Queen: Days Of Our Lives Reviews

The Times

"This excellent two part documentary tells their story in their own words-a compelling , rollercoaster recounted with intelligence, plenty of humour and painful honesty, against a backdrop of brilliant music, stunning live performances and previously unseen footage'


"This fantastic and moving two-parter tells the story of the finest live band in the history of rock , with unseen footage, candid interviews and plenty of fun."


The Daily Mail

This two-parter tells the story of the hugely successful band, Queen, in the band members' own words, with a wealth of archive footage.

Showing on consecutive nights, this terrific two-part documentary celebrates the unique partnership of four students who became one of the biggest bands of all time. Archive footage enables the late, great Freddie Mercury (and the reclusive John Deacon) to help Queen band mates Brian May and Roger Taylor to tell their story. (4-star review)

Queen: Days Of Our Lives is on BBC2 at 10pm on Sunday, 29 May, with the second part showing at the same time the following evening. Worldwide transmission dates to be announced shortly.



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