Press Release: Queen make Official Chart history - Greatest Hits becomes first album ever to hit 6 million UK sales

***Press Release: Queen Are The Champions!***

Queen make Official Chart history - Greatest Hits becomes first album ever to hit 6 million UK sales

Hashtag: #Queen6M

London, 11 February 2014

Legendary British band Queen have made chart history by becoming the first act ever to reach 6 million UK sales of an album, the Official Charts Company can confirm. 

Queen have broken chart records after surpassing the 6 million sales milestone with their 1981 Greatest Hits album.  Britain’s best-selling album of all time, a staggering one in three British families (or one in four British households) now owns a copy of the iconic act’s original best-of collection featuring such classic tracks as We Will Rock You, Another One Bites The Dust and their top-selling hit, Bohemian Rhapsody.

In a video message via, Queen’s Brian May says:  

“Great news, AMAZING news from the Official Charts Company! Queen’s Greatest Hits which was released in 1981 has passed the 6 million mark in sales, which is incredible. I just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported us through the years, we hope to continue to serve you.

Queen’s Roger Taylor adds: "Wonderful. Who would have thought it! And all due to the Great British public. Thank you. A great honour!"

Martin Talbot, Chief Executive of the Official Charts Company comments : “Becoming the first album to pass 6 million sales is a quite incredible achievement by Queen and their iconic Greatest Hits album. Ever since it was first released in 1981, this package of classic pop and rock tracks has been an indispensable item in every music fan’s record collection – perhaps THE definitive greatest hits album!"

A true, enduring classic, the British public continue to buy Queen’s Greatest Hits in their droves; some 33 years after its original release, the album regularly sells several thousand copies per week, particularly around the Christmas gifting period, a trusted stocking filler for British music fans. 

Sales of the album digitally are also now racking up, having been downloaded 124,000 times in the UK to date, though Queen’s Greatest Hits is evidently still very much an essential collectors’ favourite that music lovers demand to own a coveted physical copy of.

Gennaro Castaldo of British recorded music industry body, the BPI comments:  “Queen are a part of our music heritage now, with a timeless appeal that will ensure demand for their songs will continue as new generations of fans keep coming through." 

Queen’s Greatest Hits leads the way, some 900,000 copies ahead of ABBA Gold as the UK’s best-selling album of all time.  ABBA last year overtook The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to take up second place in the list. And if 6 million sales isn’t enough for Freddie, Brian and co, Queen’s follow-up, Greatest Hits II, which was release in October 1991 – a month before lead singer Freddie Mercury’s untimely death - also rides high at Number 10 in the all-time Official Albums Chart, having notched up a further 3.9 million UK sales to date.

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Press Release: Queen make Official Chart history - Greatest Hits becomes first album ever to hit 6 million UK sales

Tony Newman

Deacon's Top 3 Bass Extravaganza's... No Surprise...





I'll begin with:


Wow, this guy truly was Queen's secret weapon!
Best BASS track: The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke

Tony Newman

Ok, now it's time for the best of our Best Of Top lists...

1. Top 10 Queen Tracks
2. Top 10 Queen Lyrics
3. Top 10 Freddie Mercury Tracks
4. Top 5 Roger Taylor Tracks
5. Top10 Brian May Tracks




Top 10 Non Queen Queen
1 Too Much Love Will Kill You
2 Racing in the Street
3 Going Back
4 The Great Pretender
5 Say It's Not True
6 Masters of War
7 Mr.BadGuy
8 Strange Frontier
9 Man On Fire
10 Back to the Light

Interestingly enough, these are mostly cover songs!


In the end, if a Queen recording sells more than any other musical recording in UK history we can applaud that feat. We can be thankful that Bieber is not getting such recognition.

Onward. Top Non-Queen tracks by Queen members:

1. Star Fleet
2. No Violins
3. The Great Pretender
4. Back to the Light
5. Time
6. Good Times Are Now
7. Last Horizon
8. Happiness
9. Dear Mr. Murdoch
10. Airheads

Honorable Mention: Barcelona, Mr. Bad Guy, Resurrection, Future Management, Racing in the Streets, Magic Is Loose

Aaah! Fun Stuff!

Tony Newman

Agree Wayne... Late to the party Queen fans. Unfortunately, that's who Queen Productions are targeting, WTF? Funny how quickly they put out the Freddie Mercury box set after his death complete with DVD's??? A Queen Anthology with DVD's or BluRays of the 70's concerts would mainly be purchased by long time Queen fans. And we're still out here BTW. What's taking so damn long? They know more than anybody, if it sells well they could re-release it 2-4 more times EACH!

Top 10 Non Queen Tracks by members of Queen...
Who's next?


Congratulations guys on reaching the 6 million mark, it's such a shame Freddie isn't here to enjoy this with us. I know wherever he is, he knows what joy he and Queen have brought us. Love you guys!


Great list. I will have to think about this one. BUT, I'm glad you share my stance Jon! Tony I RESPECT your view. That said, whenever I hear some clown tell me how much they love Queen and then reference the Greatest Hits, I want to slap the stupid smile off their face. It makes me PUKE! These are the same jackass's that wear FIRST PLACE hats or team shirts. And for the record The Beatles & Led Zeppelin NEVER released a Greatest Hits during their recording careers. When the Beatles were tricked into one, they wore bloody Butcher coats and had disembodied baby dolls in the photo. pathetic Earthlings....

Tony Newman

I cannot top the choices of your Cringe Worthy lists so I will leave it at that... NOW, let's come up with the Top 5 (or 10) Non-Queen tracks by Queen members... Sure I'll go...

Top 10 Non-Queen
1. Time
2. Step On Me
3. Last Horizon
4. Man From Manhattan
5. Killing Time
6. I Can Hear Music
7. Future Management
8. How Can I Go On
9. In My Defense
10. Smile (Roger Taylor)


Wayne, since I know how much you love Queen music and admire the talented musicianship and songwriting skills of each member, I understand why you posted the cringe-worthy Bottom Ten. If we are being honest, there are some songs in the Queen catalogue that get skipped whenever the iPod DJ puts them in rotation.

My Hall of Shame inductees:

1. Meeow meeow meeow
Delilah I love you Delilah
2. Mama said be cool
Mama said she'll take you for a fool
She'll take you, and break you
Ba ba ba ba bap bap ba baah
La la la la la lah
You don't fool me
You don't fool me...
3. This big bad sucker with a fist as big as your head,
Wanted to get me, I said go away
5. You're the life and soul of the funk-tion
6. Wayne, I would place your #1 here.
7. See what I got - I got a hell of a lot
8. Give me your mind baby give me your body
Give me some time baby let's have a party
9. They'll see the heart ache,they'll see the love break
They'll hear me pleading,We'll say for God's sake
10. All I want is the comfort and care
Just to know that my woman gives me sweet -
Mother Love

Now for my guilty pleasure confession. I really like Cool Cat and Soul Brother. I cannot argue for their artistic integrity. They can't hold a candle to songs like In The Lap of the Gods Revisited or Doing All Right, but sometimes the heart loves what the heart loves.

Tony Newman

BUTT!!! That's what Freddie said...

Queen ARE the Champions nonetheless... Champions over the Beatles Greatest Hits, Elton and Billy's Greatest Hits, Michael Jackson's Greatest and so on...

I will take this victory with pride... I see your point Wayne but we could be looking at Zeppelin's or Bee Gee's greatest hits at the top instead... Just sayin'


My first reaction to the press release was: Great! Queen gets much deserved recognition for its music. After thinking about it, I understand Wayne's rejection toward calling the release an "album." All greatest hits releases are a money-grabbing opportunity to reach into the wallets of the fair weather, bandwagon fan and deliver the "hits." The true artistry of a band dwells in its ability to fashion a complete ALBUM of songs that mesh and carry a theme or tone throughout the entire work. That's what makes Sheer, Opera, Races, News, and Jazz outstanding albums. Those are the truly artistic and noteworthy releases by our favorite band.


Tony & Jon, please feel free to comment
1 My baby does me good
2 You say you hungry, I give you meat
3 Dont drink & drive my car, don't get breathalized
4 We had a food fight in somebody's face
5 You and I can play ball, baby you and me we got staying power
6 People talk about you, people say you had your day
7 I can see it in your stars, life is so exciting
8 People get shot by people, people with guns
9 Hey hey hey hey,it was the DNA
10 Jealousy you tripped me up, jealousy you brought me down
What were they thinking? If its not plain drivel it's filler.
At least in songs like Cool Cat there is lyrical continuity with out the CAR WRECK moment.


YOU MAKE ME SICK!! How PATHETIC that they compare any Greatest Hits to the BEATLES masterpiece! SGT. PEPPER is not product , it is an album. A true artistic vision. Congratulations Tony Newman!! You are precise! Greatest Hits 70's era!!! NOT 80's Queen. Can we please have some 70's DVD's. When the band were fertil and at their best. Not putting out product. And personally, I don't consider a GREATEST HITS an album. Just another way to extort fans into buying another piece of merchandise. Celebrate when A NIGHT AT THE OPERA hits 6 million.

Tony Newman

CONGRATS QUEEN!!! Your Greatest Hits Collection shows that your work in the decade of the 70's is not only your BEST, but the BEST of any other British band in history... THAT'S Quite a feat considering the company you're up against. Maybe we can all convince Queen Productions to release live shows from this era now???

John Venter

That is great news. I am the proud owner of a copy of greatest hits on vinyl, cd, dvd and cassette.It is a great compilation that is indespensable to any household.I listen to it every week.Long live Queen.


I really have tears in my eyes. Queen since many years is my favourite band. You four guys have worked so hard to become the biggest band on earth. It is still so sad, that Freddie passed away so early. I hope so deeply that he can see, wherever he is now, what a great joy he and all members of the wonderful band Queen brought to us with this incredibly fantastic innovative music. Dear Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon and Freddie Mercury, YOUR music will last forever. Unreachable! You were and you are always incredibly talented guys. Enjoying your songs makes life so much better.Great thanks for your music you gave to us. Lots of love to you. Petra

lady joy middleton

i am not jokeing i need a passport and a ride home i hide for over 20 years so my father roy lamar starling would not kill youll and mikeal jackson and youll have got too know this call 904 377 7439 or 904 342 7302
youll know if mikeal is passed he left me 40% and his kids but what do youll care see you in hell
Lady Joy Middleton

Coleen Nearing

Congrats on reaching this 6milion UK sales, but this is certainly not a surprise. Have always loved your albums, heres to another 6 million.


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