iHeart Radio Festival Set List / Gallery

Queen + Adam Lambert - iHeart Radio Festival, Friday 20th September. 

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- Set List - 

Bohemian Rhapsody (short)

Another One Bites The Dust

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Who Wants To Live Forever

Somebody To Love (with FUN)

Fat Bottomed Girls (with FUN)

Dragon Attack

Bohemian Rhapsody (Reprise)

We Will Rock You

We Are The Champions

* There will also be the highlights show on Sept 30 & Oct 1 on the CW Network in the U.S.

More info @ http://festival.iheart.com/

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iHeart Radio Festival Set List / Gallery

Oberon Treble Schmit

Freddie was never "a rock singer" if he wasQueen would have never produced the wide veriety of styles that they did so well.

Justin Hawkins couldn't sing a two hour Queen set, it would sound stupid in the register he seems to use.

Myles Kennedy is a great singer, but I can't see a Queen conection in what he does or re

Yes Adam Lambert was placed second in a talent show, but he has since built a solid career, and sells more albums than Queen currently do. He's theatrical, has great range and doesn't try to copy Freddie. Safe set list for Adam Lambert? They only had 30 mins. He's already proved last year he can cope with more Queen songs than Paul Rodgers. What were you expecting them to play, a two hour greatest hits show then an encore of the whole of Queen ll ?


"Safe" setlist for Adam Lamberts voice. Not a fan of this collaboration. Get a rock singer like Justin Hawkins or ask Myles Kennedy not this runner up in a karaoke popularity contest.

Nothing like Freddie Mercury

Oberon Treble Schmit

BM, RT and Adam Lambert were great. The only down side was Fun. They were crap. Their keyboard player screwed the begining of SBTL the guitar and Bass player looked and sounded like kids playing a Saturday afternoon gig in a school hall. Their singer struggled to hit notes, stay in tune and stick to a recognisable melody.


Queen + Adam met all my expectations and then some. Queen's music has been introduced to a new generation of music fans. I know a few people sometimes get upset with Queen's choice of singers but Adam Lambert was the perfect choice. He can hit notes like no other singer I've heard (and I've been around for longer than I care to admit LOL). To criticize Adam Lambert is to criticize Rodger and Brian. Who better to choose who should sing "their" songs. I say "their" songs because Freddy wasn't alone in writing and playing their songs. Queen was more than one person and it shows disrespect to the whole band to only show love to Freddy. Adam doesn't imitate Freddy he performs Queens songs in his own amazing way. He has gotten nothing but praise from Rodger and Brian (plus other great artists have sung his praises.) Queen fans should want to share their music not hide it.


To "Nolongerafan" I guess all that "real rock music" you've been listening too must have damaged your hearing and made you a little grumpy!


The show was fantastic! I only hope that an Brian and Rodger book into the studio with Adam and record several albums together. Adam sings on a different level to anyone! How anyone can say otherwise is ignorance, jealously or both. Credit where it's due. The boy did a good job!


I thought Adam singing wwtlf was mind blowing . No one can sing like this kid anywhere . Why not let him and Queen perform together in a world tour. This would bring a whole new generation of fans if this happens .


To the 'NoLongerAFan', why don't you troll elsewehere you jealous hater!
The Iheart show was FANTASTIC! Adam did a superb job and those guys in Fun were quite amazing and looked totally stoked to be playing with Queen. I absolutely loved Dragon Attack, The Show Must Go On, and Somebody to Love. I think Adam is a great fit an these guys should play stuff of the Miracle, Innuendo, and Made in Heaven albums which never got to be performed live. Thank you Roger and Brian for all that you do and indulging us megafans ;-)


Cringeworthy embarrassing! Get a real rock singer up front not that clown!


I wish you guys would come to Georgia we love you!

Leonardo Montero

El sonido de la guitarra, la bateria.. que inspirador.
Muy buena la versión de Somebody To Love !..

God Save The Queen !!

marco morales

realmente admira el espiritu de brian may un gran musico que marco la vida de muchos

marco morales

realmente admira el espiritu de brian may un gran musico que marco la vida de muchos


I remember Bob Geldof saying "give someone off the street a chance that can sing Queen's songs and do them justice (not someone already famous) that can hit Freddie's range and notes" well here please listen!!




Says it all really!!



Says it all really!!



Says it all really!!


Fantastic performance.....I hope to see another shows. ...please!!!!last year.. london july 14..amazing!!!!


This was an amazing show. I also thought Adams performance was imporved this time around. He fitted in perfectly, and his voice worked very well with the songs and the band. More more more... :)


I was lucky enough to catch this around 2 in the morning. So glad I did! It was wonderful to see all of the people there of all ages and races rocking to Queen. It looked like a young Roger on the extra drums (his son?). Queen was great as always. I know the lead singers did their best, but there will never be another Freddie Mercury. Thanks for doing this show, Roger and Brian. Keep on rocking!


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