Queen - Second Most Influential Band in Rock


Listeners of the award winning radio station Planet Rock have named Led Zeppelin as the most influential rock band of all time.

Planet Rock asked listeners to vote for the artist or band that they thought were the most influential in the world of rock.  With thousands of votes cast over the first three weeks of February, Led Zeppelin topped the poll, taking a massive one fifth of all the votes.  In second place was Queen, with Black Sabbath taking up third position.

Planet Rock will be paying homage to these groundbreaking influential heroes on Saturday 23rd February at 7pm with Darren Redick.

 Here’s the top ten:

1.     Led Zeppelin

2.     Queen

3.     Black Sabbath

4.     Pink Floyd

5.     Deep Purple

6.     Jimi Hendrix

7.     The Rolling Stones

8.     The Who

9.     AC/DC

10.  David Bowie

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Queen - Second Most Influential Band in Rock


Totally agree with this list, although I would have put Queen in first position.

Michael McKeown

Queen should have been first - were never dictated to - completely changed the way music was written - rock opera - and please, can anybody touch Bohemian rhapsody for shear brilliance. Will never forget Slane Castle - 1986 and live aid 1985


As far as I'm concerned, Queen should take first place.
Their music and Freddie Mercury's awesome voice are unequaled.

andrew johnson

Beatles [and Elvis] should be in there. What ACDC have done to deserve their place is quite beyond me. Not sure about Sabbath either. Zeppelin at number 1 is fine with me. Number one by a pretty good margin too


Two glaring omissions ! The Beatles and Elvis Presley, without those two it is hard to take this list seriously.


Is it just me or should Elvis Presley not be on there too...not a band but then neither is Hendrix. Beatles definately a surprise in their absence.


I agree the Beatles should be on there, probably first. But there is nothing out there, now, or have been ever since Queen. What the other poster said, they were as good live as in the studio and Freddie just held an audience in the palm of his hand. Brian is better than Jimmy Page too.


I love or at least like every group or artist on this list, however I can't take it seriously. There is one huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge glaring omission, and I don't even need to say who it is to any rock fan worth their salt.


i think that nothing in the rock music couldn´t happened without THE BEATLES, in my opinion are: the beatles, the who, queen, led zeppelin the most greatest bands of all time


Should be:
1 - The Beatles
2 - Queen
3 - Jimi Hendrix
4 - Led Zeppelin
5 - The Rolling Stones
6 - Black Sabbath
7 - David Bowie
8 - Pink Floyd
9 - AC/DC
10. - The Who

I am firm on the first five! :-)

peter cevallos

black sabbath

tonya brown

i say that queen is the most influential. had strong influences on rock and pop and who has the voice. the man sounded as good live as he did in studio. freddie was amazing. i listen to queen every day while i drive to work. it makes the commute better

Mónica Leodoro

It should be the first one. There's no other band with the quality of Queen, beginning with Freddie, for me the best male singer of the world. God save the Queen.



Patrick Brooks

I think Zep fans rallied behind this online poll because they're still ticked that Brian surpassed Jimmy Page in the Greatest Guitarist poll a few months back.


How in the world did the Beatles not make that list?!

Antonio Agustín

the first The Bittles,nathin more


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