Queen Fan Club's New Site

The Official International Queen Fan Club have a new site.

"In rememberance of Freddie's death 20 years ago, we decided it was time to change the look of the website. What more fitting than choosing the theme of Innuendo. We hope you like it and we do have some brand new sections and great features coming out shortly." - Queen Fan Club

You can also now sign up to the Queen Fan Club's 26th convention over on their site. Click here to visit the new site.

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Queen Fan Club's New Site



I wonder if I may have your advice please.

I am considering selling my queen LP collection. I started collecting these albums before Freddie passed away and bought some others shortly after his death.
These albums have never been played or even removed from the album sleeve. Each album has the original receipt with it.
The albums are:-
Queen 2
A day at the races
A night at the opera
Sheer heart attack
News of the world
The game
Queen at the BBC
Limited edition Queen interview picture disk
Bohemian rhapsody single (released after Freddie passing)
2 x Freddie Mercury tribute magazines (not one page has ever been opened or read)

All of the above articles are truly mint, and bought as an investment having stored from the day of purchase.

So, do you think there would be any interest in these albums, and if so what would be the best way to sell them? EBay?

I have taken photographs of the albums if verification of their condition is required.

Sorry to email you out of the blue, but I don't really know who else to ask?

Regards, Steve

philip sydenham

New E-mail address,

lenko shterev

hi.Im dr. Shterev,please listen to my covers queen site- lenko.tigervega.net


Love Queen with Adam Lambert.. a marriage made in heaven.. So glad that a new generation gets to hear Queen's great songs LIVE... I saw them in maryland, (Merriweather).. best concert I have ever been to.


Hi. I'm a student from Korea.After I knew about Queen group, I have been a big fan!
I don't know how I learn about Queen, I just now know that there is a Queen fan site. I really want to join that club.
Also, I want to shake hands with Them!!
Oh! Queen. You are my best of best!
Would you come to Korea again? Please??

melody kramer

News on line please


Queen Fans old and new + Glamberts everywhere will love this show! Way to go Adam (anyone remember Kris Allen anyway?). Brian May and Roger Taylor seem almost giddy that there is finally a voice and a showman who can do justice to the Amazing Catalogue. The new treatments of Love Kills and Who Wants to Live Forever are simply stunning. Back to beck they may just make you cry. I hope they all go back into the studio and record some new stuff because Queen Lives!

Glenis martin

I love Queen

john wright

Queen are the best band of all time adam lambert is very good.
Good luck adam &the; group

farah naz

I am big fan of queen its my wish to saw queen ........

Martin Norman

Hi, I'm contacting you to say tomorrow on ebay there will be a massive queen collection going on, records, CDs, DVDs, books ( one signed by Peter freestone) t-shirts, ( one signed by Diana) 2 statues one replica of the one in montruex, and other bits. This is my collection that I've been collecting over many many years some of which you can only get from montruex, I'm letting it go as I've moved and the whole collection is all over the place in boxes and rather than it get damaged and not see the light of day I've decided to sell and I thought of telling you so you could maybe let you members know, cause I'd rather it go to a queen fan who will appreciate it. Thanks in advance, yours martin

Brent Waters

please sign-me up!

Julie Blake

Love the new website, the look of it and all the features. I still like the old look website as well. I have been a member since 1976 and had the privilege to meet Freddie and Brian at the Friends Will Be Friends recording. I have my treasured autographs and will never part with them. Keep on rocking Brian, Roger and Freddie in spirit. If only John could be tempted out of retirement, then it he icing on the cake would be complete.

Natacha Sautereau

I found this blu ray pure audio of "A night at the Opera", The son is amazing : DTS - PCM - dolby HD - I love it - I almost took out my handkerchief to wipe tears of joy.

Heidi Borchert

So, My goal is to teach my daughter that whatever you want in life will happen as long as you really want it. My goal is to meet the surviving members of queen. I need a pic w/the surviving members. Tell me how I can make this happen.!!! :)

Jan van Beek

I,m a fan, the graetest in the word.

lenko shterev

hi.please,listen to my songs covers queen site- lenko.tigervega.net

William Anthony

I just thought you should know, that i am friends with the drummer in queen's daughter, and soon his daughter and myself will be upliading videos about his bands personal life and behind the scenes of their gigs. We will be asking the public want they want to know and then we will ask their question to any of the three queen members. The channel on which we will be launching this is: http://www.youtube.com/IHackAnythingIWant

If you are interested in this please contact me and i will keep you up to date on what were doing.

William Anthony


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paul schollee

ik hou van muziek niet echt fen van queen(sorry) wel goede muziek zonder tewyvel heb nu heb ik queen cd gekocht toen de zanger over leed greatest hits 2 long play cd wat blijkt nu misdruk alleen de ferv zit er op geen tekst op cd keek bij broer op zijn cd he tekst ik denk vre ben nu berijd om hem te verkopen mag op echt heid worden getest dat er wel of niet mee geknoeit is vraag wat zou hij waard kunnenm zijn tacksatsie vriendelijke groet muziek liefhebber


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