Queen Extravaganza UK Pre-Sale: Update and Apology

We are sorry for the issues that have arisen over the last two days with the pre-sale for the Queen Extravaganza UK Tour.

A number of errors have occurred and this has led many fans being frustrated and not being able to purchase tickets on the pages of our ticket agents Ticketweb.com.

I can only personally apologise for the inconvenience caused, however the issue was with our agents and it has now been resolved and people are getting their tickets.

If you are still having a problem a definitive set of links has been sent out to QueenOnline and Queen Extravaganza subscribers or you can e-mail me @ nickw@outsideline.co.uk and I will send you the link myself.

The general sale goes ahead as schedule @ 9am (BST) on www.ticketweb.co.uk on Friday 5th July.

Nick Weymouth (Queen Productions)

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Queen Extravaganza UK Pre-Sale: Update and Apology


tickets for Sheffield booked. stop the moaning, and book em. I waited until the 5th and booked just fine.

Chris Mitchell

Having had serious issues with Ticketmaster for Muse at the Emirates AND having to wait for 2 hours for the Merchant to deliver the tickets AFTER the beginning of the concert, I'm frankly dismayed that Queen would choose to use an online Merchant that is not even up to the job of processing requests online...

One failure is a mistake, 2 is just utterly shabby. For a music EMPIRE as big as Queen to not be choosing the best, tried and tested merchants to peddle there wares is just unacceptable. Personally, I would be sacking whoever is responsible because there are a whole lot of fans out there that WILL NOT be attending just from pure disgust at the amount of time it has taken for them to NOT BE ABLE TO PURCHASE tickets.

Truly, not impressed - it takes all of the fun and enjoyment out of the experience.

neil whittaker

I now have my tickets for sheffield thanks nick for personally emailing the specific link it worked !!!!


Thank you for the link you emailed me.
I confirm that it does work and I belatedly have my ticket.
Thank you

anthony mallan


Nick Weymouth

Fay / Kerry as per above and below - e-mail me with the links you need I can send them to you. Nick

stuart collins

typical queen they couldn't run a 10 yard race :( they are as much use as stevie wonder trying to play table tennis, oh well ive saved myself £85 for 4 tickets :)


Nck, the links don't work, even after clearing the cache. Apparently the links from the original email on Monday work but I can confirm those from yesterday and today don't. There are also pre sales via O2 so that may account for some of your sales figures.

stuart collins

still cant get tickets for glasgow?? wtfis going on please help

Nick Weymouth

Fay / Kerry as per above and below - e-mail me with the links you need I can send them to you. Nick

Fay Taylor

Trying to get tickets for Birmingham new links not working for me. Please help!

kerry c

I have still not been able to purchase the tickets for Glasgow using the links. I am really upset and frustrated. kc

Luc Hudson

I can't get the links to work either. Plops. I want 2 tickets for London Town if there's any way to bagsy them? Ta.

neil whittaker

nick i have tried the new links cleared my cache done everythin i know. I still cannot access presale. I need 2 tickets for sheffield ( cause there is no manchester well we are a small city after all ) What can you do ? Can you resend me again the links send me sheffield on its own if you want but pleeeeeeeeease sort this out for me thanks

Nick Weymouth

Stuart / Neil - e-mail @ nickw@outsideline.co.uk - I will send you the links myself.

Stuart Hulme

New ' DEFINITIVE LINKS' still not working!! Sod this they've lost my money. couldn't run a p### up in a brewery springs to mind!

Nick Weymouth

Neil, have you tried the new links from the new mailer - I have just been in and checked them all, and I have just seen the sales figures and they are going through - I suggest you only use these links and clear you cache once more - I hope this helps. Nick

neil whittaker

guess what nick ??? ................. still dont work


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