Queen Extravaganza: Round 2 Finalists Revealed

"Musicians are the best bunch of people in the world!"

"Watching all the auditions has been a moving and fascinating experience for me. It's hard to believe the level of talent applying. It also brought an incredible sense of  'extended family' to me, seeing and hearing so many people putting their heart and soul into performing our songs."

"All I can do is thank you all for your amazing efforts, belief and patience. Selecting a shortlist has been a difficult and subjective procedure. The standard was so high we have ended up with a higher number of successful second round entrants than we anticipated.  But to those not on the list please never lose faith in yourselves!"

"Thank you all from the bottom of my heart."

Onwards - to the "extravaganza"!

Roger Taylor

Those progressing to Round 2: The Public Vote are as follows:

(All those named below will be e-mailed later today with full details on the next round.)


Cody Bond

Adam Yas

Roy Cathey

Jennifer Espinoza

J Gullinello

John Gennett

Selcuk Sami Cingi

Raphael Donaclieu

Tyler Martin

Sean Slaughter

Darren Holden

Aisha Elmehdaoui

Nicole Maurichio

Kristen Dawkins

Ejune Sim

Michelle Jameson

David Martel 

Marc Martel

Lexi Newman

Mary Welday

Chase McCumber

Jordan House 

Mark LaPuke

Jill Francis

Joshua Alvermia


Tristan Avakian

Joe Flask

Gilbert Bonilla

Adam McDonald

John Notto

Richie Castellano

Matt Shred

Jason du Freez

Michael Burton

Randy Feifer

Ron Lewerke

Daniel Mouvelle

Devin Chance

Cory West

Gary Guzman

Steve Zukowsky

Roy Ziv

Jason Novak

Nareg Ploozian

Krisz Simonfalui

Al Estrada

Leon Muhutdinov

Ry Kihn

Jim Ross

Brian Gresh

Val Kosfadinov


Jon 'Juano' Davison

Brian Weaver

Luke Hannington

J R McNeely

Andrew Walls

Malcom Wanless 

Glen Lavender

Alex pierce

Jason Marshall 

Tim Cronin

Francois Oliver Doyon

Doug Crawford

Jamila Weaver

Arthur Araujo

Kiefer Mathias


Brandon M Abate

Tyler Warren

Nico Saavedra

Chris Toeler

Brian Butwin

Dan Moore

Neil Briggs

Steve Firneno

Norbert 'norbi' Krawezyk

Drew Lashcock

Marc Sherman

Johnny Zambito

Kiefer Mathias

Billy Orrico

Zach Mullings

Dustin Koester


Brandon Ethridge 

Victor Bender

John Calanchini  

James Auburn 

Chris Norton 

David Yuter 

Frank Perri 

Jean Benoit 

Tushar Apte

John Schell 

Mac Willaert

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