Queen Lyric T-Shirts

Your favourite Queen lyrics on a shirt.

Lyrics can have a huge impact on our emotions. It can bring back memories, make us happy or cry and have the power to appeal to all kinds of feelings like love, joy, pain or sorrow. Lyrics can represents our views on life and give us the opportunity to express ourselves. 

Therefore we are proud to pronounce the launch of our special Queen lyrics shirt. With the lyrics from Queen on your shirt you can express your feelings to the world. All the songs from Freddie, Brian, Roger and John are online. Just choose your favourite lyric and we will print it for you on a colour shirt you like to wear.

If you want only one special sentence from a Queen lyric on your shirt or maybe only the chorus, please let us know and we shall print this shirt specialy for you.

Tom from www.queenshirt.com

Mail: service@lyricsshirt.com


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