Queen + Adam Lambert Tour: Promo Clip

Below is the official promo clip of the Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour. It was used as an introduction for the press conference that took place at Madison Square Garden yesterday.

Click here for the full press release of the tour.


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Queen + Adam Lambert Tour: Promo Clip


Brian said Freddie would be awed-struck. They dont want a Freddie impersonator. They want a good singer who can sing those songs. Adam can do that, better than anyone around.


why do others with there comments have to try and ruin it with stupid comments.they have no idea as far as adam is concerned hes awesome and always be and queen is awesome so just leave it alone and be happy for the ones who cant wait to go.shut up


Marc Martel? Brian and Roger made very clear that they are not interested in an impersonator. Furthermore they made it clear that they think Lambert is the whole package and they enjoy performing with him. End of story.

Perry cotton

I find it hard to believe Adam L. Is the "best"
Replacement for Freddie M. They could find.
I've heard contestants on the "voice" who sounds closer.

Matthew pilcher

Ready for the throne,the only throne he is ready for is the toilet throne, paul rodgers is the only singer who does queens music any justice,to even consider someone with such a weak to sing queens music is an insult as far as I am concerned.


Sorry, but not Adam.

Tony Newman

I guess Brian knew Freddie better than all of us and if he says Freddie would be blown away by Mr. Lambert then I guess he's right. I think Freddie would like something about it but the "sexy hip sway" and the "vocal acrobatics" do absolutely nothing for me. I'm glad the Queen product is still alive, just wish somebody out there could sound a little more like Marc Martel... Wait, Marc is still alive... Hmmm.... Roger and Brian, best of luck on the tour! Keep on rocking!!!

Wayne... what's happening? I know you're biting your tongue but can you chime in here? What do you make of all this?




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