Queen + Adam Lambert Set List: Opening Night, Chicago, United Center

1. Now I’m Here 

2. Stone Cold Crazy

3. Another One Bites The Dust

4. Fat Bottom Girls

5. Lap Of The Gods

6. Seven Seas Of Rhye

7. Killer Queen

8. Somebody To Love

9. I Want It All 

10. Love Of My Life

11. ’39 - Brian

12. Days Of Our Lives - Roger

13. Under Pressure

14. Love Kills

15. Who Wants To Live Forever

16. Guitar Solo

17. Tie Your Mother Down

18. Radio Gaga

19. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

20. The Show Must Go On

21. Bo Rhap


22. We Will Rock You

23. We Are The Champions

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Queen + Adam Lambert Set List: Opening Night, Chicago, United Center


We saw the best concert ever inChicago on June 19th.
And now waiting for our daughter and son in law to see this great event in Houston. Tx tonight. Have been a lover of Queen from day one. And we have three generations of lovers of Adam in our family. Seeing these two wonderful terrific amazing talents combined. GREAT!
And watching the father son drum solo brought me to tears.
Thank you guys and all your support staff for our that night was a prefect way to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

tim p

i am going to see queen in houston tx i hope thay play flash to open the show

Ron C.

Going to see Queen at the Hard Rock in Vegas! I can't wait.

Jean Byrne

Great selection of Queen Music. I am looking forward to seeing Brian, Roger and Adam at Madison Square Gardens in July. It looks like they have made a fantastic start to the Once in a Lifetime Tour. Good luck with the rest of the tour.

Sherri Pack Culbertson

I drove nearly 500 miles from Kentucky with my best friend to see the show in Chicago last night. It was WONDERFUL!!! Both Roger and Brian are immensely talented and can still rock, and Adam's vocals were insane and such a great fit for the Queen sound! And the homages to Freddie were so perfect!. THANK YOU for touring again and bringing your fans the music we have loved for 40 years!!


The concert in Chicago was by far the best concert I've ever been to. Everybody was amazing. Thanks for coming to Chicago & putting on a remarkable show!


Thank you for the amazing production! While I still haven't seen it "live" (will do so in LA/LV), I was watching the videos and reading the media write-ups and it sounds like the show of the year! As a big Queen fan, I am missing some of my "faves", but, let's face it, this is a 2 hour show and there's only so much they can fit. I would LOVE to hear/see Adam interpret The Miracle, Break Free, Scandal, Innuendo, Don't Try So Hard, etc., but then it would have to be a 3 hr show.. not doable. Let' s hope they record some songs and release those as well. Oh, a live Blue-Ray DVD would be great too!


Does anyone know if they Will come to europe? I live in Sweden and i MUST see Brian and roger live! Its a big dream of Mine.


I am still singing Queen songs this morning after the incredible Chicago show. I, like others didn't want it to end. Queen brought down the house and Adam Lambert is a true star! He has the best vocals of anyone I have ever heard. Their set was dynamic and their tributes to Freddy were intermixed throughout brilliantly. This is a must see show. Don't miss this one. Way to go guys. You sure did it up big!!!

Mary Jo

Freddie said "the show must go on" and it did just that! From the incredible talent of Brian and Roger to the amazing vocals of Adam and the entire production set itself...i wish it would have never ended. 4th time seeing Queen for me...hopefully not the last with Adam on board!


To the trio of Dr May, Roger and Adam, THANK YOU!!!Thank you for making Chicago such a special stop on your 2014 tour! Jaw Dropping Performance! Sad it had to end. Best of luck with the rest of the tour. If the remaining performances are half as good as Chicago, you will be playing to rave reviews! Here's hoping to see you all back in Chicago on the tail end of the tour!


Fantastic show!! the energy, the nods to Freddie, the killer vocals and musicianship....I want more!! only wish was that they would have played One Vision.


Interesting, but where is "I Want to Break Free"?


Greatest Ever! Loved the show. They were incredible. I would have loved for it to have lasted until the sun came up. Adam sounded unbelievable. I had doubts, but watching them live really did them justice. I was living one of my greatest dreams for those couple of hours.


Found out about this show while surfing around Midnight Thursday night. Very disappointed my hubby and I missed it >:(


Sang along to every single song. Amazing concert!


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