PRESS RELEASE: Brian and Kerry Live Album to get US Release on August 6th


Recorded live on duo’s 2012 UK Born Free Tour

US Digital Release. August 6, 2013

‘Acoustic By Candlelight (Live in the UK)’ presents one of the world’s most legendary rock guitarists in a new role as he teams up with the uniquely powerful voice of singing sensation Kerry Ellis to perform an intimate and exceptional concert of acoustic music, 

The recording was captured during Brian May and Kerry Ellis’ initial Born Free tour performed across the UK in late 2012 and is released to coincide with their return for a second tour outing which sees this celebrated musical partnership also perform throughout Europe, including a headline performance at the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival later this month.

The album’s title reflects the concept of the tour, a dramatic and intimate feel, playing as close-up-as-can-be to their audience.  With just vocal and guitar and occasional keys, May and Ellis performed every show uniquely lit by candlelight.

Ellis first came to May’s attention when she created the role of Meat in ‘We Will Rock You’, the West End musical co-created by May’s band Queen -  after which she went on to become a sensation on both sides of the Atlantic starring as the Green Witch in the musical Wicked. Over the past 11 years May and Kerry Ellis collaborated during gaps in their schedules, developing new songs and arrangements in the studio, and various live dates together. 

May produced the fine Kerry Ellis debut album ‘Anthems’ in 2010. Their first tour of this material played 12 successful dates around the UK in 2011, including two sold-out nights at London’s Albert Hall, for which Ellis received a Best Solo Performance theatre award. They also appeared as special guests at the Royal Variety Show, BBC Proms in the Park, 2010’s The Night of 1000 Voices, and also memorably opened the Remembrance Day concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 2010.

Behind the decision to perform these acoustic shows was a new recording made by May and Kerry Ellis of  ‘Born Free’, the Oscar-winning song written for the 1966 film of the same name.  Invited by legendary screen actress Virginia McKenna's Born Free Foundation to view and participate in its work in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, Brian and Kerry pledged to support the foundation’s work. They recorded both a large-scale production version and an acoustic version of ‘Born Free’ and released both versions on one single, with all proceeds going to the Foundation. The acoustic version is included on this collection and continues to benefit the foundation. 

Explaining how this recording set the bench mark for their current touring activity, Brian May says: "Over the last year, Kerry and I have been recording new material when our schedules have allowed it.  As on the Anthems album, some of the tracks have very big and splendid arrangements, but we have become more and more fascinated with the magic of great songs stripped down to their core and re-interpreted in an 'acoustic' way.  We find there is a purity which makes the songs speak very clearly.  Kerry's instincts as an interpreter of songs are always inspiring, and the art of arranging has always been one of my obsessions.  We have found that the two of us just working live off each other can distil the very essence of a song - and that's what we hope to bring you in these performances. If you have a great song and a great singer, what more do you need?  Well, maybe just a little bit of guitar!”

The ‘Acoustic by Candlelight’ set  list presented in live recorded versions here includes stripped down versions of several Queen classics sitting alongside a number of Brian and Kerry’s personal favourite songs, showcasing Kerry’s extraordinary voice with Brian accompanying her on both guitar and vocals.  Also included is May and Ellis’ brand new single, ‘The Kissing Me Song’, written during their last tour and recorded using parts of their live performance.

“Alongside joyous, respectful reprisals of Queen tunes beloved ('Crazy Little Thing Called Love') there are many covers. Here, their selections are often inspired: George Harrison's 'Something' is reimagined as a lazy, country strum-along; Ellis invests Barbra Streisand's 'The Way We Were' with a pathos missing from the blowsy original” Irish Independent


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Track list:

01. Born Free [03:18]

02. I Loved A Butterfly [04:48]

03.  I Who Have Nothing [03:44]

04.  Dust In The Wind [04:21]

05.  The Kissing Me Song [04:25]

06.  Nothing Really Has Changed [04:55]

07.  Life Is Real [04:30]

08.  The Way We Were [03:43]

09.  Something [04:31]

10.  Love Of My Life [04:37]

11.   I'm Not That Girl [03:25]

12.  I Can't Be Your Friend [04:31]

13. In The Bleak Midwinter [03:44]

14.  Crazy Little Thing Called Love [03:46]

15.  No One But You [06:04]

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PRESS RELEASE: Brian and Kerry Live Album to get US Release on August 6th

Peter Crouch

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I saw Brian and Kerry Last week in Italy. They're wonderful, Brian is a big icone, can do acustic, unplugged, rock, everything ! A good fan listen his music in many ways, solo, with Adam, PRoger, never forget the beginning....Queen magic years. Yes we Hope to see Queen again and again, but in the meantime, what a big opportunity to see Brian on tour we have....Belive me, it's a wonderful esperience and a good way to continue to love Queen. Sorry for my english, bye from an italian fan

Marco van der Toorn

To all the Queen,
If you don't by this record. than you're a ata ata.........
what a verry good cd / album.
This is one of the best releases of this year.
Thanks kerry en Brian.
Please will you release a Blu-ray and dvd of this concert.



ex loyal fan

?! Scambott, I personally don't feel I have the right to tell Brian what he should be doing, they can do what they want...I just feel I have the right to post what I feel in this free world ;)
However, as I said I have no problems with solo projects, I agree with you, Brian is always brilliant!!!
What annoys me is not a solo project itself, but this closed loop:
1 - January the 1st: announces super amazing news going to happen in the Queen world.
2 - You wait... meanwhile, thanks to a super overwhelming notice that they're starting a solo project or anything directly related to the queen world.

3 - On April/ May... they release some interview where they mention the possibility of working on demos or release old concerts...obviously.. just to keep us excited.

4 - Finally...They keep on working on solo projects but at some point of the year in order to keep us ''satisfied'' they release the nth Greatest Hits or collection like Queen Idol, calling it ''super mega limited edition''...

At some point... yes...I feel I have the right to get on line on this market fruit that has become, in order to say...I love Queen, I'll keep on listening to ORIGINAL queen music, but.....dear Brian and Roger, don't fuck around with your fans, more precisely, me.


It's great the way people on here think they have the right to tell Brian what he should be doing. Brian has the right to do what ever he feels like doing.

The funny thing is that you're the first people to complain if Roger and Brian play a gig under the Queen banner with which ever singer they decide to perform with.

The Kerry Ellis candle light shows are brilliant, because you're getting to see BM play a lot more acoustic than he ever did in Queen, you also get to hear some interesting arangments of songs, other than Queen songs. An acoustic Long Away? Queen +PR did that in least Kerry and BM are doing a really nice acoustic version of Life Is Real and a Great version of Tie Your Mother Down. Also the bits of the show where the Red Special is used, it's the best that guitar has sounded for years.

If you don't like what he's doing, don't listen to it. I take it you have listened if you're passing comment on what he's doing

At the end of the day, there are enough Queen albums to listen too

ex loyal fan

yes I've just read it...! but.....I'll believe it when I see it;)...anyway yes!!, a bit of hope...


well, I just found out on taylor's facebookpage that.... he finished his cd! released: septemberish. could it be? I'll believe it the moment I get my hands on it, but it gives me a tiny bit of hope he's still alive.

ex loyal fan

rhiannon, I definitely agree with you...they stooped so so low


ex loyal fan,

I don't really want to think anything of it anymore. watching queen die is too much. actually I feel so sory for both of them. my respect for John is growing every single time I check in.

Tom Jones

"What was your name again love"

Mike Stone

None of us are disputing that Brian wants to still be active, but the Kerry Ellis collaboration is just bewildering, and highlighting it all the time on the QUEEN website is just celebrating mediocrity.
I have rarely seen more amateurish cover art than for the single and album releases from this project. This live album cover photo is like something a fan would have taken from the balcony of the venue. They might be quite happy with it, but it should hardly be the final choice for the actual cover.

If Brian wants to be actively touring, and doesn't have the inclination to do a big scale show, what he SHOULD be doing is going out on the road solo, in a sort of "words and music" show, playing Queen material and throwing in a few anecdotes. The prospect of getting to see Brian onstage playing acoustic versions, of, say, Long Away, would be the holy grail for fans.
Now, people may say he probably has no interest in playing a set of songs he wrote in the seventies, but unfortunately, what he is doing instead is effectively eroding the legacy of one of the greatest bands of all time, and that is sad.

cruella deville

Let's remember that BM has a musical life beyond Queen and despite any protestations, probably just needs to keep making music.

My question is what about a release in Australia? (or anywhere else for that matter). Now as regards the 'bonus DVD' (good one that), yes, just let's add the 'exciting new Rainbow project and Hammy '75, Houston 77...Oh one could just go on!


Includes exclusive bonus DVD: Queen Live at Earls Court '77!!!

ex loyal fan

I remember at the start of the year the site saying lots of exciting QUEEN news happening this year ......half way through so far and the news is always the same: Kerry Ellis stuff and Extravaganza stuff.... I respect solo projects as I respected Mr Bud Guy.... but solo projects are ok ONLY if you don't put aside the main project and if you don't forget your fans.

Sad sad sad situation


bad bad thing

Ex loyal fan

ahahahah......rhiannon what you think? ahahah


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