Press Release: Queen Sign New Deal with Universal Music Group

Switzerland, December 2, 2013 -- Queen and Universal Music Group have renewed their partnership with a new, long term deal that will herald a range of exciting projects from the band including a raft of rare and unreleased material and a film.   

The agreement was announced at today’s launch of Queen: The Studio Experience, a major new Queen exhibition in Montreux, Switzerland. Brian May and Roger Taylor were in Montreux  to officiate the opening.

The exhibition provides a unique behind the scenes glimpse into the band’s recording life during the years spent working at the Swiss town’s Mountain Studios where, between 1979 and 1995, Queen created six albums, including Jazz and the seminal Made In Heaven. The exhibition will raise awareness and funds for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the AIDS charity set up by Queen and their manager Jim Beach immediately after front man Freddie Mercury’s tragic death from AIDS in 1991.

The new Universal deal, which covers the world outside North America, comes three years after Queen first signed with Universal Music.  That move saw the band release music through Island Records for the first time in its history and signalled the start of a major re-mastering and repackaging programme, providing live tracks, alternative takes and other additional content for Queen’s 15 studio albums. 

In 2011 the band and label also celebrated Queen’s 40th anniversary with a major marketing campaign and a series of high profile events, including the Stormtroopers in Stilettos exhibition staged in London in February 2011 and a major BBC TV documentary on the band.

Max Hole, Chairman and Chief Executive of Universal Music Group International said: “We have loved working with Queen over last three years. Queen remains one of the biggest, boldest and most influential bands in the world.  The band and Universal Music have lots of ambitious plans for the future”.

Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor said: ‘’We have also enjoyed working with Universal. In spite of being the biggest music company in the world they succeed in retaining a very hands-on personal relationship with their artists, something we much appreciate’’.

Supporting the Mercury Phoenix Trust, fighting AIDS worldwide, and sponsored by the Fondation Barrière, Queen: The Studio Experience features memorabilia from the recording studio and the band’s personal archives, including original handwritten song lyrics, costumes and instruments, together with a small cinema.  The centre-piece of the exhibition is the studio control room, still in its original state, where visitors will be able to create their own mixes of selected Queen tracks including Freddie Mercury’s last recorded vocal, Mother Love.


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Press Release: Queen Sign New Deal with Universal Music Group


Good to know they are still going,having been at the very first gigs at Imperial back in the day.I have given them a few quid as well,as I had all the albums on vinyl/cd/cassette(they all broke!) and AGAIN on download.Would love to see them riding high in the U.S charts again,which is what Universal want,so fab to see how much they meant.The only thing that worries me is the film,I just can't see ANYBODY playing Freddie.

Oliver Kluge

I hope they bring out an anthology box set with all the rare Stuff, Demos, Outtakes, unreleased songs and Alternate Version that they ever recordet!

This would be a dream come true! Remember a Queen Anthologie spanning their whole carrier from the beginnings as Smile, over their years with Freddie, up to the collaboration with Paul Rodgers, and possible some Demos for the upcoming Queen Album!!!

When this ever happens, i hope they put in the Smile Songs, Early Dee Lane Lea Tapes, Polar Bear, Silver Salmon etc. rare Live Material from the 70`s!!!!

This would be awesome!


Omg rhiannon is such a moron this person has no clue what it is talking about Queen are and will always be true legends in thier industry.

A. Murray

They said, "A raft of rare and unreleased material and a film" but what if it's a 'film of a raft of unreleased material' or worse still an 'unreleased film of a raft of unreleased material' or 'how to build a raft from unreleased material and make a film' or how about 'an unreleased raft of unreleased material in an unreleased film that stays unreleased'. Now that we'll never get to see!


so happy to see the fans finally waking up and see those guys for what they are: arogant, moneygrabbing, lazy leeches. and for all that 'charity'-begging: same scam, the only ones who benefit are these three Murdoch-minions. they sold out, end of story. and no, THEY DON'T PAY TAXES, YOU DO! but oh my, you know why? because they have 'a lot of responsibilities'. as if you don't. wake up people, don't waste your money on their wasteland, it's over, queen is no more.

Saj ditta

My goodness they must be loaded must be so nice having all that money?wish my dad was brian or roger living life full of luxury millions of millions pounds in Swiss banks tax free thanks to Jim beach that tax swindler oh my oh my but I guess il have to wait for my income support that will do for now


I definitely agree with gareth.... I f you don't agree with him, you belong to that side of guillible queen fans, who stil keep buying the same rerererererere issues of old stuff and are happy to get milked like a cow. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janet B.

Congratulations Queen. We love you. I have loved you for years and although we miss Freddie Mercury we still want to see you perform. Waiting to hear about a tour singing with Adam Lambert in addition to all the other great things you're doing. Can't wait for the film.

Peter Scherbening

I remember QUEEN as a band of four members. Isn't it a bit strange to have only half of the (former) band signing a contract just as if the band was still alive, which it definetely is not (what I do regret very much, because I am one of the biggest QUEEN fans ever)...?

Is John, by the way, still regarded as a band member?

It would be great, of course, if the three of them. would record a new album and tour again. My God, that would really be big!

Best wishes to all QUEEN fans as well as to QUEEN


Gil VH

5.1 DVD-A / BD-A proper mixes?
If not, not interested, I already Have Japanese mini-replicas which rock. period.

Saj ditta

How about to get this friendship started a (innuendo boxset) with rare bonus tracks out takes vinyl album picture disc?that would be nice wouldn't it with some maybe a bluray of making of innuendo-making of videos (headlong)now that would be a great start for fans instead of the same ol remastered cds lps. Come on you fuckers

Jack Flory

Have always enjoyed the music by queen. Have a lot of admiration for Brian May. He must be a very busy person What with the band, and protecting wildlife in the UK.


really looking forward to the re re re re release of live at wembley 86 with exclusive footage from the burger stand !!!! stick these re re re releases up you ass and get hammersmith 75,hyde park 76,earls court and houston 77 out on dvd/cd packages... NOW !!!!!


Wow! This is a big deal! I wonder why signing this new contract had to happen since their original was supposed to be for something like ten years after the first one started in 2011? Wasn't that one worth seventy million U.S. dollars or something? I cannot find the information on the internet or where ever at this point.

I just hope that this means that they get to recording new material as Queen +, form a new line-up of Queen with fresh new young members, and do more solo l.p.s and tours along with the other Queen projects and tours!!!


We Will Rock You

User avatar


All they need to do is look at The Beatles and Pink Floyd's handling of their back catalogs. Unfortunately both of these acts are with EMI who Queen dumped for Universal. Not long before the change EMI had released all of Queen's Studio Albums on heavy vinyl with all the original artwork included. I managed to get a few, (Innuendo and Made In Heaven I got for the first time on vinyl which are bloody brilliant!) Unfortunately trying to get the rest is proving very difficult. Unfortunately Universals releases for Queen has so far been utterly dreadful. Maybe with this new deal we'll get releases that so many fans have been craving for so many years. Maybe we might even get the vinyls re-leased again. If the debacle of the release and outrageous price of "The Lot" is anything to go by, then I'm worried.
I think some people have taken what Wayne wrote in the wrong way. I think he was voicing his annoyance at re-re-releases and not at the Queen Studio Experience which looks like an incredible exhibition and also supports a worthwhile charity. C'mon Universal and QPL, prove us doubters wrong, PLEASE!!!


I'm sure we'll eventually see the release of the Rainbow broadcast from 75 soon. I just hope all of you get behind it! MAYBE Universal will then see the value of all the uncovered 70's concerts we've been enjoying on YouTube... Fingers crossed...


If the proceeds go to charity, why the moaning? If we potentially get new or rare 8-tracks out of the deal, id happily give to charity.

Some of you are really selfish... Wayne.


Stop moan, Wayne !


Stomach moan Wayne!!


PATHETIC EARTHLINGS. When will you learn. Here come the RE RE RE RE RE RE issues. You so sicken me. Thank God for YOUTUBE where real Queen music lives on. Let the fleecing begin.


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