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Brian May and Kerry Ellis new single The Kissing Me Song - Released May 6, 2013

Available to download and on vinyl. 

Features in Record Store Day, April 20, 2013

"I still dream the same dream, But I still wonder why, Things are not what they seem"

Brian May is full of surprises.

Not content with having achieved the position of being regarded as one of the greatest living guitarists  and songwriters– his song We Will Rock You is probably the most aired rock anthem of  all time (apparently heard more than half a million times during the 2012 Summer Olympics alone) – May has in recent years caught the rest of us napping while achieving a PHD in astrophysics, gone on to co-author two books on the subject, published an authoritative book on Victorian stereo photography, and more recently won our respect as a passionate and very public voice for animal protection, most visibly on behalf of  Britain’s threatened badger population. Most recently May revealed his long term vision to turn a plot of Dorset farmland into a woodland sanctuary.

So when May announces his first new self-written single in over a dozen years, (written in collaboration with his regular current collaborator singer Kerry Ellis), it’s a tricky one to try and smart guess what the creator of such rock classics as Hammer to Fall, I Want it All, and Dragon Attack might have up his once Zandra Rhodes tailored sleeve - a song about stars at night, imperilled species, or perhaps another good old fashioned guitar based rock stomp?

This being Brian May, you shouldn’t be surprised… none of the above.

Even the title seems outside of character for the Tie Your Mother Down man.

The Kissing Me Song, due May 6, recorded with a scorchingly wicked vocal from Ms Ellis, would appear to find May in retrospective mood, perhaps a throwback to the days of his earliest musical influences, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers.

The Kissing Me Song, is a nostalgia-fuelled slice of teenage dream innocence, think Holly, think The Crystals, think The Supremes (singer Kerry Ellis even echoes the young Diana Ross as she takes the bridge into the chorus), think  Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.  At the same time think modern times Bruno Mars, even Glee!

Performing together last year on an ‘acoustic candlelight’ tour of intimate UK venues, and about to embark on a second set of dates beginning June 18, May and Ellis, it would seem, came up with the song while out on the candlelit road together.  Ellis says, “it’s a song about a young girl who imagines a relationship with a young TV star she falls for on screen, that teenage dream we’ve all experienced”.

The song was debuted at a May and Ellis acoustic show at Brighton, St George's Church last November and remained as part of the set for the rest of the tour, becoming an instant audience favourite. 

The single version is, unusually, part studio and part live, and was produced and recorded at May’s studio based on the actual live tapes from the acoustic tour.

I still dream the same dream

But I still wonder why

Things are not what they seem

(The Kissing Me Song)

"’Kissing Me’ is our Pop Art", says Brian. It's art mirroring life mirroring art.  Maybe it will catch on !"

“It’s a feel-good song,” says Kerry, “youthful dreams, innocence, that imagined first kiss.”

They forget to mention that it also delivers one of the catchiest chorus hook lines you’re likely to hear all summer.

Oh, and by pure coincidence, Britain celebrates National Kissing Day, June 20th. 

It’s almost time to pucker up.

The Kissing Me Song release will accompanied by a video compiled from video kisses sent in by fans, so fantasy will again be mixed with reality.

Start uploading your kisses to:

The track will also play a part in this year’s Record Store Day, April 20th, in the form of a limited run of 500 numbered 7" red coloured vinyl.

The Kissing Me Song – released May 6, 2013

Written and recorded by Brian May and Kerry Ellis


Drums - Rufus Taylor

Keyboard - Jeff Leach

Available to download and on vinyl.

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