The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert: The Definitive Edition - OUT NOW!

“The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert: The Definitive Edition” OUT NOW!

Today, Eagle Rock Entertainment release “The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert” on a triple DVD set, as an SD Blu-ray – with upscaled standard definition original material with uncompressed stereo and DTS-HD surround sound for the best possible quality - and digital formats [Cat Nos: EREDV988, ERSBD3007 and EVD1060 respectively].  This release boasts newly remastered sound across both sections of the concert and represents the first time the opening acts' performances have been made available on DVD or Blu-Ray.  See below for full track listing.

Order now on Blu-Ray or DVD.

On April 20th 1992, Roger Taylor, Brian May and John Deacon, the surviving members of Queen, took to the stage at Wembley Stadium for the start of one of the biggest events in rock history, which the band had organised to pay tribute to their former colleague – the incomparable Freddie Mercury. Queen were joined by some of the greatest musical talent in the world to celebrate Freddie’s life and work and to increase public awareness of AIDS, the disease that had prematurely ended his life the previous year.

 “The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert”  features many Queen classics in unique performances including: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Hammer To Fall”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, “Radio Ga Ga”, “I Want To Break Free”, “Under Pressure”, “Somebody To Love”, “We Will Rock You”, “We Are The Champions” and many more.  Special guests include David Bowie, Gary Cherone, Roger Daltrey, Def Leppard, Joe Elliott, Extreme, Bob Geldof, Guns ‘n’ Roses, James Hetfield, Ian Hunter, Tony Iommi, Elton John, Annie Lennox, Metallica, George Michael, Liza Minnelli, Robert Plant, Mick Ronson, Axl Rose, Seal, Slash, Lisa Stansfield, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Young & Zucchero.

As well as being great entertainment, the concert raised a huge and still growing sum of money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, a charity formed at the time by Roger Taylor, Brian May and Queen’s longtime manager Jim Beach whose charter is the relief of suffering from AIDS throughout the world.  Profits from this release will be donated by the Mercury Phoenix Trust to AIDS charities around the globe.

For more information on the Mercury Phoenix Trust, go to 


1) Intro   2) Brian May / Roger Taylor / John Deacon Introduction   3) Metallica – Enter Sandman   4) Metallica – Sad But True   5) Metallica – Nothing Else Matters   6) Freddie Montage (Insert)   7) Extreme – Queen Medley including: Mustapha / Bohemian Rhapsody / Keep Yourself Alive / I Want To Break Free / Fat Bottomed Girls / Bicycle Race / Another One Bites The Dust / Stone Cold Crazy / Radio Ga Ga 8) Freddie Montage (Insert)   9) Def Leppard & Brian May – Now I’m Here   10) Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad video (Insert)   11) Bob Geldof – Too Late God   12) Guns ‘n’ Roses – Paradise City   13) Guns ‘n’ Roses – Knocking On Heavens Door   14) Elizabeth Taylor Speech


1) Joe Elliott, Slash & Queen – Tie Your Mother Down   2) Roger Daltrey, Tony Iommi & Queen – I Want It All   3) Zucchero & Queen – Las Palabras De Amor   4) Gary Cherone, Tony Iommi & Queen – Hammer To Fall   5) James Hetfield, Tony Iommi & Queen – Stone Cold Crazy   6) Robert Plant & Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love   7) Brian May – Too Much Love Will Kill You   8) Paul Young & Queen – Radio Ga Ga   9) Seal & Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever   10) Lisa Stansfield & Queen – I Want To Break Free   11) David Bowie, Annie Lennox & Queen – Under Pressure   12) Ian Hunter, David Bowie, Mick Ronson & Queen – All The Young Dudes 13) David Bowie, Mick Ronson & Queen – Heroes   14) George Michael & Queen –’39 15) George Michael, Lisa Stansfield & Queen – These Are The Days Of Our Lives 16) George Michael, London Gospel Choir & Queen – Somebody To Love   17) Elton John, Axl Rose & Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody   18) Elton John, Tony Iommi & Queen – The Show Must Go On   19) Axl Rose & Queen – We Will Rock You   20) Liza Minnelli & Ensemble – We Are The Champions


1) Rehearsal performances of Queen +: 

David Bowie and Annie Lennox ‘Under Pressure’

George Michael and Lisa Stansfield ‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives

George Michael ‘Somebody To Love’

2) 10th Anniversary Documentary 

3) Photo Galleries   

4) Mercury Phoenix Trust Facts

* Each section features on one DVD disc, all sections feature on the single Blu-ray disc.

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The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert: The Definitive Edition - OUT NOW!

ex loyal fan

Really...I have no more words...I don't know how to insult you...This month is a guinnes world record.. extravaganza, queen Icon, Kerry Ellis and now this amazing "definitive edition" ahah fucking ridicolous..with queen Icon it was "limited edition" in this case is definitive...pfff... ahah... I think you use these expressions to highlight that it is supposed to be something cool?!?!?! ahah dude.. I'm not retarded.

But the truth is that I'm a poor jerk.. last week I said "I'm sure they're reading all these comments...and they have probably understood they made a mistake by pubblishing all this crap"..well you don't know shame. You are disgusting...It seems you want your fans pissed off...
I always said the show must go on ..They have to keep on rocking.. but at this point I say queen died in 1991. Now you are boring and you only want to milk your fans. Respect for john.


No doubt you've used computer wizardry to have 'West End superstar' Kerry Ellis appearing at the tribute show?!

joslyn iapalucci

Queen and Freddie Mercury werea great part if my youth and love for music. I still grieve for Freddie. Brain. Roger and John you are awesome and fantastic musicians. But Freddie's fans had a close living relationship with him, an no one in this world can ever replace him. May God rest his soul. I love you all!!!

Brian Harmon

I would like to know if it is issues with artist/music rights, or just laziness that is preventing the producers of this release from taking the opportunity to once and for all release a truly COMPLETE record of what happened that day, warts and all. That is what the fans want. Even if there were issues with obtaining the rights to some songs, could it really have been impossible to work something out with the artists involved? There is still so much being left out of this "definitive" version as to make the moniker laughable. It will be nice to finally be able to replace my VHS, but a great opportunity has been missed here, once again.


Why is 'Innuendo' by Robert Plant during the main concert left out again?


I hope you have not maimed the image, as they did with the 10th anniversary dvd and have left it as is. 4/3 yes ... 16/9 no


Oh! I think over time I have realized that the "Queen +" was used for "A Concert For Life: A Tribute To Freddie Mercury" and not on "Greatest Hits III" where I first associated for some time. Fascinating.

Leigh Burne

I can see why Innuendo isn't on there, because Robert Plant hated it (and it was kinda crap), but disappointing that the extra songs from the opening acts aren't included. Def Leppard's set was pretty good.

Angel Giol

It's incredible news. This concert was the best, for the best singer of the history.

Show must go on.

Ivan B.

Good news,
But why it was not included "Innuendo" with Robert Plant? It could be really the entire concert, with no exclusions.


If you call the VHS edit transfered to DVD/Blu-Ray an "The Definitive Edition"?

A "Definitive Edition" would be THE FULL SHOW, not a simple VHS-to-DVD/Blu-Ray edition. The show was not released in full on VHS because running time didn't fit on cassette. Now on DVD/Blu-Ray you don't have that problem, and still you manage to release the same edit as the VHS.

So, to anyone with a good copy of the live broadcast or the VHS edit i recomend you NOT to buy this. I wont. I'll wait another 10 years for the "ultra-definitive edition". And i'm used to it because i'm also waiting to finish the Greatest Video Hits on DVD (yes, the Innuendo and Made in Heaven videos in 4.1 suroound) for 10 years also.


Why no Extreme Love of my life there?


Will this be released in the US?

Chris smith

Order the blu ray at Sainburys entertainment online - £7.99!

Bit misleading calling it 'definitive edition' when there's still stuff missing. Also disappointing that the appalling sound is only remastered, and hasn't been remixed.


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