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Absolute Greatest
EMI - Vinyl/CD/Download
(4/5 Stars)
Oddly selected, but still winning compilation.

What a strange beast this is. Twenty hits, seemingly picked via the trusty blindfold-and-pin method, which means no sign of the Number 1 Innuendo, let alone Now I'm Here or Flash. In the "special" edition, Roger Taylor and Brian May's entertaining track by track summary informs us that Under Pressure was nearly called People On Streets: that they believe Highlander was a good film and that they really do refer to John Deacon as Deaky. Ad hoc it may be, but this varied, often inspired collection makes a mostly unarguable case for this band of four songwriters.
John Aizlewood

Download: Under Pressure / You're My Best Friend / Seven Seas Of Rhye / Another One Bites The Dust

Q50 No.31
Under Pressure - Queen & David Bowie
A collaboration that brought out the best in both. Full of finger-clicking urban ennui, two great vocal performances and that Vanilla Ice-hijacked riff.
ON: Absolute Greatest, EMI LP

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