Pre-Order and Listen To Roger's 'Fun On Earth' Now! / Radio 2 C Listing!

Pre-order Roger's new album 'Fun On Earth' now on iTunes! You can also check out minute long clips of the whole album by following the link below!

Click here to listen and pre-order now.

We can also confirm that the single 'Sunny Day' has been added to the Radio 2 C List - lots more plays to come here in the UK!

'Fun On Earth' and 'The Lot' box set are both released on November 11th 2013.

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Pre-Order and Listen To Roger's 'Fun On Earth' Now! / Radio 2 C Listing!


heard it, not impressed. now what jolly jumper/roger, any comment on that? the offer is so small, i bet he can SHOVE IT UP HIS ARSE... couple of lame love-songs for a transsexual and nothing relevant to say. what a rock god indeed. keep promoting that agenda, buy a bunker just in case... feel the heat? he´s got a devil put aside for him, for him, for him... time for the thruth, ´cause reality stinks!

Robert Bennett

I have pre orderd "Fun on Earth" which will be available on November 11th, I have also tried to pre order "The Lot", but cannot get any pre order details. Any ideas?


I am so pleased with this release.I have just listened to the preview, and it sounds great. I hope the record company get behind Roger and promote this well. The QPR project was badly promoted, so lets hope Roger does not suffer the same. Cannot wait for Tour dates. It's been 15 years since Roger solo toured, and to anyone who has not seen him I strongly recommend the chance. RMT has always been , in my eyes , the un sung hero behind the Queen Machine, and hopefully one day he may get the recognition he thoroughly deserves. A drmmer in a rock & roll band ... and a whole lot more.
Bjorn, the physical CD is available on Amazon. regards.

Bjørn Øystein Hagen

When can we pre-order Fun On Earth on a physical format?
Will it be released on vinyl?

George Kummerer

When will the fans in the USA be able to pre-order or purchase Roger's new music?


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