Queen + Adam Lambert Tour: Live Footage Round Up

Check out the latest videos from the current Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour.

Teaser Clip (Rehearsal in Los Angeles)

Stone Cold Crazy (Live From Winnipeg)

Love Kills (Live from iHeart Radio Show, Los Angeles)

We Will Rock You (Live From Chicago)

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Queen + Adam Lambert Tour: Live Footage Round Up


Never have I experienced such goosebumps. An amazingly awesome night in Birmingham after a fabulous New Years Eve. Just have to keep reliving the shows from various footage. Wish I could see it all again.

Please please please DVDs


Fantastic Concert last Night at Birmingham



Fantastic Concert last Night at Birmingham

Duncan Banks

I'm 56 saw Queen first when I was 20 now saw them at the O2 with my daughters who are 20 and 21. Absoultely fantastic and would love to know if this tour will have a DVD/Blu ray available. Pleeeeease


Was at the New Year's Eve concert - absolutely incredible. Please tell me there will be a DVD of it?!

Trine Jensen

Pleeeease, make a dvd with the concert, even though i'm going to see and hear you live in Denmark next year, i just need the concert on dvd, i can't live without it to see anytime i want to, instead of seeing it on youtube, it's not the same and as great as seeing it on dvd, so please hear our prayers


I agree with Karen Howell, Youtube videos aren't enough for me anymore, please oh please tell me there will be a "Live in Concert" DVD and CD!! And soon?

Karen Howell

Why is the Stone Cold Crazy vid now private? It wasn't before and it's awesome... please change the settings back so all can see! And, yes, I agree... a DVD is a must. I'm hoping for a CD/DVD "Live in Concert" set! Went to the mind-blowing Hammersmith shows in 2012 and I can't wait to see these guys rock Las Vegas in about a week! These are awesome days for Queen + Adam Lambert fans!


I hope to God, almighty that there are three new studio songs that are recorded after this tour and a show is released both audio and film containing them! Then I hope that more touring is done to promote those things released before a bit of break before a whole new studio l.p. is recorded and released!!! God, I can't wait!!!


I agree with Maggy. I have no chances to see this live because I live in Argentina. I Would LOVE to have at least a DVD or BR to enjoy this EPIC concerts.


Teasers :-) We need more (I mean professionally recorded, at least the sound)! See you next week! The show is awesome but as always, I'm begging for Innuendo. I don't think I have ever heard it sung live, by anyone..


This has me totally psyched for the shows in VEGAS!


This whole show needs to be put on DVD when the tour is over! so that we poor souls from Europe and other parts of the world who can't see this spectacle live have something to hold onto ;)


Will the full concerts gonna be uploaded!?


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