal fan ?




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