Press Release: Fun On Earth and The Lot Released on November 11th



- Fun On Earth tracklisting announced

- The Queen Extravaganza tour arrives in UK on 25th October

 - Lead single from Fun On Earth ‘Sunny Day’ receives back to back Radio 2 plays

Roger Taylor, legendary rock icon and full-throttle drumming powerhouse, has confirmed the release of his new studio album Fun On Earth through Virgin EMI on 11th November. The Lot - the complete collection of his rich back catalogue of work, spanning his solo career and material from The Cross - is released on the same date in stunning limited collectors editions and digital formats. 

The Lot comprises of Roger’s solo albums Fun In Space (1981), Strange Frontier (1984), Happiness? (1994), Electric Fire (1998) and Fun On Earth, as well as the three albums by his band The Cross - Shove It (1988), Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know (1990) and Blue Rock (1991). Although he was known for enjoying the rock’n’roll lifestyle, Fun On Earth and the breadth of The Lot perfectly showcases Taylor’s versatility and veracious appetite for hard work.

Fun on Earth is one of Taylor’s most exciting, eclectic and accomplished pieces of work to date. Recorded at Priory Studios, Surrey, the 13 track album is a triumphant display of superior musicianship showcasing Taylor at his vocal best. Opening track ‘One Night Stand‘ and ‘I Am The Drummer (In A Rock n’ Roll Band)’ captures Roger’s reckless, exhilarating side. The smooth refrains of ‘Sunny Day’ and ‘Be With You‘ display Roger’s talent as a lyricist and heartfelt vocalist. ‘Say It’s Not True’ sees Taylor team up with Jeff Beck for the contemporary Queen favourite. 

Radio 2‘s Chris Evans was so enamored with gorgeous lead single ‘Sunny Day’ that he played it twice in a row when he premiered it on the station last week. Fun On Earth (11th November) is a tour de force of rock music from a master multi-instrumentalist and singer on top of his game.

With a juggernaut career spanning six decades, Taylor was the beating heart of Queen, penning massive hits ‘Radio Ga Ga’, ‘A Kind of Magic’ and ‘Days of Our Lives’. He also enjoyed success across the globe with accomplished solo material which reached the heights in the UK charts, performing with everyone from The Foo Fighters to Elton John, Robert Plant to INXS, Jessie J to Roger Daltrey along the way. Fun on Earth and The Lot are must-have collectors items for any discerning music lover.

Fun On Earth track listing 

1. One Night Stand!

2. Fight Club

3. Be With You

4. Quality Street

5. I Don’t Care

6. Sunny Day

7. Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark)

8. I Am The Drummer (In A Rock ‘n’ Roll Band)

9. Small

10. Say It’s Not True

11. The Unblinking Eye

12. Up

13. Smile

Taylor has also been working with The Queen Extravaganza, the official Queen tribute band, who are coming to the UK for the first time this October. Having auditioned members of the band via Youtube auditions, and already achieving resounding success in North America, the spectacular touring concert has already had to add more dates to its debut UK tour due to phenomenal demand. The show is designed to take the glorious music and live experience of Queen and bring it to a new generation of fans - full tour dates below. 



25 Southampton The Brook 

27 Birmingham O2 Academy

28 Oxford O2 Academy

29 Bournemouth O2 Academy

30 Liverpool O2 Academy


1 Sheffield O2 Academy

2 Leicester O2 Academy

3 Newcastle O2 Academy

4 Glasgow O2 ABC

6 LondonMO2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

7 Reading Sub 89

8 Worthing Assembly Hall 

10 Bath Komedia

11 Manchester Gorilla

12 Bristol Fleece

All tickets priced £19.50 plus booking fee 


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Press Release: Fun On Earth and The Lot Released on November 11th


I'm happy there is a new release by Roger and that he is releasing his full solo back catalogue (inc' The Cross). I certainly hope The Lot is a comprehensive collection including b-sides and rarities but to get all the albums in one place will still be welcome.
I have been one of those cynical long term fans of Queen who has been frustrated with the lack of quality releases and rehashing of "the brand" as well as the Queen + projects. (I still maintain that without Fred and John it simply isn't Queen. Could Paul and Ringo call themselves The Beatles? ) I have also stated many times that in my opinion the Freddie Mercury Solo Collection box set was a brilliant, tasteful, and a well worth the money collection that gave us fans all you could ask for regarding rarities, demo's etc. I hope "The Lot" follows in this vain. As for Rogers new album, I am actually looking forward to it. I still listen to Fun in Space, Strange Frontier and Happiness is one of my favourite albums, (Electric Fire was a tad disappointing). I will always support both Brian and Rogers solo endeavours, it's just when they continue to flog the brand with WWRY and QE as well as the Adam Lambert shit that I get upset. That's because I hate to see the incredible legacy that is the Music, the visuals and history of Queen being watered down and cheapened.
Hopefully we've turn a corner? Well, we'll know in the next few weeks won't we?!


Interested in the "The Lot" box. Hope it's a decent price, been wanting to get those second and third Cross albums for years. Only saw "Mad Bad..." once and it was going for silly money.


it is a very very ... good idea for, the lot is that brian and queen will follow this good idea?


Great news that we have a release date at last. Hope it doesn't change....

Second only to a Queen archive box set or live 70's dvd this is what I have been waiting for. Roger Taylor's albums are certainly my favourite of all the band's solo work. As fantastic as Freddie is, most recent releases have been related to him - The Great Pretender DVD, The Freddie Tribute DVD (again), Barcelona special ultimate cash-in edition (yes, I bought all of them).

I hope this RT box set has had as much effort put into it as the Freddie one. I love the cover of The Lot as it's simple but effective. If you don't like it then ignore it - what most fans should want is the contents anyway. And here is the issue for me: no tracklist on the press release!! I hope this is ''coming soon''. I'd like to know what we can expect in the way of b-sides, 12 inch mixes and extras; what is on the DVD? And what's it going to cost?

Graham, I hope you are proven wrong. I'm not sure how you can pre-judge his new album as being ''patchy'', ''cobbled together'' and ''tired''. There's a huge amount of negativity and abuse from ''fans'' on this site which I suspect is actually some variation on trolling. These two releases should be celebrated and Queen Productions should follow them up with a quality Queen product. Please!?

Michael Donnelly

Na Graham, Roger was kicking drums over since 74 not just during Punk movement. If you think the album looks patchy DONT buy it. simple. as for the box set I bought all Roger and The Cross albums at there time of Release. People (fans) have been asking for some kind of Roger box set for years, now that he has decided to do one we get old farts like you moaning about it. I Take it you never bought his solo stuff at the time of release or if you did wasn't very impressed. I like lots of other am looking forward to November 11. I've been buying like others Queen stuff since 1974 when I was 14 and now at the age of 53 I will always buy anything new that. Queen release.


Graham -
I seem to remember Roger kicking hid drum kick over at the Liverpool Empire AND The Hammersmith Odeon on The Crazy Tour in '79.
If any one in Queen was partial to the punk movement .it woulda deffo been Roger.
Like you ...lets hope " THE LOT " has " A LOT " of different material included. ( HILLARY HILLARY for sure..)


The Lot - If this is just the albums I won't touch it - if its a "LOT" more I will. I think the cover is crap - the only time Queen ever knocked over drum kits was when they were pandering to the punk movement in 77 otherwise they all remained upright where they were best put to use!

The new album looks patchy and tired given the hobbled together list of songs which have been dragged out of Mr. Taylor. I thnk the guy is a very talented vocalist & drummer, his views I don't always agree with (his comments on the recent DVD documentary re Whitesnke especially) but he is a great musician and I hope I am proven wrong about these two releases and that its not just a case of cashing in for Christmas

Robert Sell

Is their a price yet on the lot?


Great to see a release date. Looking forward to hear a new Roger release.

nadine ramos

moi il me tarde

l' argent rien a foutre
la passion de la musique oui



I'm afraid none of Roger's solo stuff (or The Cross) was anything to write home about. It was patchy at best and it certainly never set the music world alight.
This is nothing more than a vanity project for a rich old man. The failure to list the full content of The Lot is just arrogant.
There will certainly be none of my money going into QPL coffers from me.
But what do they care. The money's in the musical.


I saw on an online shop website that The Lot contains 13 discs. So there must be a lot more than just the re-issued albums.

Andrew Davies

Agreed the covers for both do look great but like others where is the track listing for The Lot? If it is simply a re release of his past six albums which most die hards will have I don't think I'll bother as indeed I have the lot. However if rare b sides/single releases from the albums are included plus his first single (I wanna testify/turn on the TV) are included then count me in. There remains a wealth of old concert footage yet to be released (remember Brian talking about Hammersmith?), will it ever see the light of day?

Paola Giannone

Non vedo l'oraaaa!!! I ♡ Rog!!!

Queen Fan Club Mexico (founded in 1992)

Great news!
Excellent covers! Looking forward to November 11th! (Btw same date for Mexico?)
Our best wishes Rog!
Big hugs,


FAB! I'm very happy,good luck old friend.


Is that a map of North & South America done as a mosaic on Rogers face..very clever !!

Hi Donovan..I agree with you.This site has become very secluded..only a special few are allowed to submit articles for the " FANS FORUM " and most of that is plagiarized.

Donovan Falcón

Dear THE ROCK TZAR, don´t spend words asking here. Nobody answers!!!! Shame..

Donovan Falcón

Dear THE ROCK TZAR, don´t spend words asking here. Nobody answers!!!! Shame..


no tracklist for "the lot"?


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