Queen + Adam Lambert Named Best Live Act Of 2012

Queen and Adam Lambert's London gigs in 2012 have been named Gigwise readers' favourite live shows of 2012.

The legendary band's pairing with the US star was thrown into jeopardy when their planned performance at Sonisphere festival was scrapped when organisers cancelled the show. The band then performed two shows at London's Hammersmith Apollo with Lambert stepping into the mighty shoes of Freddie Mercury at the show.

Speaking of his time performing with Queen, Lambert said: "It was such a tremendous honor to take the stage with Rock and Roll royalty earlier this year. Brian May and Roger Taylor are true gentleman who inspired magical moments onstage and off.

"In paying deep respect to the late, great Freddie Mercury, I feel I have evolved into a better artist. Thank you to all the fans who supported me in this venture. It was your fervent energy that fanned the flames and set the stage on fire!"

Queen and Adam Lambert top the poll by an easy margin ahead of The Killers, who place second in our poll, despite the band having to quit a Manchester show due to Brandon Flowers having a sore throat and being unable to sing. Muse place third, with Animal Collective and The Foo Fighters in fourth and fifth place.

(Photo: Thilo Rahn)

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Queen + Adam Lambert Named Best Live Act Of 2012


Would love to see Adam on stage when is he coming to London next. Wish he would get rid of the beard

Nancy Cardoso

I have been a long time fan of Queen and a fan of Adam's since American Idol. I knew Adam would be the best front man for the show since he sang with Queen on American Idol. Freddy would have approved I am sure.

To see my two favorites together is a dream come true for me. The only thing missing of course is Freddy.
Looking forward to the DVD of thier tour, but better yet would be to see them live in their 2013 tour (if rumour is correct). Please please consider coming to TORONTO or somewhere is the US.


Oh man how I wish I knew! I was even over in Europe & Russia/Georgia around that time (from Australia) for some music festivals & friends but had no idea of these gigs - what I've seen of footage it looks truly very awesome. Hoping it might happen again and I can be there. (Saw Queen in Sydney 1985 :-)


Wonderfull 6 concerts, thats true! The very best singer in the world is Adam Lambert. Congrats to whole team.


and Foo Fighters came 4th to Adam Lambert.....something seriously wrong with this poll


Yeah, and The Who aren't The Who and Led Zeppelin are not Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd aren't Pink Floyd etc etc etc. . . .

Except for the people who still enjoy what they've done since they stopped being the band they have always been.


queen please retire for christ sakes your not queen anymore.

Jaimsie Duliakas

queen and thin lizzy was the first rock concert of my entire life! i would love to see queen with ADAM LAMBERT. please bring the show to SAN FRANCISCO!!!!

Jaimsie Dliakas

queen and thin lizzy was the first rock concert of my entire life! i would love to see queen with ADAM LAMBERT. please bring the show to SAN FRANCISCO!!!!


Congratulations! I certainly hope for a U.S. tour or at least a few shows here.

Marcio De La Cruz

Come to PERU... PLEASE!!! QUEEN ROCKS!!! You´ve been to Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Aruba, may have a tourist visit afterwards, the INCAS, MACHU PICCHU, the PARIS DAKAR,QUELAP FORTRESS, and the QUEENIE PEOPLE around here etc.


...and one more time in Poland :-)


Yeah a queen & Adam Lambert tour in the U.S. would be great (even better if in Atlanta)


Queen & Adam U.S. Tour please!!!!!

Alexandre Cabral

And they just keep on rocking until the very end that will never be...


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