QOL Store: The Lot Now Available for Pre-Order Once More! (Updated)

Due to an overwhelming response the Queen Online Store pre-sold their initial allocation of Roger Taylor's deluxe set 'the lot'. To meet demand we’ve secured an additional quantity of stock which is expected to arrive early  December. If you placed an order before 28th October your copy of ‘the lot’ will be dispatched for the original 11th November release date. Orders placed after 28th October will be dispatched around 9th December. All orders will be dispatched by courier delivery so orders to most territories are expected to arrive in time for Christmas.

Pre-order 'The Lot' here >> 

Fun On Earth is also available for pre-order now.

Both are released on November 11th.

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QOL Store: The Lot Now Available for Pre-Order Once More! (Updated)

Andrew Davies

Received my box set and all in all I'm pleased with it. Been a fan since 77 so well judged I think to pass comment. There will always be those who will proclaim "Well if I had been in charge this is what I would have done". And yes there is, as with everything, always room for improvement.

Personally it would have been nice to have seen on the DVD for example the Marc Bolan showing for I wanna testify. Probably one of only a few television performances of his first single. Plus the TOTP showing of Future Management, his second single and maybe a few TV showings of some of the Cross singles. Wonder why these were not included. Surely not because of copyright reasons? I think most of us would have liked these to have been included. I have seen them on you tube and the quality is fine. However the box set as a whole is pretty damn good.

Finally, now is the time or at least next year to finally get those seventies concerts released. The eighties have been exhausted. Having seen them the quality is fine and there is enough out there! Release them before we all get too old!


Got my boxset from today - and it´s full of errors. The video DVD is faulty, Life Changes on "Blue Rock" stops suddenly near the end and starts again...just to fade out a few seconds later - what a mistake. Some lyrics of Electric Fire are missing in the booklet and so on and so on.... Planty of money for some piece full of faults....
Who gives us the correct cd´s without mistakes??????


A. Murray, I do understand your point :) ...but I'm not just a listener. I am a collector and It's in my nature to hope that one day, something of value...something RARE (for real) will be released. You say that there are no demos left to make new albums, well, go on you tube and check....there are quite a lot!!! And if these demos are available on youtube, imagine how many unreleased songs are there in their studios...


It's only human nature to want more, but looking for more from a band that gave us the great music they made for over 20 years is asking for too much. Do you not realise you already have the best? Why do you all want unreleased live recordings? They are unreleased for a reason. There is nothing left I'm afraid. So let's stop looking for more and cherish what you have! They have simply squeezed the lemon dry I'm afraid, as far as the Queen marketing machine goes today. But who gives a damn. When I think of Queen, I think of Freddie and his amazing voice, stage charisma and songwriting genius. I think of all the great LPs I can listen to over and over agin until the day I die. I think of the live concerts I can view. I remember Slane Castle July 5th, 1986. I hum Brian's great guitar riffs and solos. I revel in the studio production. I try to play John's bass lines on my own bass. I tap my foot to Roger's tempo's. When I think of Queen all the names, tags and flavour of the day pop stars that seem to cling to it, mean nothing to me, and they easily slip my mind. When I think of Queen, I think of the best rock band ever. There can only be one! God save Queen from bandwagon jumpers, X Factor trash, rockstar wannabes that couldn't sing to save their miserable lives and fans looking for more. More what? Do you want to spend the rest of your days supporting fat, bald record company men in suits
that don't know talent from a dogs butt? Don't look a give horse in the mouth. You already have it all. Enjoy it.


Bella Mirco. Grazie per il supporto. Si basta, mi son rotto le palle..é anni che dicono di voler usare demo e invece...ogni anno si cagano
Cmq studio e sono la batteria da una vita anche io ;) solidarietà tra batteristi

Mirco Pervilli

Yeah, finally the full Roger's discography in a VERY LIMITED EDITION... wow! wow! wow! excellent box with demos, rare tracks, etc. never released before!!! oh yes, take a look on youtube... :|

Like the Live At Wembley Box, that's still in stock on shop if you check (I didn't buy it), I think this release will be another Lost Opportunity to take my moneys. ':/

I'm too tired to buy some other things that I already have... surely the audio quality will be better, but who cares? I really love ROGER (I play drums and he's my inspiration) but Too Much Love Will Kill You sometimes... :)

I completely agree with Claudio (are you Italian like me?)... it's time to say that's enough!


I'm sorry but I agree with SAJ. I respect solo projects..but one more time, I have to say that Brian and Roger are making fun of us. A solo project is ok, ONLY if the main project (QUEEN) is not put aside.

The only things I can see in this site are: WWRY Musical, Extravaganza, Kerry Ellis, The Lot etc...anything directely related to Queen. I can't even remember what was the last thing under the name of Queen ( And with Queen I mean something that includes John and Freddie).

It can't accept that the only ''Queen thing'' sponsorized in this side was Queen Idol ( the 34th compilation), and the ''definitive'' Freddie tribute concert ( I have the VHS recorded that night, and I can tell you that this''limited and definitive edition'' is a joke.). We are not stupid. I'm not going to buy something just because I read the word ''definitive'' or ''limited''.. this is DISRESPECTFUL.

I love Roger and Brian, I respect their solo project but...they forgot Queen.. They could work on old demos (maybe those with MJ. and that huge list of demos that you can find on You tube).
They could work on old live concerts (like rainbow or Earl's court) ...but nothing...ONLY AND ALWAYS SOLO PROJECTS.

I'm sorry...but I will buy your solo stuff to enrich my QUEEN collection ONLY if you guys will remember of your origins and of your FANS. Peace.


Great Collection - stop moaning people. More importantly, can I just point out that Amazon are knocking these out for £82 now!

Saj ditta

It should of been on bluray maybe@cross/r,taylor full concert inc backstage footage interviews with videos inc but overall on bluray come on dvd is dull just dull just made the lot that bit dull come I'm sure Rogers uptown modern day tech?when we go widescreen queen go square like on the fredd tribute appalling,overall I have ordered my boxset but hope queen prequeen productions wake up?heres to the real queen anthology boxset(whenever that is?)


The DVD also should be quite interesting.
(But I Wanna Testify are missing, And live at cyberbarn?????)

164. Dvd - The Lot
165. Strange Frontier (video)
166. Man On Fire (video)
167. Happiness (video)
168. Foreign Sand (video) - Yoshiki
169. Surrender (video)
170. Nazis 1994 (video)
171. Unblinking Eye (everything Is Broke N) (video)
172. Dear Mr Murdoch (video)
173. Old Friends - Live (video)
174. Man On Fire - Live (video)
175. Happiness - Live (video)
176. Everybody Hurts Sometimes - Live (v Ideo)
177. Cowboys & Indians (video) - The Cross
178. Cowboys & Indians - 2 Drummers (vid Eo)
179. Shove It (video) - The Cross
180. Heaven For Everyone - Roger Taylor Vocal (video) - The Cross
181. Power To Love (video) - The Cross
182. Liar (video) - The Cross
183. New Dark Ages (video) - The Cross
184. Blue Rock - Epk (video) - The Cross
185. Happiness - Epk (video)
186. Electric Fire - Epk (video)
187. Interview For Parlophone - Epk (vid Eo)

Matt Hackett

Are there any plans for The Lot to be released on vinyl?


ha ha ha. Did a flying pig deliver them in? Did you have to fight with the marauding masses besieging the CD plant?
Honestly, belittling the fans with this tripe does you no favours.


What a transparent piece of marketing bollox!

How about some numbers?


Lol. More than twelve people bought it! Just kidding. I better get a copy!!


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