Out Today! 6 Disc Box Set - Live at Wembley Stadium / Rock Montreal / Live In Rio / On Fire: Live at the Bowl

This Special Edition 6DVD set brings together four concerts by Queen. Live at Wembley Stadium 25th Anniversary Edition, showcases Queen performing two sell out shows at Wembley in 1986, both of which are featured here. Queen Rock Montreal, filmed in 1981, was the group’s only concert that was ever shot on film. On Fire Live at the Bowl, filmed on the Hot Space tour on June 5, 1982 at the Milton Keynes Bowl, also includes a second disc featuring bonus interviews, a photo gallery and bonus performances from Tokyo & Vienna.

This 6 DVD set also includes the previously unreleased Live In Rio, which features Queen s January 1985 performance in front of 250,000 people during the Rock In Rio festival while in support of The Works album. The set list features such early favourites as Seven Seas of Rhye and Liar, while spotlighting 5 songs off the at-the-time new album The Works. This DVD is exclusive to this package.

Released 19th November and available on US Import from the Queen Online Store here >>.

Also available at

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Out Today! 6 Disc Box Set - Live at Wembley Stadium / Rock Montreal / Live In Rio / On Fire: Live at the Bowl

Fabian Teijeiro

thank yuo bay me all the music, what will listen always....


Hi guys, what about issuing the magic years on DVD or some 1970's appearances/documentaries? Like the one from Holland featuring the bad guy from the 'Flash' movie. I'd buy those. Also anything from Japan.


Just another cash in really isn't it?! How many times can you re-release the same content (yes, its great music) but we've got it all already. Crying out for a 70s Queen DVD collection with worthwhile extras. The only extra in this set is the Live in Rio released on DVD for the first time and its not even the whole concert. Shame on you for ripping the fans off again by putting the only non-released DVD in a box set!


Give us 70's queen concert

1 : Rainbow 74
2 : Hammersmith 75 + 79
3 : earls court 77
4 : japan 79


release more concerts, it is always the same: (
and what about the concert KNEBWORTH PARK? my favorite!!
you release magic tour on cd with incomplete versions, release a new version with the full version, especially knebworth! is the last concert, many people would like to see it! a lot of people, queen at its best. but so .. is unfair: (
still waiting ...

A. Murray

It's only a bloody box set of the Queen live DVDs for the Xmas market why is everyone getting so exited about it? If I didn't have them I'd pop it. I have them so I won't buy it, no big deal. People get so offended when a product comes out that's not for them! I can't understand this. There's plenty Queen product released already and if that's not good enough then stop complaining. There's noting in the can except live recordings and videos from the 70s. They remain unreleased for a reason. What is out there is already the crown jewels, i.e. all the great albums I enjoy all the time, so rock on or listen to some other second rate rock band, it's up to you!


Ok.. I don't want to be negative about your releasing policy. I can understand if this set released for people who don't have the wembley, on fire or montreal DVDs before (a small thank for incomplete VHS rip Rio show). I also can understand if you released same stuff because of Island thing. But if you milking fans with same stuff like this, that's enough in my opinion. How much we have to wait for some worthy release? Please listen to the old fans a little more...

I'm starting to get bored with your unfinished / cancelled projects and same old stuff releasings, seriously...

Bernard M Jr Lynch

Brian & Roger rape us again.

While John Deacon resides in quiet dignity.


Rio is of course...not´s a pity you release everything again and again...platinum collection,wembley etc is enough thanks.
Better produce a Roger Taylor Live Album@Fun On Earth Tour....and release Rainbow,Hammersmith or the full Rio Show

THE LOT is the best release ever from any artist !!!

Magnus Rouden

Have the press office lost their mind completely?

Queens Montreal show is not the only show shot on film. The same goes for Budapest 86`, and Rainbow 74`.

Hopefully some new fans from a younger generation will buy this. Otherwise it´s a waste of time.

I agree that it´s time for a 70's package with full shows on Hammersmith 75´and Rainbow 74` and a Bonus DVD with the best from Houston, Earl´s Court etc.

It doesn't need a 5.1 surround mix. Just remaster the shows as near perfection as possible in stereo. That would make me satisfied :-)

Saj ditta

What £35.00?are you for real after the(lot)you give us(this) off!


Is it the full version of Rio,with Somebody To Love and the stuff that wasn't on the VHS release? probably not,what's going on Universal? where is the FULL version of the Rainbow/Hammersmith,do you care?


SOLD!!!! We'd all buy this in a heartbeat!!! Not sure it will ever happen but if it does... Haleluya!!!



Gues what Queen song you can sing that to!


who needs this ... again ?
Rio ... previously unreleased ?? Liars


Just imagine:

- Hammersmith 75 + 79 DVD boxset- Houston 77 DVD with Bob Harris documentary as bonus.
- Rainbow 74 DVD / Blu Ray with all of Japan footage as bonus.
- Hyde Park 76 DVD on its own or as bonus footage
- Hammersmith 79 with Japan 79 bonus.

They are footage which we know. There are many probability but you release same old stuff again and again...

Please open the 70s box....


holy shit!!!!!!! all this crap.....AGAIN???? do you need money? are you in troubles? stop milking us !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't you give us a boxst with four '70's queen concerts instead??

oooooooo please give us Greatest Hits 45 for this it.... I want my copy of greatest hits 5694 under my xmas three this year.


Have 'em all! How much is the empty box? I can put mine in this!

Not doin alright

C'mon Queen- give us some 70's concerts - enough regurgitating the same old...we know they are out there.


Are they bullied? who will buy it, if this we do have this long ago


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