Queen Mini-LP Replicas Reissued in Japan

Universal Music is re-releasing all the Queen albums in CD, this time enclosed in mini LP sleeves faithfully replicating the original UK artwork and inner envelopes. These limited editions will come on both the SHM-CD format and the new Platinum SHM-CD format, which uses the same Super High Material technology but on compact discs made of platinum instead of aluminum – this is the ultimate CD!

For all audiophiles out there, also the audio contained in both issues is a high definition cutting from the 96 kHz/24-bit 2011 remaster by Bob Ludwig.

To be released on December 18th, 2013

Queen II Platinum SHM-CD (UICY-40040)

Queen II SHM-CD (UICY-76026)

Available now: Released on October 10th, 2013

News Of The World Platinum SHM-CD (UICY-40014)

News Of The World SHM-CD (UICY-75889) 

Available now: Released on September 25th, 2013

A Night At The Opera Platinum SHM-CD (UICY-40006)

A Night At The Opera SHM-CD (UICY-75767)

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Queen Mini-LP Replicas Reissued in Japan


Only they have edited 8 albums from Queen first album to the game album and what happened with the rest of albums?????


Well indeed, it's too much, too often.
Why weren't these version released at once, all over the world, including the bonus cd's.
Or even better (indeed, again): as a box, containing all the albums (studio & live), suitable for audiophiles , packaged as described above, with cd's containing all the b-sides, outtakes, demos, show rehearsals, other live discs (cd, dvd &blu;-ray), a stunning book -being more detailed than the 40 years book, printed photographs (on photo-paper), Brian's used guitar strings & splinters of Roger's drumsticks, making of films of every album and more and everything else we can't even imagine.

But a little bit less unseriously: I have -a sort of- been for these releases, but it's a little disappointing the bonus cd's aren't there.


So I ain't gonna go and see re-releases no more no more
I don't wanna go and see re-releases no more no more

ray´t wait to see them in a box version in a few weeks :-) prefer to buy the japanese "fun on earth"....put out something never released before...brian at albert hall dvd
rainbow,houston,rio complete or the queen box,which is planned to be released in 1998 :-)...a little delay.......long live the platinum collection.....


you understood you're not going to fool european fans anymore, then are you trying to fool japenese fans I guess?


Until QP release more 5.1 DVD-A/SACD/BR-A or the Queen Box Set, I won't buy more Queen albums.


Unless universal release more queen albums with 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

By the way the Roger Taylor track "when we were young" (missing from the lot). Will probably? come as a Queen track on the next Queen album 201(?).


Yaaaaaaawn! Another load of marketing malarkey for the poor ol' Japanese!

Paolo Trevisan

Another REISSUE?!?!
It's an amazing news of an unnecessary, unwanted release.

Thank you!


I agree, no more re-releases as we have every song already on cd. An antholgy type package would be better, with full live gigs,outtakes, studio chat, demos and booklet that doesn't entirely consist of pics of Freddie from Live Aid/Live Magic tours.
I already have the Japanese versions with great printing/original artwork - please - no more.


Are these releases going to be any different to the 2004 Japanese Mini LP releases?

Like a lot of other Queen fans, I'm getting tired of re-packaged releases.

I'm still hoping for a Queen release that measures up to the fantastic Freddie Solo collection (12 disc version)!

Mr Jones

Can't anyone at queen hq see that no one is happy with such releases and that we want the "Box Set"?8 With all the outtakes, demos, unreleased tracks, 70's live gigs, audio of the band writing tracks in the studio, interviews, unseen video etc etc.


They sound nice but really its more of the same - I'm starting to wonder if Jeremy Beadle is going to jump out at me and tell me I'm part of an elaborate set up for a new TV series but of course he is no longer with us.

Harry Hill maybe?

It's just not funny anymore


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