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Queen On Air: Quotes (Updated)

“Some really spectacular music to come on the programme tonight, from Queen. Surely, I think, one of the most exciting British bands to have emerged for a long time..." "Ah, that’s great!” proclaims Bob Harris. “Brian May wrote that and that’s the first of four songs tonight from their new album Sheer Heart Attack, recorded specially for the Monday programme.” Stone Cold Crazy, the only song on the album written by Queen collectively, also impresses the presenter, who notes “Well that's the best thing I've heard for a long time.”

BBC Session 5, 1974

Jeff Griffin, BBC Producer of this and two other Queen sessions: “My first session with Queen was in our stereo studio in the Langham which we had borrowed from the Drama department while our two studios in Maida Vale were being converted. It went very well, they seemed to be a great bunch of guys to work with; very talented, very good players. They got down to the job quickly and we recorded four tracks. I remember thinking that they were really, really good, and very professional.”

BBC Session 2, 1973


"One of Freddie’s often overlooked compositions, My Fairy King, has a less complicated feel about it and offers a subtle alternative to that of the album cut. Having played this version, John Peel makes a significant observation: “That's the first from Queen and, as far as I know, this is the first broadcast the group's had, so it's nice to have them along.” He is right, My Fairy King from this session was Queen’s worldwide radio debut." “The next one from Queen, also sound advice, Keep Yourself Alive,” Peel goes on, with the song that will later be chosen as the band’s debut single. “And that's written by guitarist Brian May, who contributed some nice noises to the track.” 

BBC Session 1, 1973


“This is Radio One on 247 metres Medium Wave and VHF. Welcome to Thursday’s ‘Sounds of the Seventies’ with John Peel. And on tonight's programme we have The Pretty Things, Queen, Lindisfarne, Richard Thompson and Linda Peters…”

BBC Session 1, 1973


Taken from Queen On Air - Deluxe Collector’s Edition 6-CD set.

More quotes to be added.


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