New Queen Online Store Now Open!

We are proud to announce the launch of the brand new Queen Online Store which is packed full of brand new and exciting Queen merchandise including clothing, music, art, books, accessories and collectables. Also included are full ranges from Freddie Mercury, Brian May, We Will Rock You, Mercury Phoenix Trust and The Queen Extravaganza so everything is available in one store using one shopping basket. A Roger Taylor section will be coming soon too!

The store is also now multi-language and viewable in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish plus you can order in Pounds, Euros or Dollars.

We’ll keep you up to date on all new additions to the store including new merchandise, competitions and exclusive limited edition products.

Click here to check out the new Queen Online Store.

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New Queen Online Store Now Open!

Stephen Rosevear

Hello, just curious if you plan to release a 2016 Brian May
Sixpence Coin and if so when would it be ready to purchase? Thank you and Best Wishes for 2016.

ex loyal fan

and let me tell you this ...If I want to buy somthing of value I get on E BAY because first, I can find something of value; and...most importantat...I give my money to private sellers and I don't fill your pokets ( that are on the brink to blow up). I'll be happy to buy on your stores something NEW like DEMOS and LIVE CONCERTS from the 80' and 70'. I'm not interested in T-shirt, cups, or the damn F.M tribute...because I personally don't like queen concerts without Freddie Mercury.

Qualcuno diceva... fate ciò che volete col mio nome ma non rendetemi mai noioso..FAIL FAIL FAIL


Salut !
Quand aura t - on la joie de voir le concert de Wembley 86 ' en blu ray ? Ce serait vachement sympa !!
En vous remerciant une nouvelle fois ...
Jérôme (France)



Would you please do your fans a big favor, stop selling this junk, and start releasing something people actually want - like archive recordings and DVDs - and not releases of what is already out there, OK? The world doesn't need any more t-shirts, mugs, or "upgraded"/"deluxe" versions of 80s concert films or the Freddie Mercury Tribute. We're tired of it, OK?

Thanks for listening . . . if, indeed, you have heard this. :)


all this one big swindle which proceeds since 1991. And if there was something interesting, like concerts with a floor Rogers or lamberty - that is simply side effect propaganda AIDS

Impulse Buyer

I love all Queen merchandise! I will buy it all! Don't stop me now, I want it all!!!!!

I love mugs and mobile telephone covers. I love Greatest Hits II t-shirts. All super!



forget about Roger's promised album. It will be never.

ex loyal fan

wtf where is the stuff with paul rodgers???? and with adam lamberth? and the soundtrack from the WWRY musical?........FFF I can't wait to see some new an extravaganza live...or much better greatest hits 5...that would be great...I don't care about original queen live from the 70's or the damn unreleased demos. Sarcasm.

nadine ramos

plutot sympa j'aime bien


Queen Fan Club Mexico (founded in 1992)

Great news! All the best! Wishes from Mexico, QFCM


a roger taylor section coming soon. if that takes as long as that cd of his, it'll be there in about four years? what's up with that anyway? are you expecting the man to leave the planet in the near future and make more money if you hold the release untill that day gets here?


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