Queen + Adam Lambert setlist: Montreal

1. Now I’m Here 

2. Stone Cold Crazy

3. Another One Bites The Dust

4. Fat Bottomed Girls

5. Lap Of The Gods

6. Seven Seas Of Rhye

7. Killer Queen

8. Somebody To Love

9. I Want It All 

10. Love Of My Life

11. ’39 - Brian

12. These Are The Days Of Our Lives - Roger

13. Under Pressure

14. Love Kills

15. Who Wants To Live Forever

16. Guitar Solo

17. Tie Your Mother Down

18. Radio Ga Ga

19. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

20. The Show Must Go On

21. Bohemian Rhapsody 


22. We Will Rock You

23. We Are The Champions

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Queen + Adam Lambert setlist: Montreal

Peter Calton

can someone fuck out of here?


What about "One Vision" and "Hammer"????

Karen Ekdahl

Please don't be disheartened by negative commentary in social media. For every objectionable opinion, there are countless thrilled concert-goers who appreciated and "get" what Queen + Adam Lambert are bringing to the table.

You were all in fine form and the light show you brought with you was superb (the best in our parts in a very long time).

To Brian, Roger, Adam and crew...chapeau! Enjoy your tour, fans and the wonderful music you are creating! And thanks for making Montreal a stop on your tour!


Lol. Listen Queen are one of my favorite groups of all time BUT why do they keep posting the setlist?! It's the EXACT same it has been the whole tour outside of "Don't Stop Me Now", RIGHT?!


God! Was it unbelievable to get to see my all time favorite band again in Montreal after over 30 some years since your last venue here (was there the first of the two nights filming of "Queen rock Montreal" and the "Hot Space Tour") !

Last night : What a gig, what a night ! Your music is still very well alive in the heart of your older and newer fans - seen a few kids to young adults, and a lot of white hair too in the audience!

Definitely, your music is not ready to be forgotten...

Roger and Brian, you are still wonderful musicians! And I did appreciate that Adam Lambert was not trying to be or act like Freddie on stage...

Roger, the little "drum battle" with your son Rufus Tiger was just great ! Next time, you should add a little medley of old favorites including "Father to Son"... But I must admit that, at that point, I was sure you'd be signing "I'm in love with my car".

Brian, I was expecting that long guitar solo and I was so well served... Thank you for the little French, and for taking us to a journey where Magic did come to life for us all in the audience. Yes, I did have to wipe my tears too...

I could continue like that for a long time... For all the great moments I lived last night :

"I thank you all..."


"Back, hurry back, please bring it back home (to Montreal) to me because you don't know what it means to me!"

"I still love you"


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