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One of Alfie Boe's greatest influences has always been the enigmatic frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury, with his own musical career being fused with a passion for the rock band. As an early rock-opera experiment, a young Boe made a demo for Queen’s sound engineers at Abbey Road, and last year performed on stage with its lead guitarist, Brian May. In this film, Alfie explores the life of his hero to discover more about the man behind the music. Including unseen footage of Freddie Mercury at college, soon after his family arrived in England, just how did the flamboyant persona emerge and what lay behind Freddie's move from rock to opera. Directed by Harvey Lilley for Brook Lapping.

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Perspectives - Alfie Boe: Freddie Mercury - Watch on ITV Player


Beautiful bit of TV, put together from the heart from a fan.


Fond memories ..... I Love Freddieeeeeeeeeeee


I remember after Freddie's death there was a documentary on TV. I remember Bob Geldof discussing what Queen should do musically after Freddie's passing, one comment of many I recall was he said "Queen should find someone (not famous) just someone off the street that can do the songs justice and have the same range as Freddie". Please listen and some feeback would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Nigel Halsey

I've just watched Adam Lambert demolish We Will Rock You. Please, as a show of respect to Freddie, DON'T SING ANY QUEEN SONGS IN PUBLIC Adam. Thank you from a lifelong Queen fan.

Luis Angel

"Matt Friel
May. 5, 201405 03:53 pm
I'm not famous, just an ordinary guy off the street, please listen and enjoy :) "

The most natural interpretation that I have seen of Freddie Mercury.
I dont like copycats, but I like the performances.

nancy willium

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Matt Friel

I'm not famous, just an ordinary guy off the street, please listen and enjoy :)


I like Alfie a lot, & absolutely adore Freddie & Queen...hopefully this will be a different take, informative and will actually show some new stuff.

Gerry Gillies

At last some real Queen entertainment with the real lead singer Freddie Mercury as opposed to the joke that is adam lambert straining the Queen legacy.
looking forward to seeing Alfie exploring planet Mercury!


Please show this documentary in the U.S. too

Tommy Rock

It would be so great to see this. I can' t wait to then!


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