OUT TODAY: Brian May & Kerry Ellis “The Candlelight Concerts – Live At Montreux 2013”

Today* Eagle Rock Entertainment release “The Candlelight Concerts – Live At Montreux 2013” from Queen legend Brian May and West End and Broadway sensation Kerry Ellis on DVD + CD set, Blu-ray + CD and digital formats [Cat Nos: EAGDV030, ERBCD5217 and EVD1096 respectively].  This release features a great mix of classic songs including “Born Free”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, “I Who Have Nothing”, “Tie Your Mother Down”, “The Way We Were”, “We Will Rock You” and more. 

Order now on DVD/CD and Blu-ray/CD!

Filmed at the renowned Stravinski Auditorium during the Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2013, “The Candlelight Concerts – Live At Montreux 2013”  wonderfully intimate show blends Kerry Ellis’ beautiful voice with the sympathetic guitar playing of Brian May for a largely acoustic performance of standards, ballads, Queen songs and cover versions. Also included in the set is the CD of “Acoustic By Candlelight” recorded live on the UK leg of their tour in autumn 2012.  As a bonus feature we include a performance of “Nothing Really Has Changed” with Virginia McKenna.


 DVD: 1) I Who Have Nothing 2) Dust In The Wind 3) Born Free 4) Somebody To Love 5) Nothing Really Has Changed 6) Life Is Real 7) The Way We Were 8) ’39  9) Something 10) Last Horizon 11) Love Of My Life 12) The Kissing Me Song 13) Tie Your Mother Down 14) We Will Rock You 15) No One But You   16) Crazy Little Thing Called Love

CD: 1) Born Free 2) I Loved A Butterfly 3) I Who Have Nothing 4) Dust In The Wind 5) The Kissing Me Song 6) Nothing Really Has Changed 7) Life Is Real 8) The Way We Were  9) Something 10) Love Of My Life 11) I’m Not That Girl 12) I Can’t Be Your Friend 13) In The Bleak Midwinter 14) Crazy Little Thing Called Love 15) No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)

As “The Candlelight Concerts – Live At Montreux 2013” proves beyond doubt this pairing of talents is a match made in musical heaven.

* Released in North America tomorrow.

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OUT TODAY: Brian May & Kerry Ellis “The Candlelight Concerts – Live At Montreux 2013”

Tony Newman

C'mon brother! Don't take it so hard. It's a common mistake that Wayne nor myself caught. Wayne, do we let him slide? 25 years teaching is a long time...

Let's continue the contest in the Brian May: Astrofest blurb... What's the latest album we'll be going to? I can't even look at lyrics from Made In Heaven...


I meant to say...


I'm a fraud! I quit my teaching job after 25 years.

I'm going to Hollywood to be a starlet! I'm gonna eat my makeup for lunch today!

Tony Newman

Hmmm, how do you "impatient" Mr. English? Let me in on it also because I'd like to impatient too... Ahhh hahahaha!!! Lol, hahahahaha!!!!

Ok Wayne, that ought to do it... Now just sit back and wait.

Wait for it, wait for it...





Wayne, my lad, we both understand the yearning, burning desires expressed in It's Late. I have a feeling we know because we have all too intimately experienced it.
And to choose such tender songs for you lyrical old softie!

Tony, I know the artist in you is drawn to the more tender moments in Queen's catalogue, but when I see you choose a lyric from Drowse I am both intrigued and a bit turned on.

As for Wayne's choice of an unsung lyric, I will let it stand. We never technically stated that the words had to be recorded on the track, and those lyrics can be found on the album notes. Point, Wayne.

Nice to see how we differ and how we share similar Queen interests. Next up, Jazz (maybe an underappreciated album by some) and The Game (the last strong studio album released?) I will try to wait for one of you to start, but I may get to impatient.

Tony Newman

Holy Crap Wayne!!! I mirrored your first two exactly, without seeing your list first... But the All Dead reference on yours was NOT ever sung... Ruling on this Jon??? :-) Oh, let it go... Only REAL Queen fans know that unsung lyric from News... I Like it!

Here goes:

You Take My Breath Away

Everytime you make a move you destroy my mind
And the way you touch I lose control and shiver deep inside
(The reason why this was played at my wedding...)

Long Away

Lonely as a whisper on a star chase
(How much lonelier can one get?)

It’s the sad-eyed, goodbye, yesterday moments I remember
It’s the bleak street, weak-kneed partings I recall
(Effective use of lyric for the “feel” of a song called “Drowse”)

Sleeping On the Sidewalk

Hey, sonny won’t you sign right along the dotted line
What you sayin’ are you playin’ sure you don’t mean me?
(Rags to riches... American Idol?)

All Dead All Dead

At the rainbow’s end and still I hear her own sweet song



Now, now lads. I could never be upset with anyone who understands Queen the way you both do. Besides, this is really fun! Here goes...

Everytime you make a move you destroy my mind and the way you touch, I lose control & shiver deep inside...

Lonely as a whisper on a star chase, I'm leaving here, I'm long away

Take a look in the mirror and cry, lord what are you doing to me?

I had to swallow my pride, so naive you took me for a ride, but now I'm the one to decide

Memories, my memories, how long will you stay to haunt my days?

Jon, thank you for choosing the exact lyrics I would have for IT'S LATE. You really get it don't you...


I can't wait anymore. I have to release it.

My Top Five lyrics from A Day at the Races and News of the World:

1. Spread Your Wings
Why can’t you be happy at the Emerald Bar?

*Poignant line that highlights the demarcation between those who settle and those who achieve.

2. It’s Late
Too late - so let the fire take our bodies this night
So late - so let the waters take our guilt in the tide

*When we know better but we just let things get carried away. Ah, young lust!

3. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
I can serenade and gently play
On your heart strings
Be your Valentino just for you

*Remember when we were the new boys? Ah, the thrill of wooing that sweet young thing until she said, “Yes, please.”

4. Tie Your Mother Down
Take your little brother swimmin'
With a brick (that's all right)

*Hilarious, Brian!

5. Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together)
The same moon shines
The same wind blows for both of us
And time is but a paper moon

*No better lyrics to express eternal, unbreakable love

You're on the clock, Wayne and Tony.

Tony Newman

I like the way Wayne rose above all the high school stuff we've been bickering about and just threw out his list. Following the very rules set from the start. Oh now I'M the wanker??? How the f*ck did this get turned around on me? Ok ok, I'm dealing with it and heading into the computer vaults to come up my next list from my all time favorite Queen album... Races... This will be very difficult for me...

Welcome back Wayne, I think Jon is in check now. You tamed him like a wild beast!


Look, Tony! Wayne came back to play! So good to have the gang all here!

Next time, Tony, don't be such a wanker!

Seems we like it when Freddie is pissed at his manager: Flick of the Wrist and Death on Two Legs.

Next list, Top 5 lyrics from ADATR and NOTW.

Who will strike first?


Hello boys! Well well well. Looks like we have some incredible choices here. Here is my offering.

1 Prostitute yourself he says, castrate your human pride

2 Who knows who she'll make me as I lie in her cacoon

3 Feel good are you satisfied, do you feel like suicide, I think you should.

4 I Dont want to die, sometimes wish I'd never been born at all

5 So you think you can LOVE me and leave me to DIE?

Tony Newman

Well if the "pen" knife fits Norman... WHAT? Hey, nothing FireBall Whiskey can't fix... Here we go... Hey wait, Wayne? OH CRAP!!! We've lost him...

Killer Queen

To avoid complications - She never kept the same address - In conversation - She spoke just like a baroness

Like a true professional would... Unless the money was good

Flick of the Wrist

Seduce you with his money-make machine - Cross-collateralize, (big-time money, money)
Reduce you to a muzak-fake machine - Then the last goodbye

Freddie, the lyrical Wizzard...

In the Lap of the Gods (revisited)

No beginning, there's no ending - There's no meaning in my pretending - Believe me, life goes on and on and on - Forgive me when I ask you where do I belong

Agree Jon, one of my all time faves...

I’m In Love With My Car

Told my girl I just had to forget her - So I could buy me a new cartburettor - So she made tracks sayin' ths is the end now - Cars don't talk back they're just four wheeled friends now

Now we all know how this story ends... Puss will win in the end, always does...

Seaside Rendezvous

Underneath the moonlight - Together we'll sail across the sea - Reminiscing every night - Meantime - (and in the meantime baby) - I ask you to be my Valentine
You say you'd have to tell your daddy if you can
I'll be your valentino - We'll ride upon an omnibus and then the casino

Effective lyrics for the added spice in this vaudevillian masterpiece!

Ok Wayne, don't pull a Jon on me and go psychotic!


Tony, you make me sound like a psychopath.

Taking a shower any time soon?

What's that, mother? Yes, mother. I'll be right there.

Gotta go, boys. WHERE ARE YOUR *&$%#! LISTS?!

Tony Newman

You'd think by now I could recognize PMS but NOPE! Ok, we're back.. Hello Wayne?... Wayne are you there? Oh crap! Wayne is lying on the ground, next to his own severed head... Or is that Alser???

My favorite Queen lyrics from albums 3 & 4 Coming Soon!

Be careful with Jon Wayne... Jon Wayne? This is his strongest competition. He will wale on your ass with the utmost dominant confidence. He will bait you then rip your face off and then put it back on sideways...


Too many cold meds, gents. I have flushed out the toxins with healthy doses of Fireball whiskey. So, with clear head and hopeful heart I post my favorite lines from the next two Queen releases: SHA and NATO.

1. In the Lap of the Gods-Revisited
No beginning, there's no ending
There's no meaning in my pretending

This song is becoming one of my all-time Queen faves.

2. Death on Two Legs
You suck my blood like a leech

Hell hath no fury like a queen scorned.

3. Sweet Lady
You call me sweet like I'm some kind of cheese

I wish I had thought of that line. I would have used it on 5 or 6 sweet ladies myself.

4. Stone Cold Crazy
Walking down the street
Shooting people that I meet
With my rubber Tommy water gun

Just try to say that third line 3x fast

5. Killer Queen
She keeps her Moet et Chandon
In her pretty cabinet

That is a high-maintenance woman. She'll bleed you dry, but you might not mind the blood loss.

I'm spent! Tough to only choose 5. Who's next?

Tony Newman

You know guys... I'm starting to feel like Alser (Aster)...This "thing" might be going too far... I didn't expect it to get this serious so quickly. Maybe we should all just take a step back and go to other bands' websites for a while, I don't know... And NOW we get MORE Wembley Bonus Material??? I think they're on to us... Run For the Hills (Iron Maiden)... Jon are you OK? I think you should get Full Credit.


"Take it easy Francis" I see your point. Tony was the one talking about HALF CREDIT stuff. I simply said lets shorten it a little bit. Though ur choices were really great. And since ur so passionat and MIA half the time. You should go next. But I warn you, these next 2 albums are tough to choose from..


Here is your original post on the matter, Wayne:

Jan. 30, 201401 05:12 pm
Now I'm here, now I'm here.
Ok Tony, what takes Jon so long?
My next TOP 10 idea is:

According to the dictionary definition of the word "lyrics," you asked us to choose the top ten "words of a popular song."

After my first misguided post, you responded thusly:
Feb. 1, 201402 02:27 am
Jon, finally!! Stellar as usual. Truly awesome list. But please, play again. I'm curious on ur picks from Queen
& Queen ll. Then we can hit the rest of their catalog.

No comment upon my use of more than one line.

On your most recent post, you chastise me for listing verses or stanzas, instead of lines.

You'll have to post more precise instructions in the future.

Aster won't even participate anymore because he's not sure what the rules are.


Great choices indeed! BUT, it's best LINES. Not verse or stanza. So you have to disect what truly brings out the beauty and power and impact from each song. That's the challenge, my fellow QUEEN CHAMPIONS!

Tony Newman

SunnuvaBITCH! Wayne I will make an exception here if you're ok with it. I suppose he deserves 80% credit for his offering. I told you he was going to shred this assignment... On to the next!


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