Queen - Second Most Influential Band in Rock


Listeners of the award winning radio station Planet Rock have named Led Zeppelin as the most influential rock band of all time.

Planet Rock asked listeners to vote for the artist or band that they thought were the most influential in the world of rock.  With thousands of votes cast over the first three weeks of February, Led Zeppelin topped the poll, taking a massive one fifth of all the votes.  In second place was Queen, with Black Sabbath taking up third position.

Planet Rock will be paying homage to these groundbreaking influential heroes on Saturday 23rd February at 7pm with Darren Redick.

 Here’s the top ten:

1.     Led Zeppelin

2.     Queen

3.     Black Sabbath

4.     Pink Floyd

5.     Deep Purple

6.     Jimi Hendrix

7.     The Rolling Stones

8.     The Who

9.     AC/DC

10.  David Bowie

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Queen - Second Most Influential Band in Rock


Great list, however, gotta go with this
1. Queen
2. Black Sabbath
3. Led Zeppelin
4. Pink Floyd
5. Deep Purple

Queen did so many different types of music and did them all well, from rock, to opera, to country, to the blue, to heavy metal. Just an amazing band. Led is great as well, but maybe a tad overrated. Also, Black Sabbath can be no less then 2 because they invented an entire genre (hell they even influenced Queen, among so many others). They would be number 1 for me if the lineups had been more consistent over the years (Though I do like all the Dio albums, the first 4 and 13 with Ozzy, and the first 4 Tony Martin albums). And yes Deep Purple absolutely belongs in the Top 5. A band that is missing is Rainbow (the first 3 albums) as they were absolutely a game changer, and the first 3 records are hard rock/early metal classics.


Are you fucking stupid? The Beatles are #1. Every member of all of those bands would tell you that.


Queen is infinitly better then zeppeling, they should be on firest top, but where re the silver beatles?


2nd Place!!!! Finally someone appreciates Queen! Haha I do have to say I, personally, think Queen is better then Led Zeppelin, but that's just me. Oh and The Beatles?! Where are they?!?! They're number one!!

robert fulton

I have a queen tattoo and queen should be no 1 but your leaving out the eagles ,lynyrd skynryrd,elton john,bad company,bon jovi,aerosmith . I to would like to see john deacon at these events. r.obert a fulton


Great :D, 2nd place it's not bad, I'm glad for this ^_^ .. To me Queen is on 1st place ♥ Always.


Great :D, 2nd place it's not bad, I'm glad for this ^_^ .. To me Queen is on 1st place ♥ Always.


Queen es la banda mas influyente en mi vida, y en las de mucho.... Pongo mi voto como un granito de arena mas para que esta gran banda sea la numero 1, que en mi vida lo es....


Well, this is good news and Queen are my all time favorite band (yes, I like their music better than the Beatles, but apples & oranges & I digress...)

but honestly, where are the Beatles on this list? seriously?


Where's the Beatles man?


Queen the best band ever at least in my eyes Queen #1




I would actually say that Queen should be at the first place in the ranking!!!!! Queen have made the world a better place to live in with their outstanding music so basically they should be the FIRST most influential band in the whole world!!!

Danny Bertou

Although Led Zeppelin is a great band, I personally would've liked to see either Pink Floyd, The Who, Deep Purple or The Beatles(or Queen, of course, being my all time favourite band) on the number 1 spot.


queen are great, and in great position!
what happened to the beatles????


queen are great, and in great position!
what happened to the beatles????


Dla mnie tylko Queen!

Patricia Thornton

QUEEN will always be Number 1 regardless of any contest, poll taken or survey asked....one only has to read of the dedication to their music, to each other & to their fans. Even today, the loyalty that Brian & Roger show towards Freddie's memory....what other band does that after all these years....just shows what great character Queen had/has. QUEEN WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER ONE!!!


for me Queen will allways be nmbr. 1 and the most influential music in whole my life!
thanks Freddie,Brian,Roger and John!!!

Krittaya Arun

Although Queen's in the second position,but Queen always be the one in my mind.


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