Press Release: 6 DVD Box Including Live In Rio Released in North America

Eagle Rock Presents A QUEEN DVD Extravaganza




 - LIVE IN RIO (First Time on DVD)


~NOVEMBER 19, 2013~ 

New York, NY—Queen. Four Concerts. Six DVDs. Does it get any better?

On November 19, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release the Special Limited Edition 6DVD set of Queen’s Live At Wembley Stadium – 25th  Anniversary Edition, Queen Rock Montreal, On Fire: Live At The Bowl, and Live In Rio. 

Exclusive to this package, Live In Rio features the band performing at the “Rock In Rio” festival in January 1985. Dazzling 250,000 fans, the setlist features such favorites as “Seven Seas of Rhye” and “Liar,” while spotlighting 5 songs from The Works, which they were supporting at the time.

Live at Wembley Stadium – 25th Anniversary Edition was originally released as a separate DVD in the US on March 12, 2013, and features two sell-out shows at London’s famed Wembley Arena in 1986. This DVD  includes the bonus film “The Magic Tour,” which features interviews with Brian May and Roger Taylor filmed in 2011, where the members reflect on this 1986 tour.

Queen Rock Montreal, which was filmed in 1981, was the group’s only concert to be shot on 35mm full cinema format film (they were the first band to do so). Originally titled, “We Will Rock You,” this film was first launched at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1983. North America followed suit in September 1984, making Queen Rock Montreal the first commercially available film of Queen in concert. This was originally released on DVD on August 3, 2007.

On Fire – Live At The Bowl, which was re-issued on DVD this past May, features Queen in the midst of their 1982 “Hot Space” Tour. Plucked from over 60 sell-out concerts in the world’s biggest arenas, this show includes a second disc with bonus interviews, a photo gallery, and additional performances from Tokyo and Vienna.

All the greats are on full display in these concerts: “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Will Rock You,” “Somebody To Love,” “Under Pressure,” “We Are The Champions,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “Another One Bites The Dust,” “Who Wants To Live Forever,” “Radio Ga Ga” and many more.

Queen were, indeed, “champions” of the arena concert experience, and this 6DVD is a brilliant document of that, showing four different occasions where the band executed live brilliance.

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Press Release: 6 DVD Box Including Live In Rio Released in North America

listener 86'

Unbelievable!!! Its confirmed, IT IS A VHS RIP. Do not buy this!!!
Why the fuck you only add as a bonus ,i think, something that had been already released before(Rio) and you do not even bother to restore it. Instead of that you could have released as a bonus knebworth 86' since you claim it does not have good quality or is incomplete it would have been the same but better.
Incomeplete but never seen before!!!
I am sorry for the swearing but i feel very dissapointed




Extorttion!! Hiw I hope no one buys this box set! Anyone who is a Queen fan already has a VHS version of this edited show. I don't need a DVD to remind me of how sad it was to see a rather chunky shirtless rolling about. Oh, not to mention Spike, before god cursed him and nade him a baldy bean, playing guitar. Queen have no dignity! Bravo Mr. Cohen for walking away from that moronic Disney version of poor Freddie's life!


BORING!!! Thank god for YouTube. Brian and Riger are pathetic. Long live John Deacon!


Live in Rio a vhs rip.???


Live in Rio a vhs rip.???


What with Brian saving the badger & Roger doing his solo stuff, it's easy to see that the money men are now running the Queen empire. Freddie must be spinning in his grave.

Cruella de Vil

Seduce you with his money make machine
Cross collateralise big time money money
Reduce you to a muzak fake machine
Then the last goodbye!

What a load of bollocks! We are crying out for NEW, long overdue releases like Hammy '75, 79; Houston 77, Earls Court and Rainbow and we get this shite!

Beyond disappointing but sadly predicable. Just 'More of that Jazz' I'm afraid.


Rip off the fans again.....beyond a joke this. Wake up Roger / Brian and do something about this. Rio on its own please.

odd stavnes

is this collection for sale????


Why can't they just release a compilation DVD of ALL the unreleased shows! Hammersmith, RIR and all of the equal quality footage shows. It seems to be all about the money! Very sad indeed.


Not just me feeling like this then, what were once my heroes now just a pair of money grabbers taking advantage of their fans. Low. What a joke release.

Jonny Williams

I must say I agree with a lot of the comments posted here. I bought the singles boxed sets because I couldn't get the b-sides any other way, then they came out as extra tracks on the remastered albums. All the hardcore fans already have all the other DVDs and shouldn't have to pay excessively just to get Rock In Rio. A single European release would be very welcome. Also Rainbow and Hammersmith would be great to have, along with something similar to the Beatles Anthology featuring rare and unreleased stuff.

clerto Queen

We don't need this box set. Realese just Rock in Rio - COMPLETE, not 1 hour edit. We want RAINBOW, HAMMERSMITH, EARLS COURT, HYDE PARK, GREATEST VIDEO HITS 3..

Mark King

This set is disgraceful. I won't be buying it and Roger can stick the whole LOT up his backside. That's right, rip off your fans why don't ya. Thanks a LOT... NOT!

Grazia Palagi

I'd like to know how much is the 6 DVD box including Live in Rio


there you have it: we're on to you... MONEY MONEY MONEY. keepin' the mister/mistress happy are ya? you're the king of the tits roger, need the money to buy him a couple of new ones/ bigger ones? a bigger dick? couple more tatoos? new boat maybe? botox? novus ordo seclurum/one true religion? one day you'll see that we can all be friends? don't think so! i swear it's the price you pay.


Well said you lot, what an utter rip off by this band we spent a fucking fortune on! If the Rio release is like the VHS edited to hell it just shows what a bunch of pension grabbing parasites they have become! We want Hyde Park, Earls court etc. BRIAN AND ROGER WAKE UP!


Release Rio on blu ray in Europe !!!
We waiting !!!


What about hammersmith '75 and all the other classic 'seventies performances such as rainbow ;74,hyde park 76,earls court and houston 77...fuck you Brian and Roger.I bet the rio dvd is only the edited performance that was on vhs and not the whole show,By the way stick the queen extravaganza up your cant be that stuck for cash ! If times are tough ll lend you twenty quid.Release the classic seventies performances on dvd/cd NOW !!!!!!!!
You were around in the seventies or can you not remember that far back ?


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