Press Release: Save The Badger Badger Badger - Weebl and May feat. Brian Blessed, King Of The Hawkmen

Brian May helps create a new version of Weebl's original YouTube sensation - Badger Badger Badger song (over 17 million hits) in support of his TeamBadger anti-cull campaign. 

This new version, produced with Brian May, and a cry for the public to "Save the Badgers", was inspired by May-penned Queen's classic track' Flash'. The cry to ‘Stop the Cull’ comes in the unmistakeable and thunderous timbre of one Brian Blessed, he, indelibly cast in our minds as Prince Vultan in the original Flash Gordon film, generously making a ‘cameo’ appearance.

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Anti-cull petition has already gathered over 200,00 signatures and heads for 250,000.

Petition runs until September this year and can be signed at

Brian May explains:


I jumped in today [Mon 15 April] …at a moment's notice, and so did my new pal Jonti. Into a new fire. Nothing like striking while the iron is hot …

Jonti Picking - otherwise known to me as Mr Weebl – the genius behind the Internet sensation "Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom … Snake Snake … "

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you must have been hiding!

Actually I was probably the last to see this - most of my friends and my entire family were telling me about it long before I actually found the time to tune in. But then …. after a moment's sheer bafflement, and wonder … the phenomenon broke upon me.

Coincidence seems to play a big part in my life … or perhaps not coincidence, but synchronicity borne of endeavours. Only a few days after my baptism into Badger Badger Badger, we heard that its author was outraged about the Government's awful plan to destroy thousands of mostly healthy badgers families, in a mad scheme which, though supported fanatically by some farmers, is unlikely to help them in any way. He sent me over a rough demo of a new Badger track which, to me, had the unmistakeable stamp of brilliance.

Jonti agreed to come down and collaborate - and on Sunday night we both cleared the decks to meet Monday lunchtime in the studio.

About 8 hours later … we had thrown everything we had at his brilliant new idea, enough material to do a mix, though I suspect there will be many mixes, if this makes people smile as much as I think it will.

Jonti is an inveterate twitterer and master of electronic media, so I will mostly leave it to him to allow this little monster to escape in a suitable way.

If you're interested, you won't have to wait long ! Here's Team Badger's newest recruit …Jonti

Brian Blessed, actor and adventurer, as well known for his commanding presence as he is for his mighty voice, said:

“A Life of two Brian’s. Brian May is absolutely inspirational and together we will beat the dark forces and save the badgers”! Brian Blessed

Cheers all …. Badger Badger Badger ………Bri

About Jonti.

"Jonti" Picking, otherwise known as Weebl, is a British Internet personality and flash animator and is the creator of Weebl's Stuff. His movies are known for repetitive melodies and surreal dialogue; the majority of them also feature a catchy tune with equally silly lyrics. 

Picking is a trained sound engineer and artist. In 2003, he made several advertisements for Anchor Butter in the style of his Weebl and Bob animations, but featuring cows.  His radio and television adverts based on the tune of the first "Magical Trevor" for the 118 24 7 service of was voted 6th Most Irritating Ad of 2009 by Marketing Magazine. Jonti has also created the fictional band 'Savlonic', and has released four tracks as iTunes singles and on the Weebls-Stuff albums.

Release date: 20th May 2013

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