Queen + Adam Lambert Tour: Promo Clip

Below is the official promo clip of the Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour. It was used as an introduction for the press conference that took place at Madison Square Garden yesterday.

Click here for the full press release of the tour.


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Queen + Adam Lambert Tour: Promo Clip


I find it sad that so many Queen "fans" are put off by Adam Lambert filling in.
Freddie was one of the most amazing singers I heard growing up. I was really sad when his passing was announced. What bothered me more than anything is that it was passively announced. Freddie passed away... Nothing about the fantastic vocal abilities or his huge stage presence. He was one of the crazy, great vocals and performers that changed the epitome of a new rock era. No one was Freddie or will ever be Freddie!
This is my take on Freddie, an operatic style rock vocal with a 4-octave range, yet a performer! What? That is crazy in a time that people didn't know what to do with it.
I have been an Adam fan since day one that I saw him. In my own PERSONAL opinion, I think Freddie would be proud. Pretty sure I will get ripped apart, but Adam is crazy huge vocally & a fantastic performer. That is not a common occurrence! You have it or you don't. Freddie had it & Adam has it.
You might not agree with Adam's version of Queen songs, because they aren't the normal version that you have heard. It doesn't mean that they are necessarily wrong.
Freddie was the bomb! There's no doubt, but there's no doubt that Adam is the real deal.
Like I said before, after reading all of the negative I'm pretty sure that I'll get ripped apart for my opinion, but I don't really care.

Sergio Madrigal

grow up boys, Brian and Roger can do whatever they want, Adam is magnificent and injects new energy to the show live, I saw Queen + Adam Lambert in London at Odeon Hammesmith was a magnificent show and evoking the era of Live Killers in lights , I saw Paul at Wembley Arena and was bored, Paul is great but it has nothing to do with Queen, the only thing that I would look would be the advertising they are driving, watch put clips where Adam was tune or violates notes Bohemian Rhapsody, the public thinks otherwise, is the only thing, but the experience of seeing Brian hear his guitar, listening to Roger is unmatched, it no longer criticize, whether they are true fans of Queen not only from Freddie or just believe that by having the Greatest Hits are fans, refrain from making pointless comments. Good for Brian and Roger hopefully the U.S. public understand this, if not come to Mexico


They are all cack. Reconstruct Freddie's ashes and bring back the one and only Queen

Wayne Taylor

I am saddened to see this tour happening. Adam is a pop idol singer which is everything freddie and queen were against. Adam is an awful singer, and is trying to be freddie. He will never be freddie, and freddie would be embarrassed with this line up. Paul rodgers was a far better singer and brought a respectful angle to the queen phenomenom, but brian and roger has sadly sold out by using a two bit karaoke singer to boost sales in america. I amongst many will not be going to see this circus of a line up.

Lynne Ray

Is Queen coming to Australia?


To each his own. Maybe Paul Rodgers could sing better. I think Adam has a better reach, but a bit too high. I like him better, but that's personal. I saw the concert the did in the Ukraine with him and I liked it a lot better than the shows with Paul. Why? Adam is a performer in Freddie's, style. He adds to the Queen experience where Paul was your average static old-skool rock frontman. And Queen is aside from great musicianship also a great show. And to get that you need Adam.
Still, George Michael would combine that best of both world: voice and performance.


Well I am sorry but Adam Lambert does nothing for me. His shrill interpretations of the songs, his ridiculous vocal gymnastics make me cringe. I will keep my money and go see Queen Extravaganza when they come to town. Marc Martel has the correct voice and rock serenity required to do justice to the music of Queen.

I wish Brian, Roger and Adam good luck and I hope it works out, I will be skipping this tour.

Saj ditta

What a bunch of dicks all of them they make me sick cashing in on Freddie day everyday with this new puff- freddie would be proud they say ? My arse brian is a total joke he can't even play a guitar anymore roger can't even breathe struggles to sing- his boxset was a joke album was dead boring why don't they go to bed queen is dead, release the anthology boxsets and the new old album stop screwing fans you jokers queen what a joke(you monkeys)


Never thought I'd see the day that Queen would do a large scale tour again. Thank the universe for Adam Lambert! Brian & Roger obviously think the world of him and that's enough for me. Bring it on, I will be there. The show must go on....

Michael j.

Please make it able to see the promovideo in germany too, thank you

Fredy Garcia

Hello there,
Just one question,
there´s a tour in Latin America ??? Where ??? When ???
Thank you,


hey! south america?? come back Venezuela, I Love Queen!!
Brian Venezuela los espera

shannon coss

i cant wait til the Dallas show:) i just hope i can get awsome seats,i love love love Adam Lambert and of course Queen is my all time fav band,i wish i could have seen Freddie and know him such an amazing talent.


That guy is too much. He burns everything on the first note he sings, doesn't hold back to give surprises. Oh, look at me, I can reach C5 without any restraint, and I can even sing higher than Freddie. First of he doesn't have any power in his voice, he's too schooled, too much musical. I would never go and see this line up. I saw Queen+Paul Rodgers and was impressed, Paul has tons more integrity and interpreted the songs in his style.

Kevin Epps

If that promo was THE indicator of what is to come. I'll keep m my money in my wallet. Adam Lambert just doesn't do it. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to see the Freddy Mercury lead Queen on the Jazz tour. Truly one of the most amazing concerts I've ever attended.
Adam Lambert? Seriously? Sounds like the boys are just trying to get the younger crowd to buy tickets. Sales ploy, and a terrible one at that.

RIP Queen.

chris lake

Adam lambert sounds garbage.ive heard pub singers that do better jobs of queen songs.when bm says freddie would be in ore i dont think least paul rodgers can sing.wish bm and rt would stop trying to replace cant.leave freddie with his legacy,his music and stop letting people ruin his songs.only one person can front queen and hes no longer with freddie

G Jense

I find it hard to believe that they think Adam is better than Mark I would not waste my money.

Aiken Clay

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Ken Laren

What can I say? It's the best Promo by far that I have ever seen. It should boost sales of the comming Conerts in the U.S. & the U.K.
And put Queen right back on top of the charts.

Fred Redmond

I agree with T. Newman; having Marc Martel as lead would be the best way to go - Adam Lambert does nothing for me...I enjoyed Paul Rodgers - not spending my money to see Adam Lambert... Queen Extravaganza was quite entertaining!


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