Open Letter From Brian May

Brian May, Queen band member and animal rights campaigner, is today sending this open letter to Welsh Assembly Members who will tomorrow debate a Motion to Annul the Badger (Control Area) (Wales) Order 2011proposed by Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones. May will himself attend the debate taking place in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.


Dear Assembly Members - this is a simple plea from a concerned member of the British public, whose primary profession happens to be playing rock music - a father, a grandfather, and a campaigner for the right of wild animals to live in peace.

On my property in Surrey we accommodate rescued wild animals, brought from far and wide...and care for them until they can go back where they the wild.  

This is Billy the of our rescuees...just nine months old here, very healthy, and a great little personality.  But he and his kind are in mortal danger. 

Tomorrow you will be making a simple decision about whether or not to allow Elin Jones to instigate the killing of more than a thousand of these wonderful creatures in Western Wales, most of whom will be perfectly healthy.  It's supposed to be a way of moving towards eliminating Bovine TB from cows in Wales.  But everybody, and I mean everybody, who has studied the evidence, knows that it cannot work, and that the only true way to eliminate this disease is through better screening and movement controls in cattle farming. For the past two years, the incidence of bTB has fallen dramatically, following the tightening of cattle-based controls within the farming industry.

The slaughter of badgers can not prove anything - all it will do is appease the farmers in the short term, who understandably, perhaps, 'want to see something done'. But in the long term it will become more and more apparent that they have been sold a dummy.  11,000 badgers died in the ISG experiment, leading the scientists who conducted it to the conclusion that "CULLING of  BADGERS CAN NOT MAKE ANY MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTION TO THE CONTROL OF BOVINE TB IN CATTLE.  Nothing has changed since that report.  

So the question is easy -   What kind of a world do you want your Grandchildren to grow up in ?  A world of humans living in harmony with the other creatures on this planet, surrounded by healthy wild animals ? Or the World Elin Jones is propelling us towards - where wild animals are all but eradicated, and shown neither respect nor mercy ? 

What will you tell your Grandchildren ?  

Tell them you voted to throw out this inhuman act of vandalism against our wild animals. 

PLEASE ... in the name of thousands of innocent creatures - and for the future of all of us on this Earth  - VOTE TO ANNUL ELIN JONES'S ORDER TOMORROW. 

Thank you for listening

Dr. Brian May, CBE.  


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