Queen + Adam Lambert Tour: Live Footage Round Up

Check out the latest videos from the current Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour.

Teaser Clip (Rehearsal in Los Angeles)

Stone Cold Crazy (Live From Winnipeg)

Love Kills (Live from iHeart Radio Show, Los Angeles)

We Will Rock You (Live From Chicago)

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Queen + Adam Lambert Tour: Live Footage Round Up

Sue Jones

When is DVD out of your 2015 live tour please.


BEST rock band: QUEEN

BEST singer & performer: Adam Lambert


BEST singer, looks, charisma, and idol: Adam Lambert


An absolutely fantastic show, saw it in Denmark in february 2015.....on this Friday it´s time for Rock In Rio, thirty years after the first show there in 1985....wish i could be Brian, Roger and Adam! it´s time to make a dvd/cd of this awsome show to fulfill the need of all of your fans....PLEASE?

Ben scotford

Went to see this awesome show at the 02 in london after watching them live with paul rodgers and on there own twice i have to say i enjoyed adams show the most.freddie would have loved it im sure and thought adam was very respectful of the role hed been asked to love a dvd of it more than anything in the world right now but im losing hope as time goes on.plz lets get this awesome show on dvd to witness again and again

Rachel L. Gore

I saw Queen + Adam Lambert at Leeds, Nottingham and Sheffield. They were sensational and I'm absolutely positive that Freddie would have been proud.

I know some shows were filmed and a lot of audience shots were captured at Sheffield Arena...was this for a possible release on DVD/Blu Ray? I hope so. Please release the show asap :)


Saw Queen and Adam Lambert at Sheffield Arena and they fantastic.Can we have a DVD please?

Pam Cottrell

Absolutely phenomenal!

Tracy Howard

Saw this amazing concert at Nottingham and then Sheffield.Please is there going to be a dvd? Any body and everybody who went to any of these concerts needs one.I really,really do. Xx Freddie would be very proud.

Phil Goodge

Hi gents,

After a fantastic tour which I was privileged to see, will all Queen fans get to watch or hear this concert on either CD or DVD.
Adam was a fantastic choice and did Freddie proud!!!!


Phil Goodge

Shelagh kelly

After seeing Queen and Adam Lambert in Liverpool can't get enough of him ! What an amazing showman,and of course the band were as amazing as always,Please bring out a dvd so we can all remember this fantastic tour !

Lesley hills

Please could you let me know if and when there will be a DVD of recent tour absolutely amazing show would love a DVD to remember it forever thankyou


Have seen the amazing show at the Festhalle in Frankfurt.
Would love to see a concert with Adam on BlueRay please!!! :-)


Seen Queen and Adam Lambert in Liverpool FABULOUS!!!! Lambert was truly amazing as front man!!! iN LOVE please can you make a DVD ?!

Justin Good

Saw Queen and Adam Lambert at Sheffield Motor Point Arena on 27th Feb 3 days later still buzzin. Brian put his arm round Adam Lambert and asked is he a keeper.

Yes, this was 100% a Queen concert, better than Paul Rodgers.

Need to see it on Blue Ray next??

Tracy Simmonds

Amazing! Can't get enough. DVD & CD soon? Please please please xxx

Kirsty Roe

What an amazing show! Gave me goosebumps from start to finish. Surely there will be a DVD so we can re-live this? :)


Never have I experienced such goosebumps. An amazingly awesome night in Birmingham after a fabulous New Years Eve. Just have to keep reliving the shows from various footage. Wish I could see it all again.

Please please please DVDs


Fantastic Concert last Night at Birmingham



Fantastic Concert last Night at Birmingham


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