New Roger Taylor You Tube Channel Launched

2014 starts off very nicely in the Roger camp, with the launch of the Roger Taylor You Tube channel. Pop over to to subscribe right now!

The channel has kicked off with two TV appereance videos of 'I Wanna Testify' and 'Future Management'.

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New Roger Taylor You Tube Channel Launched

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Yeah, underrated because he picks and chooses who gets to hear his music, in a sense. In the U.S. we have seen an extremely minimal amount of Roger or his band The Cross. Yes, his music is awesome, can't lie there, but if he would take a little more stock in his U.S. fans, then maybe I wouldn't be so pissed... and I know I'm not the only one. We got screwed with the Cross (for the most part), we got screwed on RT solo (for the most part), and now we're getting screwed out of FOE and The Lot. At least Brian's albums made it to the U.S. as well as a full BTTL tour and one (or so) shows from Another World (in Illinois - Rockstock in, I believe, 1998)

Rob Duckworth

Roger has written some of the most amazing pop songs.
One of the most underrated songwriters on the planet.

morey taylor

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I would typically be all sorts of excited over this whole thing, but after years and years I've come to realize... Roger doesn't give a crap about people in the U.S. First, we barely got any Roger/Cross albums, and then as a bigger slap in the face, when he released what has been said is his final solo album, along with his WHOLE collection of works, once again, the U.S. gets ignored. Why? Because what is left of Queen are a couple money hungry morons who want to leave a country out of the loop because it might not make them a few million (as if they need it). I was so psyched when I heard about Fun on Earth, and I was apeshit over hearing about what The Lot contained, and I swear I thought for a moment that the U.S. might see these releases, and that I would finally get to hear on official CD with quality sound that which I have only been able to hear on youtube. So in conclusion, I have a message: get your head out of your ass and start thinking about all your die hard fans in the U.S. Because if you don't, they might just dwindle down to nothing eventually. I know I'm getting at my wits end. People wonder why bootlegs were invented. Damn.


HEADS UP!! Check out the BBC Radio 2 listing for tomorrow (4 Jan 1500 to 1800 UK time) - Roger has his own 2-hour show for one week only, and then there's a further hour of Queen BBC session tracks! N

nadine ramos

j' aime sa voix miaou ......................


This is really great! Ow!

Andrew Davies

At last some really "rare" clips. Just a shame that they were not included on the recent Lot collection from Roger.I was informed that,as is sometimes unfortunately the case.there were "contractual" reasons.Let's hope 2014 will now at last bring us genuine Queen fans some real concert rarieties.There are so many out there and we have been so patient!


Great news. Will be looking forward to some great videos. Hopefully we will see some rare videos and TV performances. Thanks.

Mark (mit k!)

Hi there and a happy new year to everybody!
Two Roger-Classics, nice start! Hope for more to come!
Thanks a lot!


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