Press Release: 6 DVD Box Including Live In Rio Released in North America

Eagle Rock Presents A QUEEN DVD Extravaganza




 - LIVE IN RIO (First Time on DVD)


~NOVEMBER 19, 2013~ 

New York, NY—Queen. Four Concerts. Six DVDs. Does it get any better?

On November 19, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release the Special Limited Edition 6DVD set of Queen’s Live At Wembley Stadium – 25th  Anniversary Edition, Queen Rock Montreal, On Fire: Live At The Bowl, and Live In Rio. 

Exclusive to this package, Live In Rio features the band performing at the “Rock In Rio” festival in January 1985. Dazzling 250,000 fans, the setlist features such favorites as “Seven Seas of Rhye” and “Liar,” while spotlighting 5 songs from The Works, which they were supporting at the time.

Live at Wembley Stadium – 25th Anniversary Edition was originally released as a separate DVD in the US on March 12, 2013, and features two sell-out shows at London’s famed Wembley Arena in 1986. This DVD  includes the bonus film “The Magic Tour,” which features interviews with Brian May and Roger Taylor filmed in 2011, where the members reflect on this 1986 tour.

Queen Rock Montreal, which was filmed in 1981, was the group’s only concert to be shot on 35mm full cinema format film (they were the first band to do so). Originally titled, “We Will Rock You,” this film was first launched at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1983. North America followed suit in September 1984, making Queen Rock Montreal the first commercially available film of Queen in concert. This was originally released on DVD on August 3, 2007.

On Fire – Live At The Bowl, which was re-issued on DVD this past May, features Queen in the midst of their 1982 “Hot Space” Tour. Plucked from over 60 sell-out concerts in the world’s biggest arenas, this show includes a second disc with bonus interviews, a photo gallery, and additional performances from Tokyo and Vienna.

All the greats are on full display in these concerts: “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Will Rock You,” “Somebody To Love,” “Under Pressure,” “We Are The Champions,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “Another One Bites The Dust,” “Who Wants To Live Forever,” “Radio Ga Ga” and many more.

Queen were, indeed, “champions” of the arena concert experience, and this 6DVD is a brilliant document of that, showing four different occasions where the band executed live brilliance.

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Press Release: 6 DVD Box Including Live In Rio Released in North America


I'd be more than glad to buy Rock in Rio DVD but there's no way that I'll again buy other 3 DVDs that I already have.

Isn't it a time to stop milking your fans before you lost them forever.


Is there any offical released video of the last Queen concert on Knebworth Park August 9, 1986?


Live In Rio - First time on DVD? Ho ho ho! This and Live in Tokyo, both from 1985 have been available on DVD for years!!! Queen couldn't be bothered officially releasing it as it is below par and heavily edited...but as the barrel scraping continues, no, wait! In 2015 Live in Rio will be 30 years ago, so they will release a big fat box set with, LP/DVD/CD/POSTER/10,000 page booklet, unseen photos, etc, etc, blah blah blah!




I'm also quite tired of the 80's concerts as well. As great as they are, I have seen them plenty of times. On official VHS and then DVD. I desperately want some official 1970's shows to replace the bootlegs I have.

I can understand what Brian is saying when he says that a few of the 70's shows have quality issues. Distorted sound, mic issues, few camera's etc..etc..The Hyde Park '76 show, Earl's Court shows(1977), and the Paris 1979 shows have some problems. However, of what I've seen. Both Hammersmith shows from 1975 and 1979 are excellent. Houston 1977 as well. There is no excuse for not releasing these particular shows on official DVD. Hammersmith 1979 is truly Queen at their absolute peak. Freddie's voice was in tremendous shape at that point. That is the one show I would want to show people who are not familiar with how powerful Queen were in a live setting. Very few would come away saying this isn't one of the greatest bands of all-time after seeing THAT show!

Mirco Pervilli

This release is just another opportunity to take moneys to older fans... the new fans (as some of you said...) won't buy official releases, or better, they'll download them form ITunes, Amazon, etc. to put videos, songs, etc. on their mp3 players.
That's all folks! ;)

Neil S

I'd love to see Earls Court or Houston 77 given a dvd release


I love Queen . Freddie was the focal point because of his superb vocal talent.

Not so keen on Queen in its current lineup and direction. They should have ended it many years ago and stayed at the top.

For new fans, there are some really fantastic concert footage here from times when they were superb.

Its a release that will appeal to many new fans.

Jarrod Miller

If you think a release is worth the money, buy it.
If you don't, don't.

I'm only buying Fun on Earth because I don't want to shell out a ton of money for things I already have. That's my choice.

At some point you have to decide what you value rather than buying everything your favorite artist puts out. Eventually you'll come to realize that nobody ultimately cares that you have this or that release and that it's only valuable to YOU that you bought it. We all get there eventually.


Utterly disgraceful. I will not buy one more Queen related product . Roger can stick his new album and The Lot. I sincerely hope I get a chance to tell Brian, Roger or Jim personally. I will be actively looking for the opportunity. They should be ashamed.

Herman Morsink


sure they do it for the new fans, but they put new stuff with it. So the old fans can buy the DVD's etc. again for 1 or 2 songs that were not on the first release.

Tony Newman

Ahhh, found it! Here is Brian's response to my asking about the 70's DVD/BluRays...

Well, Tony - I hear you, but it's not that simple.

I suppose it would be fine if we just shoved the contents of an old VHS video on a DVD, but everybody would immediately complain about the lack of quality.

Instead, our guys regard each possible new DVD as a challenge … and they spend many months on each one, researching the best undiscovered sources, compiling, repairing, restoring - sound and vision - and the result is always something very special.

Currently Budapest is nearly finished, but the Rainbow concerts are in the works too. I don't know what you mean by 'second time' for the Budapest show … it's certainly never been officially on DVD before, because we had to buy the rights and buy the actually film in order to make this DVD.

The simple answer is … we can only do so much.

But thanks for asking. We also think some of the early concerts are interesting to reclaim.



Tony Newman

If you go to, you can actually e-mail him there. I was shocked that he replied to my email asking him about the 70's concerts. He replied that there are quality issues and that it wasn't that easy to get the 70's stuff out. He also stated that we (the fans) would complain about the quality. He DID say that they were expecting to release either Hammersmith or Rainbow show on DVD soon... Hope this happens!!!


I think some of you forget that there are new fans "growing" year by year and they could be interested in this stuff! Don't think only about yourselves! Brian and Roger definately don't make this for money! Some comments are very hard.. You can have your opinion but please with respect!!

David McCoy

Interesting comments amongst the swearing. Whilst I entirely agree with these comments, I have been lookin and waiting as well for so long for classic shows without edits. I can only assume that copyright issues stand in the way from these releases as making these available would generate new money interest rather than trying to sell things fans already have. It will be interesting to see if any reply is made by any of the three.

Herman Morsink

@Andrew Holmes
they don't do and else they are very stupid. I send a mail to Brain some time ago, why they carried one the name Queen (i was in a rush and the tone was a bit hars), they had promissed to stop with it..
Answer from "Brain"; how could i write such lies and please don't mail to me again". My answer to "Brain", please read 40 years of Queen, page 92.

I can't believe Brain wrote it himself.

Jonathan Anthony Gill (Jag)

(First Time on DVD, and the point of this is?)
Restored & Expanded Rock in Rio concert would have been much more appreciated if this was made available. How about a South American DVD box set with concerts from '81 & '85 (Argentina, Brazil & Mexico)

Andrew Holmes

I doubt very much anyone from the band or management reads these messages and therefore have no idea how annoyed the fans are at this release.

Tony Newman

This is becoming a tragic comedy... Queen have no faith in their 70's product... Would you rather see Led Zeppelin play LIVE in the early 70's or Robert Plant and Jimmy Page play live today? That's the question Brian and Roger should answer... I would hope they'd rather see the early 70's Zeppelin but who knows? This latest Queen release of yet another 80's Queen show is so MIND PUZZLING... You Tube shows us some INCREDIBLY NASTY BAD ASS 70's QUEEN Shows. Why can't we get this stuff released? We don't care if the quality isn't perfect. Looks like the stuff on You Tube is pretty damn clear to me... We'd all shell out some real money for this! It's obvious your loyal fans want it.


I shall resist expressing my disgust in more crude terms,
but in the unlikely event that Brian and Roger read these comments (much less care) I would say the following:


You already have more than you can spend in several lifetimes over. Maybe, just maybe you could release some concert DVD's from the era that Queen fans crave, not just the same old rehashed stuff from the 80's, when (IMHO) Queen were a complacent shadow of the great band they were between 1973-1977.

Maybe you could release Rainbow, Hammersmith, Hyde Park and Earl's Court not because they would be great money-spinners (which they wouldn't), but purely as a nice gesture for loyal fans. Do you really think loyal fans would care if the sound/picture was not pristine?

If the young, hungry and great Queen of the 70's could have travelled forward in time and seen how greedy and complacent they were to become, they would have been disgusted.


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