Queen + Adam Lambert Set List: LA Forum

1. Now I’m Here 

2. Stone Cold Crazy

3. Another One Bites The Dust

4. Fat Bottomed Girls

5. Lap Of The Gods

6. Seven Seas Of Rhye

7. Killer Queen

8. Somebody To Love

9. I Want It All 

10. Love Of My Life

11. ’39 - Brian

12. These Are The Days Of Our Lives - Roger

13. Under Pressure

14. Love Kills

15. Who Wants To Live Forever

16. Guitar Solo

17. Tie Your Mother Down

18. Radio Ga Ga

19. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

20. The Show Must Go On

21. Bohemian Rhapsody 


22. We Will Rock You

23. We Are The Champions

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Queen + Adam Lambert Set List: LA Forum


BRILLIANT and a wonderfully memorable evening - THANK YOU ALL !
Loved how you started the evening with the bonus track from Made In Heaven, yes some of us noticed! Excellent performances by all, loved how you graciously and touchingly brought Freddie into the show, but allowed Adam to shine - what a voice and performer! Rufus, you were AWESOME - Dad must be so proud to have you along! Deacon was missed! Dr. May and Mr. Taylor - what can we say - you are in a league of your own! Must be fun to see the stadiums FULLY PACKED for you and your music. QUEEN deserves all honor and glory!

peter Jackson

I hope Queen and Adam Lambert wont be leaving out the uk during their tour,otherwise it would be very disappointing.


Thank you for such a great show. Brian & Roger still have it all, and their interplay with Adam was fun to watch. It's wonderful to see a band that still loves their music and shows it, even after 40 years. You could feel and see the love and respect on stage and in the audience. Thanks again for such an incredible experience. QUEEN + Adam Lambert ROCK!!!!


This show was phenomenal they Rocked the house last night, I was in awe for that 3 hours that they played. Brian is a guitar rock god legend!! Roger tore my soul apart singing ' Days of our Lives ' so moving so emotional. He was amazing at the drums, I thought Adam Lambert was excellent they chose a great front man for this tour. I thought Rufus is a fabulous drummer and spike on keyboards you rock!! The bass player was great!! I loved the set list, although I wish I had heard ' Don't Stop me now ' Words can't describe what I heard and saw in front of my very eyes. I've been a Queen fan for 35 years. I know Freddie was looking down upon the band and smiling :-) they will remain the Best group in my eyes till Eternity!!! And whoever hasn't seen this tour Go!!! It will blow your mind!!!

Queen Fan

Why is "I Want To Break Free" not in the Queen and Adam Lambert set list. That song must be on the list


AWESOME! I saw them with Freddie at the last US show at the Forum. This is as close as your going to get to the original. Adam's voice was amazing. Brian...what can you say, some of the best rock guitar I've seen in a while. The whole band was on fire. I hope they put out a DVD so everyone can witness how good they still are to this day. ROCK ON BOYS!!!


Can I just say that I am still in awe of last nights performance at the Forum. Thank you Brian, Roger, Adam, Spike, Rufus and Neil for delivering such an amazing show. Freddie's memory and presence was shinning through all night, Adam's amazing vocals, sex appeal and youth was exactly what was needed to the music to a new level.
I also wanted to thank you guys for choosing some deep catalog for the set. Some of my all time favorites.
You truly are and always will be the champions.
Love, Freddie


The Fourth of July came early last night. Brian's solo and light show was mesmerizing. Roger was his usual amazing self. "These were the Days of our Lives," particularly moving. Love that song. The boys on "39", so fabulous. Thanks for including it. Spike, you rock. Adam Lambert, for those of us who never got to see Freddie live you made the songs your own and were unbelievably sensational. Did I mention your costumes. Yummm! Thanks again and again. Worth every penny. I can't believe I actually got to see Queen in all their glory.


They didn't play Don't Stop Me Now?


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